April 29, 2008

Liveblogging "Why We Want To Kill You"; Update--"Wake Up And Smell The Hummus;" Former MSA Student Removed, Audio Of Event Posted

"Wake up and smell the hummus!"--Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem

**Update 2--former Muslim Student Association president removed by police (scroll for video)

**Update--here are some pics from the Walid Shoebat/Kamal Saleem "Why We Want to Kill You" event:

There was a heavy police presence, with CU-Boulder, Boulder PD and Boulder County Sheriffs out in force

Spring was in the air, and were soon to be joined by the local MSM's broadcast signals

Attendees waited their turn to empty their pockets and get the wanding treatment, as security was tight, including metal barricades

Once inside, placed upon every seat was a "formal warning" flier about disturbances, interference, etc.--it was clear that any moonbattery would be dealt with quickly

Audio--Walid Shoebat (48 minutes) and Kamal Saleem (27 minutes)

Recap from the Daily Camera:
Two ex-terrorists who have caused controversy with their criticisms of Islam told a University of Colorado crowd to "Wake up and smell the hummus" Tuesday night.

Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem, whose talk was titled "Why We Want to Kill You," spent 90 minutes in the Glenn Miller Ballroom detailing their terrorist experiences and explaining flaws in American terrorist policy.

"I am standing on (America's) wall, crying out, saying, 'Wake up, wake up,'" Saleem said. "We have a saying that goes, 'Wake up and smell the hummus. If you don't, you'll be smelling it for a long time.'"

They say Americans don't understand the resolve of Islamic fundamentalists and that the public should do more to understand the dangerous aspects of the religion.

The speakers have drawn criticism at many of their tour stops in support of Shoebat's book of the same name. They drew a crowd of roughly 1,000 on Tuesday night.
Striking a tone of urgency, both speakers felt it important to remind the audience of the threats faced by America, Israel, and the West.

But of course, much attention in the MSM and at the event centered around the fees involved:
The College Republicans invited the speakers to CU, and $10,000 in student fees was used to pay for the event.

According to Kathleen Patrick, College Republicans chairwoman, roughly $5,000 of that was paid to the speakers, while the rest went to a large security presence and other logistical costs. The speakers said they spent $20,000 to come to CU.
Shoebat challenged his opponents in the audience to prove that he and Saleem were making a huge profit from the event--essentially marketing fear and cashing in on anti-Muslim sentiment (as they had been accused of in media leading up to the event, and during the Q & A).

Neither Shoebat or Saleem made the kind of broad generalizations that opponents have alleged they make about all Muslims, and in fact, repeated several times the distinctions between radical jihadist elements planning operations in the West to the vast majority of Muslims. They did note, however, that Muslim affinities and opinion polls suggested that in some cases more than a majority of Muslims in a given area supported jihad, terrorist organizations, attacks on the West, etc. These factors could not be denied:
Both claim to have been Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and to have converted from radical Islam to Christianity. They said they are not anti-Islam and that criticizing a religion is not racism.

The discussion was mainly civil until the end of the question-and-answer portion. Several shouts of "What is your message?" came from the back of the hall. Shoebat's response was, "What is my message? My message is, 'Shut up.'"

There were no organized protests, and no one was removed from the room.

Shoebat told the crowd that Islam isn't just a religion but a "constitution" and that Muslims are told to "fight all nations until they all say they are Muslims." He also told a story in which a Muslim man was killed as a suicide bomber and his family held a celebration.

Saleem also criticized moderate Muslims in the United States. He said he wants to see those Muslims "wearing the American flag." But he also said several times that not all Muslims are terrorists.

"Don't go outside and hate Muslims," he said. "Know who's who, and that some are here for propaganda, and some are not."
Note the bolded section--no organized protests or removals. Au contraire--though the students did not have any coordinated efforts, it was clear that the student opposition was intentionally positioned throughout the venue, and offered clear support to the few who managed to ask questions of the speakers. Not to mention the self-proclaimed former Muslim Student Association president who was escorted from the ballroom, and just so happened to be sitting next to yours truly:

Thankfully, both speakers noted that although the university setting should, in theory, provide an open venue for the exchange of ideas, it was in fact these exact places that offered the most in the way of preconceived opposition and a clear disregard for alternative opinions or even an opening of debate:
The speakers' tour hasn't been confined to college campuses, but they criticized the American university structure. Shoebat said, according to statistics he didn't specifically cite, that for every seven leftist professors on campuses, there is one "for America, you know, 'God bless America.'"

Shoebat asked if it was worth risking his life to educate others about the dangers of Islam. His answer was, "Yes, but I'm not so sure on university campuses."
Even the 7-to-1 ratio sounds a bit low. Especially for CU-Boulder.

More at 9NEWS (video), who sat with Shoebat and Saleem for an interview, and have a brief glimpse of one of the hecklers from the Muslim Student Association accusing the speakers of fostering Islamophobia by attacking "one fifth of the world's population."

Liveblogging from the BlackBerry--should any "spontaneous" moonbattery
break out.

Got the camera with video ready to catch it all, despite a bright pink
flier on every seat warning that any "interference" will not be
tolerated, violators will be suspended or expelled (students) and
subject to prosecution (everyone).


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Durango May Day Festival--Drum Circle And Really, Really Free Market!

For those of you in Southwest Colorado brimming with the "spirit of resistance" and a taste for moonbattery--

Bike jousting and slingshot competitions--won't those be violent? Or are they warming up for the DNC?

And of course, the obligatory "drum circle." How original!

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CSU's Hurricane Forecaster And Climate Change Skeptic Dr. William Gray Faces Cold Shoulder For Global Warming Comments

**Update--Gray and CSU dispute original story:
Gray, who is in Florida this week, spoke with 9NEWS over the phone.

He said he was "very sorry and embarrassed" about the news saying, "CSU continues to support me."

In response to his comment within the memo, Gray said, "(My stance on global warming) could have been a factor in the talks, but I don't know."

He added, "CSU has never come out to say I should restrict my views on global warming… I have absolutely no complaints at CSU."

Aside from reporting that CSU may pull support from Gray, the national cable news network, Fox News, also wrote on its Web site, "Hurricane expert may lose job over climate views."

Gray and Woods both said there was never even a whisper about that.

"There has been no change to my status at CSU," Gray said.

Via Drudge:
By pioneering the science of seasonal hurricane forecasting and teaching 70 graduate students who now populate the National Hurricane Center and other research outposts, William Gray turned a city far from the stormy seas into a hurricane research mecca.

But now the institution in Fort Collins, Colo., where he has worked for nearly half a century, has told Gray it may end its support of his seasonal forecasting.

As he enters his 25th year of predicting hurricane season activity, Colorado State University officials say handling media inquiries related to Gray's forecasting requires too much time and detracts from efforts to promote other professors' work.

But Gray, a highly visible and sometimes acerbic skeptic of climate change, says that's a "flimsy excuse" for the real motivation — a desire to push him aside because of his global warming criticism.

Among other comments, Gray has said global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children."

Now an emeritus professor, Gray declined to comment on the university's possible termination of promotional support.

But a memo he wrote last year, after CSU officials informed him that media relations would no longer promote his forecasts after 2008, reveals his views:

"This is obviously a flimsy excuse and seems to me to be a cover for the Department's capitulation to the desires of some (in their own interest) who want to reign (sic) in my global warming and global warming-hurricane criticisms," Gray wrote to Dick Johnson, head of CSU's Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and others.
As Roger Fraley says, "tow the global warming line . . . or else!"

