April 16, 2008

**Update: Moonbats Plan To Throw Bags Of Urine And Blood At Police At Denver's DNC; Hospital Security Threats For DNC Revealed

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**Update--Good God, these people are sick, and this information is coming from peace groups and 9/11 Truthers like We Are Change Colorado who are opposed to the potential violence planned by the moonbats under the Recreate '68 umbrella:
After speaking with RAIMD, We Are Change Colorado became aware that they intend to throw bags of urine and blood on cops at the DNC protests, all under the name of the umbrella organization ReCreate 68.
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ReCreate 68 has massive organized effort and finances coming from donations across the country. Glenn Spagnuolo, the coordinator for the group, has been traveling around the United States speaking with every activist group you can think of to coordinate them under his group. Code Pink, Food Not Bombs, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Green Peace, Scholars for Peace and Justice, and many famous immigration groups, unions, and anti-globalist activist networks are all working under ReCreate 68 with the thought that this group is just a peaceful festival of celebration. This is untrue. Every activist group coming into Denver will be greeted by a person representing ReCreate 68 at hotels and so fourth and given an itinerary of demonstrations to attend.

By attending, these groups do not yet realize they will be giving up their message and name for the ReCreate 68 name which is permitted to protest. The problem with this is that ReCreate 68 has been inviting more radical groups and violent anarchist groups as well. To add to this, ReCreate 68 has not told other activist groups the extent of which these demonstrations will endanger the safety or security of any peaceful demonstration.
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The rhetoric heard from the Recreate 68 people, the attraction of the young people to the charisma of Glen Spagnuolo, the focus on doing battle with the police and the confronting attitude--while losing sight of the issues, the revolutionary fervor, the attitude that groups like Code Pink, etc. just aren't radical enough, the peer pressure to be more radical, the disinclination to disavow violence with the pretext that they want to be "inclusive," --all this is deja vu. It happened in 2000 with DAN. It is happening again stroke for stroke, word for word.

Only this time, because of the scale of the DNC protests, there is the potential for massive chaos, massive arrests, detentions, serious injuries of idealistic but naive young people, and loss of legitimate messages from all groups.
It says a lot when even similarly-oriented organizations who actually have plans to organize and demonstrate in a non-violent manner feel threatened by groups like Recreate '68 who appear now to not only be completely untruthful about their commitment to non-violence, but tacitly encouraging engagement designed only to bring confrontation with the Denver Police Department. RAIMD, in the first quote, stands for the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver, a fellow traveler organization allied with Recreate '68 and populated with some of the same moonbat morons.

"SECURITY ALERT: Hospitals in the Denver area have reported suspicious activity. Reports have included individuals posing as members of a federal agency to gain access to a facility and people watching hospital entrances and exits for several hours and taking notes"--Colorado Emergency Management memo regarding Denver hospitals and security threats during the Democratic National Convention

This memo details just a few of the emerging security concerns for local Denver hospitals ahead of August's DNC:

Full memo--


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