April 08, 2008

DNCC Increases Convention Estimate, Now Expecting 50,000--Not Including Tens Of Thousands Of Protestors

The crowd arriving for August's Democratic National Convention just grew by at least 43%:
The new estimate is now 50,000 people - a 43 percent increase from initial estimates, Leah Daughtry, chief executive officer of the Democratic National Convention Committee, told City Council members Monday.

From heads of state to people who just want to be in Denver on the night the first black man or the first woman becomes a major party's nominee for president, interest around the historic event is growing, she said.

"I think it's going to be exciting for Denver," Daughtry said.

The estimate doesn't include the tens of thousands of protesters who are expected to show up.

The DNCC's working estimate had always been 35,000 attendees, including delegates, media and elected officials, spokeswoman Jenni Engebretsen said.
"Heads of state"--the DNCC is keeping a pretty tight lid on prospective attendees beyond the known media, delegates and superdelegates, and various Democrat groupies.

A hotel crunch
that has already concerned those worried about room allocations now sees an extra 15,000 attendees--all needing housing for the week.

Maybe renting out the house on Craigslist isn't such a bad idea after all . . .

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