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Colorado Voter Registration And Party Affiliation--April Update

Cross-posted from Schaffer v Udall

The latest numbers from the Secretary of State's office--
SvU's voter affiliation tracker has been updated:

Previous coverage here.

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Quote Of The Day 042908

"For who he was and the sacrifice he made, he is now, and for eternity, a true American patriot and a hero."

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April 28, 2008

Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst 042808

Freedom Folks has this week's edition.

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PETA: "Cutest Vegetarian Alive"

**Update--PETA's female winner:

University of Colorado freshman Leonard Sun was named "Cutest Vegetarian Alive," male division, by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' youth division.

Dude--and it is a dude!:
A 19-year-old Coloradan who says "meat is gross and unhealthy," has been named the cutest vegetarian alive, male division, by the animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Leonard Sun, 19, a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, says he likes to buy organic and fair-trade products, likes his pants tight, his shades big and his headphones even bigger, according to PETA's web site.

Sun said he went vegetarian three years ago because "it's not fair to eat animals just because we can."

More than 3,500 people vied for the prize, including 1,700 males, said Eva Vieyra-McDaniel of PETA2, the youth division of PETA.

PETA claims that each vegetarian saves 100 animals' lives each year.

"I got kind of sick of eating meat" about three years ago, Sun said. "I felt really bad for the animal, seeing what they had to go through when you watch the videos. I felt kind of guilty."

Sun, a film studies major, said he feels better and has more energy now.

He gets his protein from soy products, nuts and whole grain.

Sun will receive an official "Cutest Vegetarian Alive" sash, a package of vegan goodies, and the chance to model a peta2 T-shirt on peta2.com.
Now I know why I eat meat.

Sure it wasn't a Boy George look-alike contest--"Do you really want to hurt me?"

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April 27, 2008

DNC And RNC Protestors Gather To "Practice" With "Hands-On" Training

Advanced blockading 101--includes "hands-on" training!
Come to DC in June 13-15 to join us for an East Coast Unconventional Convergence. Months before the Republican and Democratic National Conventions we will be hosting a massive training, convergence, and platform for regional consultas for any anti-authoritarian organizers planning to attend the DNC/RNC.

Throughout the weekend we will be working chronologically through the steps of planning and participating in a mass action and demonstration. Contrary to most events like workshops will intentionally run parallel to each other. We recommend you attend with a formal or informal affinity group so you and your friends can be split between the different workshops and report back to each other (please do not let lack of a group discourage you from coming!). Our goals are to provide a structure that will include people of all skill and experience levels. There will be trainings on everything from media to blockading, from legal work to urban guerilla tactics. And for those who consider themselves “too skilled” we would like to remind you that you always have things to learn, share, and of course, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Workshops will be demonstrative as opposed descriptive wherever possible. This means that we will hopefully be building and using blockades instead of just talking about them so we can walk away with a fuller understanding. These same blockades can certainly be deployed on the streets in the Twin Cities and Denver. PRAXIS [can't have too much of that, I always say, ed.] SIDE BY SIDE WITH THEORY!

There will be a concentrated effort to socialize and meet new people. We will hopefully meet people we didn’t know from our home towns, build connections between close-by cities in our own states, and foster robust lines of communication between states. We will concentrate on the creation of strong, sustainable, networks between many different type of activists. These connections strengthen our organizing power and have practical applications in the streets as we learn how to be effective in groups of five, fifteen, fifty, five hundred, and five thousand. SOLIDARITY OVER SECTARIANISM!

Additionally, please keep in mind that we are a completely unfunded organization. Despite our best efforts to keep costs to a strict minimum we will still need materials for use in demonstrations; (materials that will eventually see time on the streets St. Paul and Denver). This means we need to fund raise in advance of the convergence, so keep abreast of information on pre-registration.


Date: June 13-15
Location: Washington, DC on the Campus of American University
Cost: $20 with housing, $10 without housing, meals provided
Website: http://ecc.dead-city.org
Contact: dc@unconventionalaction.org
And, of course, fundraiser--bring the kiddies.

You can never be “too skilled” as a protestor. Don't let the latest chant update, advanced bongo technique, or patchouli accenture pass you by!

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April 26, 2008

Walid Shoebat Interview; CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper Rails Against CU Boulder Appearance

"What part of ‘kill’ do you Americans not understand?” he says, adding that sharia “is not a set of religious laws for the sole purpose of spiritual raising, raising people spiritually. No, no, no. It is a set of constitutional laws, and that’s the problem"--Walid Shoebat

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, reached via phone in Washington, D.C., called Shoebat the a darling of the “extreme wing of the pro-Israel lobby” and said Shoebat’s observations appear designed to do nothing more than whip up the post-9/11 hysteria that Muslims are only out to destroy Americans and Jews

We've been tracking the upcoming Walid Shoebat lecture "Why We Want to Kill You"--and the Boulder Weekly now has a featured interview with the ex-jihadist:
And on April 29, likely amid tightened security, Shoebat will speak to the University of Colorado on the invitation of the campus’ College Republicans. He expects to touch on the topic of his book, Why We Want to Kill You: The Jihadist Mindset and How to Defeat it.
. . .
Asked if in his mind Muslims have any redeemable qualities, he says, “I think the Muslims are redeemable, but Islam as a principle is not.” He points to Islamic sharia law and says it is used as a justification to kill outsiders.

“What part of ‘kill’ do you Americans not understand?” he says, adding that sharia “is not a set of religious laws for the sole purpose of spiritual raising, raising people spiritually. No, no, no. It is a set of constitutional laws, and that’s the problem.”
Look at the fawning reception CAIR receives in the following description:
Such statements explain why the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, chided the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs for having Shoebat and other self-described “former terrorists” speak at a prestigious conference earlier this year meant to provide recommendations on “dismantling terrorism” to Congress and the military/intelligence community.

CAIR, which seeks to further America’s understanding of roughly seven million Muslims and battle “Islamophobia,” issued statements to the press and school claiming that Shoebat and his associates had made “bigoted and inaccurate” statements in the past. CAIR cited several examples, including Shoebat’s claims to Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader newspaper a year ago that there are “many parallels between the Antichrist and Islam.”

“Islam is not the religion of God — Islam is the devil,” Shoebat told the paper.

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, reached via phone in Washington, D.C., called Shoebat the a darling of the “extreme wing of the pro-Israel lobby” and said Shoebat’s observations appear designed to do nothing more than whip up the post-9/11 hysteria that Muslims are only out to destroy Americans and Jews.
. . .
Shoebat’s invitations to lecture at universities disappoint Hooper.

“It’s disturbing that he’s invited to credible events held by credible groups,” Hooper says.
How magnanimous--the event and the hosting group, the College Republicans--are "credible" in the view of CAIR.

Second look at CAIR? Oh, nevermind.

Now for the "cost" of the event, something that is never discussed when Leftist moonbats are invited to campus:
And bringing Shoebat to CU is costly — roughly $30,000. Shoebat says the expenses are largely security-driven because he has weathered past threats for expressing his views, at times fearing for his life.

Some colleges have struggled with Shoebat’s appearances, including Columbia University, which prior to a recent Shoebat lecture revoked at the last minute many of the invitations sent out by the school’s campus Republicans, citing safety concerns.

CU is aware Shoebat’s visit could spark controversy and is ready to address the accompanying security issues, says Bronson Hilliard, university spokesman.

“There are always security concerns for these kinds of visits,” he acknowledges.
. . .
Hilliard added CU’s College Republicans are bringing in Shoebat and CU’s administration is extremely hesitant to play “Big Brother” or “micromanage” student events, except in rare cases where a speaker could pose a high threat to public safety.
There are always safety concerns because the moonbat opposition groups hate any speech that they disagree with--and show up to protest and disrupt the events. A look back at how Columbia "uninvited" guests to Shoebat's lecture two years ago.

