April 12, 2008

Bash Back! Trans/Queer Insurrection--“DNC, We’ll F#*% You Up!”

"We’ve laid out the strategy; now we all need to find out how to plug in, work out the details, and shut this shit down"--Bash Back! is a group of radical TransFolk, Queers, Anarcha-Feminists and allies

A veritable who's who of moonbats attended the anti-DNC/RNC "convergence"--including Bash Back!, Queer Action Network, the Revolting Queers, Unconventional Denver, The RNC Welcoming Committee, Anarchist People of Color, Roadblock Earth First!, the Pomegranate Health Collective[!?!?] and, of course, Code Pink:
The Convergence:
The weekend of April 4th-6th, radical transfolk, queers, anarcha-feminists, from all over the country converged in Chicago for the Bash Back! anti-DNC/RNC convergence. In attendance were folks from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Georgia, Missouri, Colorado, California and elsewhere. Groups including Bash Back!, Queer Action Network, the Revolting Queers, Unconventional Denver, The RNC Welcoming Committee, Anarchist People of Color, Roadblock Earth First!, the Pomegranate Health Collective, and Code Pink were represented. The convergence succeeded in creating a safe space for queer, trans, gendervariant and womyn anarchists to meet and articulate our plans to crash the conventions.

Friday night, representatives of Roadblock Earth First! shared information about the current situation in Indiana, where activists are working to stop the construction of the “NAFTA Superhighway”, Instersate-69. On Saturday, transgendered activist Midge Potts spoke about her experiences with creative activism and as the first transperson to run for a federal office. Later, Eric Stanley discussed the relationship of queer and trans people to the prison industrial complex followed by a screening of his film ‘Homotopia’ and the short ‘By any means necessary’. Later that day, several people attended a DIY sex toy workshop. On Sunday, representatives of the RNC Welcoming Committee and Unconventional Denver discussed the proposed strategies for the Republican National Convention (Sept. 1-4 in St. Paul) and the Democratic National Convention (Aug. 25-28 in Denver).

At the convergence, space was created for a people of color caucus, a transgender caucus, and a womyn’s caucus. The POC caucus discussed the need for a future anti-gentrification conference to discuss strategies to oppose gentrification. In their reportback, the POC caucus also asked that anyone distributing the zine “Go Light” and three anti-RNC stickers featuring a white hunter and dead elephants, indigenous people, and ninjas stop doing so immediately. During the POC caucus, a white auxiliary caucus met to discuss strategies to confront white privilege and white supremacy. The trans caucus discussed several issues and challenges that needed to be addressed at the strategizing session to ensure the safety of transpeople during the conventions. Simultaneously a cisgendered caucus met to discuss what it meant to be a trans-ally. While the womyn’s caucus met, a caucus for male privileged folks and a caucus for those who didn’t feel comfortable in either met.

“DNC, We’ll fuck you up!”:
During the Sunday strategizing session, two proposals were consensed upon for the Democratic National Convention. Unconventional Denver has proposed themes for the actions each day of the convention. It was thus determined that trans and queer action at the DNC should fit within those themes. After the immigrants rights march on “No Borders Day”, it was agreed that there should be a “no gender borders” action targeted at assimilationist and transphobic elements of the convention such as the Stonewall Democrats. It was also decided that during the “Free Political Prisoners Day” there will be an action focused on freeing the New Jersey 4.

“Republicans, don’t fuck with us!”:
The strategizing session then shifted towards addressing proposals for action at the RNC. Bash Back! Chicago proposed a reclaim the streets style dance party blockade to fit within the three-tiered strategy – More specifically, a dance party coupled with hard defenses. The declared intention is to create a situation wherein it is possible to have liberating and festive action; an empowering situation of which we can defend and maintain. This will be an action for the first day strategy of the convention. The Idea was also proposed that the Log Cabin Republicans be targeted by actions. The session also endorsed an idea proposed by the Revolting Queers of Minneapolis. They described an underwear bike ride action. This will be a more relaxing action to happen later in the convention.
The intellectual absurdity and semantic contortions on display here boggle the mind, but these groups will no doubt provide for plenty of humor at both the DNC and RNC.

Maybe these folks can join the Recreate '68 crowd in their "nude-in" and "free love" festivities in Civic Center Park while they're in Denver.

It'll be a riot!*

*Not an actual riot, these are "peaceful" protestors.

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