April 21, 2008

"Adopt-A-Delegate" Program To Harass RNC Delegates By Targeting Them At Hotels; Anti-Authoritarian/Anarchist People of Color

The moonbat Left does support adoption--of Republican delegates for the purpose of harassing them using a "wide diversity of tactics" on their way to and from their hotels in the Twin Cities at the RNC:
Unconventional Action Midwest invites all autonomous groups and individuals to “adopt a delegate” in preparation for the Republican National Convention taking place in St. Paul September 1-4.

How does it work? Easy! Simply choose a hotel and do what you can to the delegate experience in the Twin Cities an unforgettable one!

Delegate hotels may be found

In congruence with the RNC Welcoming Committee’s Points of Unity and the historic St. Paul Principles, UA-Midwest respects and encourages a wide diversity of tactics.
Too bad that "respect" doesn't extend to allowing party delegates to proceed, unencumbered and without verbal assaults while they conduct their business at the party conventions.

Then again, if it is one thing the Left despises, it is democracy in action. Especially if they . . . "disapprove."

They will, of course, be doing the same thing at the DNC.

Meanwhile, "People of Color" solidarity at the DNC--starring AIM and "friends" of Mumia:
Calling All Anti-Authoritarian/Anarchist People of Color to network and organize during the pReNC 5.3 in the Twin Cities, MN.

Over the last year anti-authoritarian/anarchist people of color all over the country have felt the desire and urgency to actively support and prepare for the call to action to go “All Out At the DNC.” This call to ction is in solidarity with the American Indian Movement (AIM), the MOVE Organization, and friends and family of Mumia Abu-Jamal for all radicals and progressives to actively resist the Democrats and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, CO August 2008. These diverse and strong people of the left are fighting back for the freedom of their families, friends and lovers [Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, the MOVE 9 and many other oppressed peoples].

In August 2008 the MOVE Organization will have served their 30 year minimum sentence for a single death they did not commit. In August 2008 Leonard Peltier will have his first opportunity in years to have his case heard again in the court system (after the Clinton’s left him in jail and did not pardon him). As of March 2008, the courts ruled on Mumia Abu-Jamal’s eliminating the future of his life with only to options, execution or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

APOC are preparing to actively resisting the DNC while keeping the community of Denver (especially the oppressed and disenfranchised people) as a key element of our resistance.

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