While there is no confirmed oppositional strategies, one can be assured the event won't go smoothly:
Jack Anthony Roldan, vice chairman of the College Republicans, has yet to hear any rumblings of a protest. The group, he says, wants to highlight the issue of terrorism.

“We felt this would be a unique opportunity for students and community members to hear from two individuals who not only know terror organizations well, but were also a part of them and, at one point, our adversaries,” Roldan explains. “With the events of Sept. 11, the Madrid bombings, the nightclub bombings in Bali and the London bombings, it is evident this threat is growing and it is important for all of us to understand the roots of terrorism and what we can do to ensure our quality of life sustains.”

The event will also include another “former terrorist,” Kamel Saleem. The university’s cultural events board is providing about $10,000. The Walid Shoebat Foundation, according to Roldan, will provide the remaining amount.

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Denver Media And Political Week In Review 042508

Highlights from local media types dishing on Rush Limbaugh, Recreate '68, Colorado College--and other political banter from this past week:

Dave and Lois on "The Ride Home" (850KOA):
Dave and Lois press Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) on his call for Rush Limbaugh to face a "public reprimand" for his comments regarding Denver and the Democratic National Convention (interview starts at about the 1/4 mark of the audio)

Rush Limbaugh defends his comments, discusses the Denver MSM's coverage of his comments and the relative coverage of Recreate '68

Mike Rosen (850KOA):
Fri--(9am, 10am) Rosen discussing the Limbaugh comments; "winning at all costs" not an option for Rosen
Tue--(11am) Adam Kissel, Foundation for Individual Rights in Higher Education, discusses the Colorado College case

Jon Caldara ("Independent Thinking"):

Chainsaw Etiquette at Colorado College

Eco-Theology 21st Century Religion

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April 25, 2008

Sen. Ken Salazar Calls For "Public Reprimanding" Of Rush Limbaugh Over DNC Riot Comments

"As I read Mr. Limbaugh's comments about riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, they appear to me to be a clear exhortation that those riots are exactly what he wants to happen. For that kind of incendiary comment, I ask Clear Channel to reprimand Mr. Limbaugh.

It is wrong to have political partisans of any stipe suggesting that violence is somehow an acceptable outcome of our political conventions"--Sen. Ken Salazar on Rush Limbaugh

From an 850KOA email:
Citing Rush Limbaugh's 'incendiary comments' about a riot in Denver, Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) has called for a public repimanding of the controversial talk show host.

In the letter, addressed to Lee Larsen, Senior VP of the Rocky Mountain Region of Clear Channel Radio, Sen. Salazar complains about what he sees as a 'clear exhortation' of rioting and violence in the streets of Denver in the wake of the Democratic National Convention.

Sen. Salazar will join Dave Logan and Lois Melkonian on The Ride Home at 4:10pm today, make sure to tune in, and come talk about the Rush-troversy in our forums.

850KOA.com Webmaster,
Matthew Quane
Sen. Ken Salazar is on 850koa.com at the moment (listen live at the link). More to come--including archived link. Here is a transcript and audio of Rush Limbaugh's comments from two days ago.

**Update--The full text of the letter (pdf):
Dear Mr. Larsen:

I was disappointed to hear the incendiary comments made this week by Rush Limbaugh, one of the voices on your station. As I read Mr. Limbaugh's comments about riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, they appear to me to be a clear exhortation that those riots are exactly what he wants to happen. For that kind of incendiary comment, I ask Clear Channel to reprimand Mr. Limbaugh.

It is wrong to have political partisans of any stipe suggesting that violence is somehow an acceptable outcome of our political conventions. Political commentary on our public airwaves - heard by millions of Americans every day - should speak to the great strength reflected in the peaceful exercise of democracy at the national conventions in Minneapolis, Minesota and Denver, Colorado.

Please call me if you have any questions.


Ken Salazar,
United States Senator
Given that Sen. Salazar is a Democrat Superdelegate, there is an added dimension to the whole scenario--any potential political violence/riots/disorder will be greatly diminished if the nomination is decided before the Democratic National Convention.

**Update--Sen. Salazar rejects Recreate '68.

The hosts challenged Sen. Salazar on freedom of speech issues and censorship, and whether or not the Senator had actually listened to the comments within the context of the call and Limbaugh's subsequent explanations.

Like all citizens of Colorado, and Denver in particular, no one here wants anything but a rhetorical "war of words" at the convention. We find it interesting that an uncommitted superdelegate would expend efforts to blast Limbaugh instead of asserting some leadership--presumably why he was given the superdelegate status in the first place, on account of the office he held.

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John McCain Blogger Conference Call

Today SP was invited to participate in Sen. McCain's blogger conference call--a new process for this blogger, at least.

Key questions and responses--on the North Carolina ad, "unnecessary, unwarranted"; responding to natural disasters in a quicker, better fashion; achieving the "American dream" is better handled at the local rather than Federal level; how to make California competitive and compete in the West in general--knowing the water, land, and environmental issues better than the opposition; McCain is not the candidate for raising taxes, and has a better understanding of how to deal with the economy; Sen. Obama should repudiate Weather Underground terrorists Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayers, and apologize for his comments about Sen. Tom Coburn.

Sen. McCain gamely answered questions (you can view a recap in the liveblog below), and in the time he spent speaking with the bloggers, one could sense a candidate at ease and one that had built a rapport with several of the more prominent bloggers. It is great to see the GOP nominee take advantage of the "new media"--bloggers in general--to add to his campaign outreach efforts, and feels comfortable doing so. This wasn't a "handled" event, as you can see from the North Carolina GOP ad questions. For a candidate being attacked as being "older than" in a gratuitously childish campaign ad, he certainly demonstrated his ability to recognize the opportunities afforded by the new technology. His campaign's outreach to bloggers, especially smaller regional ones like SP, provides a great deal of encouragement.

I look forward to the next conference call opportunity, and a chance to ask questions relevant to the Colorado/intermountain West area.

If you have question suggestions, you can leave them in the comments.

Others blogging:
Hugh Hewitt
Ed Morrissey

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April 24, 2008

Rush Limbaugh--"I'm Dreaming Of Riots In Denver" Causes Local Stir; Glenn Spagnuolo Responds

We know what he meant, but what he said has stirred the local political gadflys, including Recreate '68 Dear Leader Glenn Spagnuolo, who took his pot shots at Limbaugh's comments (and paraphrased Douglas Bruce to boot!--this story has everything):
Rush Limbaugh says he was not calling for a riot in Denver during the Democratic National Convention — he only "dreams" of it, to the tune of "White Christmas."

The conservative talker discussed the possibility of Mile High unrest this August his national show for a second day in a row today.

"Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of riots in Denver," he said mimicking the holiday tune.

He explained on-air: "Riots in Denver at the Democrat Convention would see to it we don't elect Democrats," Limbaugh said. "And that's the best damn thing (that) could happen for this country as far as anything I can think."

Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the protest group Re-create 68, called Limbaugh "a fool."

"We don't need another 5,000 illiterate Limbaugh listeners coming to Colorado," he said, mocking a comment this week by State Rep. Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, calling migrant workers "illiterate peasants" as he debated a bill to accommodate up to 5,000 guest workers in the state.
You can listen to the audio here.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper added this comment--"Anyone who would call for riots in an American city has clearly lost their bearings."

