April 03, 2008

No Room At The DNC Inn, MSM Threatens Bad Press For Denver

Drunkablog reported Tuesday that the MSM is prepared to deal Denver a black eye in publicity (cow town?) if their accommodations for August's Democratic National Convention don't meet their exacting standards:
Some predict that if journalists get upset about conditions, long commutes or other issues, their woes could contribute to an unwelcomed storyline during Denver's coming-out party on the national stage.

"Reporters are the worst. They're just notoriously self-centered when it comes to their hotel accommodations," said Carl Hulse, veteran correspondent for The New York Times and a member of the Standing Committee of Correspondents.

If there are housing troubles, "It could potentially reflect on Denver's ability to handle such a great event," Hulse said. "If people don't have rooms, they're going to ask the question: 'Should the convention have been here in the first place?'"
Want some cheese with that whine MSM?

Perhaps the aggrieved journalists will join the Recreate '68 mob, to demand better accommodations and an end to oppression . . . oh, nevermind.

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