April 09, 2008

Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement To Deploy Puppets, Drums, And Middle Fingers Against Madeleine Albright

This should be ugly
Madeleine Albright, the patron saint of UN enforced starvation, will be speaking at the “University” of Kolorado- Boulder on April 16th. RAIM-Denver is leading the charge in opposing this event:
On April 16th, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright will be speaking at the University of Colorado- Boulder. Under Bill Clinton, Albright championed the policy of UN enforced starvation upon the nation of Iraq. On national television she later admitted that the United States, through UN sanctions, killed half a million Iraqi children. In her own words such a cost in human life was, “worth it.”

Coming at a time when activists will shortly be protesting the Democratic National Convention, this appearance by Albright is a excellent opportunity to point out the destructive imperialistic nature of the Democrats.

We call on local activists to mount a protest of this engagement, both as a militant warm-up for the DNC and to let Madeleine Albright and similar war criminals know that their presence in the Denver/Boulder area is opposed. Show up pissed off and ready to be heard. This appearance by Madeleine Albright will not go unchallenged.

When: April 16th, 6:00 pm

Where: Main entrance to the Coors Event Center, 1111 Broadway St., Boulder

Bring signs, puppets, drums, extended middle fingers-whatever you need to make your point.
Why don't they ever bring, you know, intelligence, circumspection, or logic?

Showing up "pissed off and ready to be heard" doesn't really accomplish much. If they want to "increase awareness" why don't they try something a little less theatrical and a little more informative? (wait, I shouldn't be helping them . . .)

Bring on the puppets!

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