What Limbaugh was of course referring to were the implicit threats issued by Democrat firebrands like the Rev. Al Sharpton, and of course the agitation of the local moonbats, led by none other than Recreate '68:
On Wednesday, Limbaugh had been discussing comments by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who had warned of "trouble" at the convention if the nomination was wrested away from Barack Obama by superdelegates.

Local conservative talk show host and GOP activist John Andrews saw what he believes Limbaugh was getting at.

"Look, nobody seriously wants violence and civil disobedience at the Denver convention," he said. "Rush is just saying, 'Make our day'; if, in fact, the Re-create '68 hooligans or the Al Sharpton street toughs or anybody else wants to disrupt the convention, they're going to hurt Democrats' chances in the fall."
Aside from Sharpton, we have followed other calls to wreak havoc in Denver--including a plan to "destroy the party"--should Obama fail to capture the nomination.

And that doesn't include the Recreate '68 and affiliated groups' shenanigans that could easily devolve into angry mobs and worse--despite Spagnuolo's vehement protestations of a commitment to "non-violence."

Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, however, rejected even the perception of "wishing" for riots:
Denver City Councilman Charles Brown, a Republican and Limbaugh listener, was outraged. Brown was a school teacher in Illinois during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. He recalled the injuries, chaos, lingering tear gas and national disgrace for Chicago as a result of the riots.

"What an insult," Brown said of Limbaugh's flippancy. "Regardless of political labels, for any radio announcer to wish a riot on a city so his party could win, that's disgraceful and it's absurd."

He said he has found Limbaugh to be a "great entertainer, but he's really gone too far. It's almost juvenile."

Brown said he did not think Limbaugh was speaking for Republicans when he made the comment.

"I don't believe there is a Republican in this state that would agree with his comment."
We certainly agree with Brown--no one wishes for a riot, for political or any other reasons.

SP and our allies, as well as our committed opposition, all call Denver home. I know I speak for many in the Denver area who would like very much not to see violence, mayhem, and property damage--a black eye for the lovely "Queen City of the Plains."

We continue to hope that groups like Recreate '68 keep their word. Protest, assemble, and demonstrate your First Amendment rights to the full extent of the law.

Just don't trash the city in the process.

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Denver Convention Flop In The Cards For The Democrats?

Could be:
Banking on the whims of the superdelegates -- who aren't required to stick with the candidate they say they'll endorse -- could leave the party scrambling for a Plan B very late in the game. Clinton's campaign has predicted a summer-long battle to convince superdelegates to back her, which would drag the process out longer than previously imagined by most. So organizers in Denver are busy preparing backup plans for a nightmare scenario in which two potential nominees need to be accommodated -- with everything from the best hotel suites to the choicest Pepsi Center skyboxes split between the Obama and Clinton camps.

Informally, both campaigns are being kept in the loop as decisions get made about some convention details that will remain constant either way. No matter who wins, for example, expect to hear a lot about Democratic strength in the West, with governors like Arizona's Janet Napolitano and New Mexico's Bill Richardson taking prominent roles, regardless of the fact that both are backing Obama.

"We fully expect to have a nominee before anyone arrives in Denver," said convention spokeswoman Natalie Wyeth. "With that said, we would not be doing our jobs when you're planning an event of this scope and size if we did not plan for or build in added flexibility."

Ideally, planners want to be able to hand over a "turn-key" convention scheme to whoever winds up as the nominee. The idea is that everything but the content of the convention script will be developed in advance -- and then the nominee's staff would fit their own broad themes around that framework. Each night will already be divvied up into time slots for speeches, before the winner's aides need to figure out who will say what.

But that may all seem a little too easy. Modern conventions are carefully stage-managed affairs, with nothing left to chance; it is the prime opportunity for nominees to make a case to American voters who are tuning in to politics for the first sustained length of time. For example, in 2004, working nearly around the clock in a room in the Fleet Center basement, a team of speechwriters hired by the Kerry campaign vetted the text of everything anyone said from the podium at the Boston convention.

If the winner isn't clear ahead of time this year, Dean and the DNC would take over that critical management role -- meaning whoever wins won't have much input into the overall theme of the convention that nominates them.
"Nightmare scenario." Heh.

I thought all this partisan bickering was good for democracy?

Back in March, we detailed what could happen if Hillary gets the nomination over Obama--Democrat voters "duty bound" to destroy the party.

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Denver Police Department Mum On DNC Security Equipment

Via Colorado Confidential:
In March, Colorado Confidential filed an open records request in an effort to obtain more information about new equipment that the Denver Police Department said it was purchasing in preparation for the event. The request was seeking procurement papers for the equipment, and not information on how such materials would be used.

The department later declined to disclose exactly what the purchases were, saying that revealing the information would be "contrary to the public interest."

Now the mayor's office is speaking on the issue, agreeing with the police that such information could be dangerous.

"It is a valid concern when you're procuring equipment for security needs," says Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, spokeswoman for Mayor John Hickenlooper. "To describe the details of that in advance poses an obvious risk that we're not going subject our community to, nor are we required to do so."
Drunkablog has more on the source article's author.

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April 23, 2008

Douglas Bruce's Latest Kerfuffle--"Illiterate Peasants" Quote Elicits Opposition, Threats

Haven't had much time to follow Bruce's latest misstep--the "illiterate peasants" quote--but Ben DeGrow and Night Twister have summed up my feelings quite well.

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Recreate '68: Undercover Audio Reveals Information On "Confrontations" And "Violence" At DNC

. . . developing (amplifying files for better sound) . . . scroll for new updates . . .

Audio files captured by someone from "We Are Change" at the Recreate '68 community meeting held April 13th, 2008, with Recreate '68 speaking candidly at times, guarded at others, about plans for Denver's Democratic National Convention.

On confrontations--
Partial transcript:
Q: "Are you guys planning any confrontations?"
Glenn Spagnuolo: "Something I wouldn't talk about with someone I don't know."

So, Glenn, is that a yes or no answer? Seems as if a truly "non-violent" philosophy would necessitate a default "no" response--therefore leaving you're group "clean" should anything go awry. By leaving the door open with such a vague, if not revelatory answer, a whole lot of questions arise, including your stated commitment to non-violence.

On violence at the DNC--
Partial transcript:
Spagnuolo: "We've always said if there's going to be violence, it will be instigated by the police. There's nothing that we're going to do on that day that's going to cause us to be violently in an offensive way."

These audio bites appear somewhat at odds with a television interview with Spagnuolo and Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown on Jon Caldara's "Independent Thinking" show done at pretty much the same time--about ten days ago--

Highlights version:

Full interview:
Recreate '68

There is a further discussion of the "themes" that will characterize each day of the protests, as well as another clip describing various aspects of the demonstrations, and finally a the complete audio of the meeting (well over 90 minutes).

And if Recreate '68 isn't crazy enough for you, here is the new meme circulating around groups like Recreate '68--they are really a "black ops, CIA" front or a "neocon setup."

Yep, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder and . . .

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April 22, 2008

More "Diversity " Emptiness

This time at Overland High School in Aurora.

Yesterday--"Diversity Day" At Centaurus High School In Lafayette, CO An All-Day, No Discussion Event

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Global Warming--Command And Control Or Technological Approach?

Sen. James Inhofe lays out the economic stakes of a planned cap-and-trade scheme that would only exacerbate current economic downturns by crippling the American economy--and offers in its stead a free market, technology approach that would likely prove immensely more successful in its state goal of cleaning the environment while also keeping the economy strong:
The United States Senate will soon begin to debate a global warming cap-and-trade bill that, if passed, would impose severe economic constraints on American families and American workers for no environmental gain. We have had this debate before, starting with the rejection of the Kyoto Protocol in 1998, then again in 2003, and again in 2005. Each time, these cap-and-trade measures were defeated for two simple reasons: they did not include developing nations; and because of the significant economic impact on the American public. With the American economy facing troubles, now is certainly not the time to try this costly experiment.

