April 18, 2008

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: "We Will Arrest" Protestors Who Plan To Camp Overnight Illegally At DNC

"We will arrest them"--Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper on the protestors planning to camp in places like the Civic Center during August's Democratic National Convention

The Denver Post has a partial transcript of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's appearance on Mike Rosen's radio show earlier Friday on 850KOA (via Drunkablog):
"I was not the strong supporter of bringing the convention here," said Hickenlooper. "Although I did respect the benefits, the potential benefits it had, I certainly saw the risks. Whether it’s protesters, whether it’s inflaming certain issues. But there’s also benefit, assuming that we pull it off correctly.”

With thousands of members of the media due to be in town, the benefit, he said, is "an opportunity to show off all the good things you do in your state."

To Rosen's question about protest groups, led by Re-Create '68's Glenn Spagnuolo, vowing to create a "Free City" in Civic Center park during the four-day convention in August, Hickenlooper said, "Well, again, he says they're going to stay overnight and camp in the park and sleep in the park. We can’t let them do that, right? So we will arrest them."
Yes, please do. Enforce the laws. That is not a "provocative" statement or action to take.

You can hear the entire exchange between Mayor Hickenlooper and Rosen here (audio).

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