April 21, 2008

Iraq: Change the Status Quo--A Tent City Teach-In

Comes complete with a campout (don't forget the deodorant folks), "slam poetry" (always tasteful), a "peace march" (de rigeur, of course), and anti-capitalist/anti-patriarchy/ anti-America/anti-hygiene (we did mention hygiene, didn't we?) "workshops":
Iraq: Change the Status Quo
A Tent City Teach-in
University of Denver Campus GreenApril 24-25
2000 E Asbury Ave.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, April 24
5pm: Begin creation of tent city
6pm: Keynote Speaker: Sheila Schroeder, Woodstock West [third picture] and Student Activism
8pm: Community Interactions – music, slam poetry, and the Soapbox
Overnight: Tent-city campout
8am: Wake-up
8:30am: Peace March
10am-12:30pm: Workshop Session (topics include peace and non-violence, WMDs and the Middle East, Faith Perspectives)
12:30pm-1:30pm: Break, conversations continue
1:30pm–4 pm: Workshop Session (topics include Discourse and Iraq, the PATRIOT Act, refugees, Tent State)
4pm-5pm: Big Tent gathering and tent-city clean-up
5pm: Keynote Speakers-Carl Bruning: Conservative Anti-War Perspectives- Ibrahim Kazerooni: An Iraqi Perspective

Information on Speakers and Workshops
Thursday, April 24
6pm: Sheila Schroeder, University of Denver Department of Mass Communications and Journalism Studies: ‘Woodstock West’ and Student Activism

Friday, April 25
Workshop Session 1: 10am
-Prof. Alan Gilbert: Peace and Nonviolence in the Context of Iraq
-LeRoy Moore, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Middle East
-Joel Edelstein, KGNU Community Radio: US Middle East Policy
-Anna Koop, Sisters of Loretta

1:30pm Workshop Session 2
-Prof. Sally Kwitkowski: Discourse, Iraq, and the ‘War on Terror’
-Doug Vaughan, former Woodstock West participant: PATRIOT Act
-Adam Jung, Tent State University: Tent State Activism and the Democratic National Convention

5pm: Closing Speakers
-Carl Bruning, Ron Paul campaign: Conservative Anti-War Perspectives
-Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, Iraqi imam and refugee: An Iraqi Perspective

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