What proponents of this bill fail to understand is that the American environmental success story has been built while growing our economy. Over the past three decades, Americans have proven that we can clean up our environment while expanding our population and vibrantly growing our economy. Democrats and their special interest allies have consistently taken the opposite approach and emphasized job-killing regulations and expanding the government’s power. The U.S. can follow a path of onerous government mandates or we can follow a path of developing and encouraging new technologies. A simple history lesson reveals that the technological approach is the only viable path forward as carbon cap-and-trade mandates are proving to be a failure throughout the developed world.
. . .
The Lieberman-Warner command and control path utterly fails in comparison to an approach that embraces and develops new technologies. A technology emphasis is the only politically and economically sustainable path forward. I have long advocated a technology approach that brings in the developing world nations such as China and India. My home state of Oklahoma demonstrates that tomorrow’s energy mix must include more natural gas, wind and geothermal, but it must also include oil, coal, and nuclear energy, which is the world's largest source of emission-free energy. This approach serves multiple purposes – it will reduce air pollution, expand our energy supply, increase trade, and, along with these other goals, reduce greenhouse gases. Developing and expanding domestic energy will translate into energy security and ensure stable sources of supply and well-paying jobs for Americans.

Will the United States Senate choose the economically harmful Lieberman-Warner bill or the new technology path? With five weeks to go until the debate, the question is largely up to you. If you believe, like I do that we must not impose more costly mandates on the American people, I urge you to engage in the debate and contact your Senator and make your voice heard.

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CU Diversity Thugs Oppose Ex-Terrorist Speakers At "Why We Want To Kill You"

Last week we brought you news of an upcoming CU College Republicans event--"Why We Want To Kill You"--Ex-Terrorists Walid Shoebat And Kamel Saleem At CU-Boulder.

CU's resident "diversity groups" are now peddling the line that the speakers "will spread hateful, anti-Islamic messages":
Two self-labeled terrorists-turned-peace activists will speak next week on the University of Colorado campus -- and some students, in anticipation of the visit, say they fear the paid guests will spread hateful, anti-Islamic messages.

The Cultural Events Board, which doles out money to student groups to pay for speakers, granted the College Republicans' request to fund the controversial, $10,000 campus talk: "Why We Want to Kill You."

Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem — former Islamic terrorists who are popular guests in the college-speaking circuit and on conservative talk shows — will speak at 7 p.m. April 29 in the Glenn Miller Ballroom on CU’s campus.

The speakers say they will “share their personal experiences and stress the dangers that the Western world faces today, as Islamic Fundamentalism grows with fervor around the globe.”

Shoebat said college campuses are fertile recruiting grounds for the radical Islamic movement.

In advance of the meeting, an e-mail circulated Monday among CU student-diversity groups and the Muslim Student Association urging students to research the speakers and expose them, saying Shoebat is a “hateful liar” and classifying the event as “completely anti-Islam.”
Is this just frustration at the lack of attention with other events at CU this week, as well as a desire to shut down down any speech that might offend or offer a critique of Islam?
The Muslim Student Association this week is hosting an Islamic Awareness Week, with student panels and other events.

Shoebat said his speaking engagements are often met with hecklers and demonstrators, but he said college students are getting a one-sided view on the war on terror and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Criticizing a religion is not racism,” he said in a telephone interview Monday. “Critiquing a religion is a form of speech. If people cannot critique religion in this country, then we are beginning to see a downfall.”
Will there be protests? Of course!
Kelly Brewer El-Yacoubi, a member of CU’s Muslim Student Association, said the group doesn’t have a planned protest but encourages students to research the speakers.

“MSA is not a political organization in nature, as compared to other student groups, and we believe in a message of peace,” she said. “We have positive events. We play offense rather than defense.”

She said she realizes that some campus events are meant to provoke students.

“We really value the equality of people, and if there’s a racist event, we would never support it,” she said.
Repeat after me, Islam is not a race.

Whenever moonbat speakers are invited to CU, it is praised as promoting "diversity" and bringing "alternative viewpoints" to the campus. If conservatives/Republicans bring out a speaker, then it is time to review the funding process!
CU students pay about $20 a year to two organizations — the Cultural Events Board and Distinguished Speakers Board — that bring in speakers. Together, that amounts to less than 3 percent of the annual, mandatory $670 student-activity fee package.

Bronson Hilliard, spokesman for CU, said the administration does not “micro-manage the speakers list that comes forward from our student groups.”

A review this school year, conducted by CU’s Internal Audit Office at the regents’ request and agreed upon by student leaders, found that the way the student union funds its guest speakers is in line with university rules, and the paid guests represent a diversity of viewpoints. But there were no records for unfunded events, and auditors recommended the student leaders strengthen their compliance by documenting denied proposals.
In the past ten years at CU, conservative groups including the CUGOP have brought out speakers like Charlton Heston and Ann Coulter. The innumerable moonbats, often flying below the radar of visibility (or credibility, for that matter) have included Howard Dean and Angela Davis.

But it is the speaker fees for conservative groups that not only call into question the speaker funding process, but also boldly proclaim the amount ($10,000) that the forced speaker tax has provided for this event alone. A quick scan of the remaining speakers invited by the intellectual whizzes at the Cultural Events Board will not only reveal an ideological imbalance of immense proportions, but also the lack of judgment on the part of the student legislators and the failure of CEB itself for not recruiting quality speakers to promote "alternative viewpoints" at CU.

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April 21, 2008

"Diversity Day" At Centaurus High School In Lafayette, CO An All-Day, No Discussion Event

**Update--"Diversity Day" is compulsory, if there is no alternative to attendance apart from missing the day altogether.

Reader DK sent in this tip about Centaurus High School's upcoming "Diversity Day" and wrote--"Just read your post on "Tent City" and thought I would forward this to you. This is the 'agenda' for Diversity Day at Centaurus High School. Not just an assembly, but a whole day of 'respect and tolerance' that my 15 year old freshman son will have to sit through IF he isn't sick *cough, cough* that day. Would you care to bet if any of those student discussions will include 'respect and tolerance' of Christians, Conservatives or Patriotic Americans?"

Let's take a look at the propaganda, um, "agenda" (from an email):
Diversity Day on May 2

Theme: Respect and Tolerance

Each of performances this year will focus on the theme of respect and tolerance. As a school, we believe that the more we know about each other, the easier it is to understand and respect another person. Centurus is a diverse place which we are all proud to be a member of this community.

Period 1 Anyone and Everyone – A Movie

Connected by having a son or daughter who is gay, parents across the country discuss their experiences in a documentary. Filmmaker Susan polis Schutz depicts families from all walks of life. The parents talk about struggling with the pain their sons and daughters have dealt with throughout their lives.

Period 2 God Grew Tired of Us – A Movie

After raising themselves in the desert along with thousands of other parentless "lost boys," Sudanese refugees John, Daniel and Panther have found their way to America, where they experience electricity, running water and supermarkets for the first time.

Period 3 Student Panel

A group of our students here at CHS will share a Personal Experience Panel. They will focus on their experiences here around Respect and Tolerance. There will be a variety of students sharing their personal experiences. This is not a question and answer time, but just a time for the students to tell their stories.

Period 4 Theo Wilson – Slam Poet

Lucifury, a.k.a. Theo Wilson, has been doing spoken word poetry for the past 4 years. He is an award winning slam poet, and a member of the 2007 Slam Nuba poetry team, ranked fourth in the world. He has been active in the community for over 10 years, and considers his poetry to be his way of public service

Period 5 Grupor Folclorico Nueva Alianza

This is a Mexican Folkloric dance group that reflects the joyful character of Mexican dance. The Mexican States represented are: Veracruz, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Nayarit and Jalisco.

Period 6 Student Panel

A second group of our students here at CHS will share a Personal Experience Panel. They will focus on their experiences here around Respect and Tolerance. There will be a variety of students sharing their personal experiences. This is not a question and answer time, but just a time for the students to tell their stories.

Period 7 What makes Centaurus Diverse?

We will share with the students the diverse programs that exist at CHS. This will be a time for the students to share what they have been doing. For example, Raise the Machine, Public Achievement, Peace Jam, Eco Warriors and Cultural Learning Day. This time will conclude with a power point made by the Diversity Club showing what makes our school unique through the lens of Respect and Tolerance.

Principal's Assistant
Centaurus High School
Yep, a lot of respectification and tolerance-izing, but strangely, not much diversity.

And notice how both "Personal Experience Panels" contain no Q&A or opportunity for discussion. More like a lecture than a panel.

What's left--a poetry slam and some Mexican dance. Ok, at least those might prove entertaining (unless the "slam" devolves into an anti-American diatribe).

What the heck is "Raise the Machine?" Peace Jam is sponsored by anti-American Nobel laureates, and we can probably be sure what the "Eco Warriors" are up to--as well as the "Diversity Club."

Diversity thugs in training.

So, as our reader asked, where are the Christians, Conservatives and Patriotic Americans? Seems that the range of acceptable "diversity" doesn't extend to them, and that, after all, is the intention.

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RTD: A History Of Deception

Daniel Gallegos, RTD's deception and eminent domain--FasTracks to property expropriation in the name of transportation "progress":

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Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst 042108

Freedom Folks has this week's edition.

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Mark Cohen Of Recreate '68 And Mark Silverstein Of The ACLU Talk DNC Protests On Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!

From the transcript (video of the full segment):
MARK COHEN: Thank you, Amy. We plan to have a massive presence during the Democratic National Convention in August. We will be having a number of major demonstrations, including on the Sunday, the day before the convention begins, what will probably be the biggest antiwar march and rally that Denver has seen at least since Vietnam. We’re also working with some of the major immigrant rights groups to, on the Tuesday, have what we think will be a very large immigrant rights march and rally.

But we’re not only involved in protest activities. We’re also staging what we’re calling the Festival of Democracy, which will be a five-day event in downtown Denver, during which we will have trainings, workshops, teach-ins, and provide people the opportunity to come together and learn about alternatives to the two-party system, solutions that communities can provide to their own problems. We’re also, during that, going to have a 24/7 free health clinic, legal services, two feedings a day in cooperation with Food Not Bombs and other services for the community.

AMY GOODMAN: And who is “we”?

MARK COHEN: We are Recreate ’68, which is a group of local Denver activists. We began planning for the Democratic National Convention actually before we found out that Denver had been given the convention. It looked like a fairly certain thing. So we’ve been planning for about a year and a half now. We’ve been talking with the city to try to ensure that people’s First Amendment rights would be protected during the convention. We’ve been working with national organizations, among them United for Peace and Justice, CODEPINK and others, as well as numerous Colorado organizations, to prepare for this event, to try to use the attention and the excitement and the energy generated by this major event to kind of kick organizing in Denver up to another level.
Not much "new" information, but the rumor of a 1-mile radius security perimeter around Pepsi Center is still circulating--and is the cause of much consternation for the protestors at Recreate '68 and the ACLU, who are demanding the city reveal security plans as early as possible (unlikely).

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Iraq: Change the Status Quo--A Tent City Teach-In

Comes complete with a campout (don't forget the deodorant folks), "slam poetry" (always tasteful), a "peace march" (de rigeur, of course), and anti-capitalist/anti-patriarchy/ anti-America/anti-hygiene (we did mention hygiene, didn't we?) "workshops":
Iraq: Change the Status Quo
A Tent City Teach-in
University of Denver Campus GreenApril 24-25
2000 E Asbury Ave.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, April 24
5pm: Begin creation of tent city
6pm: Keynote Speaker: Sheila Schroeder, Woodstock West [third picture] and Student Activism
8pm: Community Interactions – music, slam poetry, and the Soapbox
Overnight: Tent-city campout
8am: Wake-up
8:30am: Peace March
10am-12:30pm: Workshop Session (topics include peace and non-violence, WMDs and the Middle East, Faith Perspectives)
12:30pm-1:30pm: Break, conversations continue
1:30pm–4 pm: Workshop Session (topics include Discourse and Iraq, the PATRIOT Act, refugees, Tent State)
4pm-5pm: Big Tent gathering and tent-city clean-up
5pm: Keynote Speakers-Carl Bruning: Conservative Anti-War Perspectives- Ibrahim Kazerooni: An Iraqi Perspective

Information on Speakers and Workshops
Thursday, April 24
6pm: Sheila Schroeder, University of Denver Department of Mass Communications and Journalism Studies: ‘Woodstock West’ and Student Activism

Friday, April 25
Workshop Session 1: 10am
-Prof. Alan Gilbert: Peace and Nonviolence in the Context of Iraq
-LeRoy Moore, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Middle East
-Joel Edelstein, KGNU Community Radio: US Middle East Policy
-Anna Koop, Sisters of Loretta

1:30pm Workshop Session 2
-Prof. Sally Kwitkowski: Discourse, Iraq, and the ‘War on Terror’
-Doug Vaughan, former Woodstock West participant: PATRIOT Act
-Adam Jung, Tent State University: Tent State Activism and the Democratic National Convention

5pm: Closing Speakers
-Carl Bruning, Ron Paul campaign: Conservative Anti-War Perspectives
-Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, Iraqi imam and refugee: An Iraqi Perspective

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"Adopt-A-Delegate" Program To Harass RNC Delegates By Targeting Them At Hotels; Anti-Authoritarian/Anarchist People of Color

The moonbat Left does support adoption--of Republican delegates for the purpose of harassing them using a "wide diversity of tactics" on their way to and from their hotels in the Twin Cities at the RNC:
Unconventional Action Midwest invites all autonomous groups and individuals to “adopt a delegate” in preparation for the Republican National Convention taking place in St. Paul September 1-4.

How does it work? Easy! Simply choose a hotel and do what you can to the delegate experience in the Twin Cities an unforgettable one!

Delegate hotels may be found

In congruence with the RNC Welcoming Committee’s Points of Unity and the historic St. Paul Principles, UA-Midwest respects and encourages a wide diversity of tactics.
Too bad that "respect" doesn't extend to allowing party delegates to proceed, unencumbered and without verbal assaults while they conduct their business at the party conventions.

Then again, if it is one thing the Left despises, it is democracy in action. Especially if they . . . "disapprove."

They will, of course, be doing the same thing at the DNC.

Meanwhile, "People of Color" solidarity at the DNC--starring AIM and "friends" of Mumia:
Calling All Anti-Authoritarian/Anarchist People of Color to network and organize during the pReNC 5.3 in the Twin Cities, MN.

Over the last year anti-authoritarian/anarchist people of color all over the country have felt the desire and urgency to actively support and prepare for the call to action to go “All Out At the DNC.” This call to ction is in solidarity with the American Indian Movement (AIM), the MOVE Organization, and friends and family of Mumia Abu-Jamal for all radicals and progressives to actively resist the Democrats and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, CO August 2008. These diverse and strong people of the left are fighting back for the freedom of their families, friends and lovers [Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, the MOVE 9 and many other oppressed peoples].

In August 2008 the MOVE Organization will have served their 30 year minimum sentence for a single death they did not commit. In August 2008 Leonard Peltier will have his first opportunity in years to have his case heard again in the court system (after the Clinton’s left him in jail and did not pardon him). As of March 2008, the courts ruled on Mumia Abu-Jamal’s eliminating the future of his life with only to options, execution or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

APOC are preparing to actively resisting the DNC while keeping the community of Denver (especially the oppressed and disenfranchised people) as a key element of our resistance.

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SamSphere Denver Wrapup, Video

Previous SP coverage:
Liveblogging SamSphere Denver--Colorado Online Panel (includes video of Ross Kaminsky and Jeff Goldstein)
Liveblogging SamSphere Denver II--Colorado Online Part II

Ben DeGrow has a roundup, and Face the State has a recap.

Jon Caldara:

Trent Seibert:

Brad Jones:

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April 20, 2008

Sunday Night Quick Hits

Drunkablog has a trifecta--News columnist thinks a Recreate '68 redecoration of Civic Center Park will actually be an improvement, Islam Awareness Week begins at CU-Boulder this week, and a "little boidie" (a reliable one, though court dates can change) told Drunkablog that Ward Churchill's lawsuit will begin in March, 2009. Chutch wants all the attention that the post-election doldrums will provide.

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April 19, 2008

Liveblogging SamSphere Denver II--Colorado Online Part II

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Liveblogging SamSphere Denver--Colorado Online Panel

Loading videos to YouTube--scroll for updates . . .

Jeff Goldstein, Ross Kaminsky

Ross Kaminsky, Part I:

Part II:

Jeff Goldstein, Part I:

Part II:

Panel Q&A:

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SamSphere Denver

SamSphere Denver kicks off in a few minutes--here's the schedule.

SamSphere Denver confirmed bloggers:
Anthony Surace at Rocky Mountain Right
Denise Mund at Colorado Charter Schools
Brian Schwartz at Wakalix
John Martin at The Drunkablog
Ray Thomas at The Thoma$ Report
Randy Ketner at Night Twister
Ben DeGrow at Mount Virtus
El Presidente at Slapstick Politics
Ross Kaminsky at Rossputin
Jon Caldara at The Cauldron
Brad Jones at Face the State
David Harsanyi at David Harsanyi
Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom
Patrick Sperry at Conservative Libertarian Outpost
Bob Ball at The Daily Blogster
Marty Neilson at Colorado Taxpayer
Bob Agard at Bob’s Blog
Richard Combs at Combs Spouts Off
David Petteys at Backbone America

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This Day In History: The Battles Of Lexington And Concord; Today Is Patriots' Day

The battle of Lexington, April 19th. 1775. Plate I." In: "The Doolittle engravings of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775." Hand colored engraving. Published 1775. Amos Doolittle (engraver) and Ralph Earl (artist).

British Army in Concord. "Plate II. A view of the town of Concord.Plate II." In: "The Doolittle engravings of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775." Hand colored engraving. Published 1775. Amos Doolittle (engraver) and Ralph Earl (artist).

The engagement at the North Bridge in Concord. Plate III." In: "The Doolittle engravings of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775." Hand colored engraving. Published 1775. Amos Doolittle (engraver) and Ralph Earl (artist).

Plate IV. A view of the south part of Lexington." In: "The Doolittle engravings of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775." Hand colored engraving. Published 1775. Amos Doolittle (engraver) and Ralph Earl (artist).

The battles of Lexington and Concord are commemorated today with the little-known holiday--Patriots' Day.

Jules Crittenden has an excellent run-down of first-hand accounts from both sides on April 19, 1775 (via Gateway Pundit).

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SamSphere Denver--April 19: Registration Open

Ben DeGrow has the details. A tentative schedule has been posted, and you can register here.

This is a sticky post--scroll for newer entries . . .

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Jon Caldara Talks Glenn Spagnuolo, Recreate '68, And Civil Disobedience

In a follow-up to Caldara's show "Independent Thinking" featuring guests Glenn Spagnuolo of Recreate '68 and Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown, he dished with callers (11pm segment, 12am segment) over the intentions of Spagnuolo and his group and the threshold requirements for enacting civil disobedience--does Denver's Democratic National Convention and the Democrats' nomination process really warrant civil disobedience?

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April 18, 2008

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: "We Will Arrest" Protestors Who Plan To Camp Overnight Illegally At DNC

"We will arrest them"--Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper on the protestors planning to camp in places like the Civic Center during August's Democratic National Convention

The Denver Post has a partial transcript of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's appearance on Mike Rosen's radio show earlier Friday on 850KOA (via Drunkablog):
"I was not the strong supporter of bringing the convention here," said Hickenlooper. "Although I did respect the benefits, the potential benefits it had, I certainly saw the risks. Whether it’s protesters, whether it’s inflaming certain issues. But there’s also benefit, assuming that we pull it off correctly.”

With thousands of members of the media due to be in town, the benefit, he said, is "an opportunity to show off all the good things you do in your state."

To Rosen's question about protest groups, led by Re-Create '68's Glenn Spagnuolo, vowing to create a "Free City" in Civic Center park during the four-day convention in August, Hickenlooper said, "Well, again, he says they're going to stay overnight and camp in the park and sleep in the park. We can’t let them do that, right? So we will arrest them."
Yes, please do. Enforce the laws. That is not a "provocative" statement or action to take.

You can hear the entire exchange between Mayor Hickenlooper and Rosen here (audio).

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Attacks On Schaffer Reveal Another Udall U-Turn, Schaffer's CNMI Testimony Refutes Anti-Schaffer Hit Job

It appears that Rep. Mark Udall, his campaign, and liberal/lefty water-carriers in the blogosphere forgot one thing:

Udall's record.

Face the State unearths some of Udall's votes against Internet gambling resolutions that Jack Abramoff's firms lobbied to kill, and their coincidence with donations Udall received prior to the votes. Then, after Abramoff was sent packing for fraud and corruption, Udall abruptly reversed his vote--another U-turn.

Furthermore, Ben DeGrow at Schaffer v Udall excerpts key portions of then-Rep. Bob Schaffer's testimony (under oath) regarding the CNMI investigation, including Schaffer's conclusion (read the lengthy excerpt in its entirety):
I guess the final conclusion is that there are acknowledged problems in CNMI but Washington, DC, is the absolute last place anyone should look to fix them because this government has proven time and time and time again that, in the end, at the end of the day, people around here in DC tend to make matters worse, not better. [emphases added]

To say therefore that Bob Schaffer "abetted a scheme that deprived workers of basic rights (and even their unborn children)" is more than a gross exaggeration - it is an intentional mischaracterization of a substantive, philosophical policy disagreement, taken out of the context of its time as fodder for a scandal du jour. Whether it's been perpetrated out of ignorance or willful malice, participants in an "honest debate" would look at such evidence and reassess their characterizations.

I suggest that if Alan and the Big Blue Lie Machine wanted an "honest debate" about the issue, they wouldn't ignore actual evidence and leap to a conclusion that smears someone's character, and then browbeat anyone who disagrees with that evidence-free conclusion. Because Bob Schaffer did not work to support a particular kind of heavy-handed federal reform does not mean he "enabled a medieval nightmare of abuse and exploitation on American soil...."

Those on the Left may disagree with Bob Schaffer's view (whether past or present) of how to reform CNMI, but they have not been approaching the issue in that way - they have been approaching it as an opportunity to engage in political mud-throwing. Too bad. Perhaps they could explain why workers trapped in alleged "sweatshops" that were enduring "a medieval nightmare of abuse and exploitation" did not see the situation as dire as cadres of Lefty bloggers sitting in comfortable Colorado homes and offices apparently do.

Besides building their attacks on a distorted characterization of events and conditions at CNMI, the Big Blue Lie Machine's impeachment of Bob Schaffer's character and integrity has yet to prove that any of the arrangements or indirect connections with Jack Abramoff led to a change in Schaffer's votes. They have just concluded that the votes were immoral based on a preconceived notion that has been challenged here.
Visit Schaffer v Udall for all the latest on the Schaffer-Udall Senate showdown.

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Opponents Of Colorado Civil Rights Initiative Exposed

Face the State (via Ben DeGrow) exposes affirmative action proponents claiming that they were "tricked" into signing petitions for what is now Amendment 46--one is a diversity activist deeply committed to affirmative action and the other isn't even registered to vote.

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Glenn Spagnuolo, Charlie Brown Square Off On Jon Caldara's "Independent Thinking"

Recreate '68

Meanwhile, Drunkablog highlights the report of the subsequent Spagnuolo-Brown face-off at DU yesterday--no cages (Brown), no violence (Spagnuolo).

Somehow the former seems plausible (until things get out-of-hand, of course), but the latter is quite dubious.

**Update--more reflections at RedState.

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April 17, 2008

State Senate Honors Jeanne Assam; Update--VT Tragedy Commemorated, More Gun Control Advocated

Earning praise for her actions in stopping Matthew Murray on a cold December day at New Life Church, volunteer security guard Jeanne Assam was honored by the Colorado Senate today:
Senators today praised Jeanne Assam, the volunteer church security guard who stopped a disturbed gunman's deadly cross-Colorado rampage in December.

The Senate gave Assam a standing ovation after the reading of a resolution honoring her courage for "risking her own" life as she "stepped into the gunman's line of fire" and shot Matthew Murray, halting his attack on New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Murray, who then committed suicide, killed four people and wounded five others in the 12-hour rampage that began at an Arvada missionary training center.

Sen. Andy McElhany, R-Colorado Springs, hailed Assam as "a true hero, someone who saved countless lives that day, risking her own life."

The ceremony drifted into the gun debate at one point.

Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield, stressed that the Dec. 9 attack was "the second or third intended mass killing" in the nation recently "that ended far short of the killer's design, because of the presence of law-abiding, responsible citizens who were armed and able to defend themselves."

"I ask this body responsible for considering and passing laws to reflect on how that day and other days recently...would have ended differently if there were no citizen who was able to respond," Mitchell said. "We have not come up with the laws or the enforcement schemes that can deter madmen."
Demonstrating the humility that has characterized her public persona since the shootings, Assam explained how she handled the media attention:
Assam said she was honored and humbled by the praise.

She said she's born the aftermath of the violent tragedy and national media attention without emotional trauma.

"I have peace about it," she said. "We stopped somebody who was intending to do a lot of harm. God was with me."

Assam is writing a book "about the amazing forgiveness that has come with this tragedy."
Assam did what she knew she had to do, and what she was able to do, given the legal right to own the tools to complete that action.

Thank God for that.

**Update--Remembering Virginia Tech--good. Holding a "lie-in" and misidentifying the source of the tragedy--bad:
At noon Wednesday, in the heart of Colorado State University's campus, a group performed a "lie-in."

Thirty-two people lied down on the ground, one at a time, to represent those who lost their lives at Virginia Tech. They remained down for three minutes.

Brian Woodruff took part in the demonstration.

"I was thinking, 'Wouldn't it be lovely if the 32 people at Virginia Tech were able to get up at the end of the three minutes the way we were, but it's not possible for them."

This demonstration joined many others like it across the country. There were lie-ins in both Denver and Boulder as well. All of them were organized by a group called "Protest Easy Guns," which was formed after the Virginia Tech shootings.

The group thinks it's too easy to buy guns in the U.S. and advocates more control.

"We're not there yet," said Tom Vosburg, who participated in the demonstration, "It's not yet an appropriate balance."

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, who was vocal about the issue last year, says the solution doesn't lie with more laws.

"The real problem is identifying those people who are mentally ill and need treatment and getting them the treatment," he said, "That's really where the failure has been in our society."
Perhaps if Virginia Tech had some Jeanne Assams on campus, there would have been less of a tragedy, but of course we'll never know.

God be with them all, their families, and the whole VT community.

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April 16, 2008

**Update: Moonbats Plan To Throw Bags Of Urine And Blood At Police At Denver's DNC; Hospital Security Threats For DNC Revealed

. . . developing . . .

**Update--Good God, these people are sick, and this information is coming from peace groups and 9/11 Truthers like We Are Change Colorado who are opposed to the potential violence planned by the moonbats under the Recreate '68 umbrella:
After speaking with RAIMD, We Are Change Colorado became aware that they intend to throw bags of urine and blood on cops at the DNC protests, all under the name of the umbrella organization ReCreate 68.
. . .
ReCreate 68 has massive organized effort and finances coming from donations across the country. Glenn Spagnuolo, the coordinator for the group, has been traveling around the United States speaking with every activist group you can think of to coordinate them under his group. Code Pink, Food Not Bombs, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Green Peace, Scholars for Peace and Justice, and many famous immigration groups, unions, and anti-globalist activist networks are all working under ReCreate 68 with the thought that this group is just a peaceful festival of celebration. This is untrue. Every activist group coming into Denver will be greeted by a person representing ReCreate 68 at hotels and so fourth and given an itinerary of demonstrations to attend.

By attending, these groups do not yet realize they will be giving up their message and name for the ReCreate 68 name which is permitted to protest. The problem with this is that ReCreate 68 has been inviting more radical groups and violent anarchist groups as well. To add to this, ReCreate 68 has not told other activist groups the extent of which these demonstrations will endanger the safety or security of any peaceful demonstration.
. . .
The rhetoric heard from the Recreate 68 people, the attraction of the young people to the charisma of Glen Spagnuolo, the focus on doing battle with the police and the confronting attitude--while losing sight of the issues, the revolutionary fervor, the attitude that groups like Code Pink, etc. just aren't radical enough, the peer pressure to be more radical, the disinclination to disavow violence with the pretext that they want to be "inclusive," --all this is deja vu. It happened in 2000 with DAN. It is happening again stroke for stroke, word for word.

Only this time, because of the scale of the DNC protests, there is the potential for massive chaos, massive arrests, detentions, serious injuries of idealistic but naive young people, and loss of legitimate messages from all groups.
It says a lot when even similarly-oriented organizations who actually have plans to organize and demonstrate in a non-violent manner feel threatened by groups like Recreate '68 who appear now to not only be completely untruthful about their commitment to non-violence, but tacitly encouraging engagement designed only to bring confrontation with the Denver Police Department. RAIMD, in the first quote, stands for the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver, a fellow traveler organization allied with Recreate '68 and populated with some of the same moonbat morons.

"SECURITY ALERT: Hospitals in the Denver area have reported suspicious activity. Reports have included individuals posing as members of a federal agency to gain access to a facility and people watching hospital entrances and exits for several hours and taking notes"--Colorado Emergency Management memo regarding Denver hospitals and security threats during the Democratic National Convention

This memo details just a few of the emerging security concerns for local Denver hospitals ahead of August's DNC:

Full memo--


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