April 02, 2008

GOP Primary Battle In CO House District 6 In The MSM Spotlight

"Israeli soldiers now are known to be just bombing and killing babies"--Rima Barakat Sinclair, July 2006, in an interview on CBS4

It only took three weeks, but the Rocky Mountain News has finally picked up on the story of Rima Barakat Sinclair, a stealth GOP candidate in state House District 6, who has expressed anti-Israeli views in the past:
A Middle Eastern native running for a state House seat faces a challenge from a blogger who called her "a terror apologist and an avowed enemy of Israel with no credible conservative credentials."

Republican Rima Barakat Sinclair said she has been unfairly labeled because she is a Muslim of Palestinian descent.

"I absolutely deny that," she said, of claims she supports terrorism. "What is behind that? Where is the proof? This is nothing but mudslinging."

Her campaign finance manager, who is Jewish, also dismissed the criticism, but some Republicans are leery.
. . .
Her candidacy so alarmed Republican blogger Joshua Sharf, an orthodox Jew, that he now is collecting signatures to try to get on the ballot to run against her in the August primary.
Leery, indeed.

Jeremy Pelzer at PolitickerCO has the lowdown on Colorado HD-6 Congressional Candidate Mike Coffman's refund of Sinclair's donation to his campaign:
Coffman manager Dustin Zvonek said the campaign will return Sinclair's donation, made in December 2007, after learning of statements Sinclair has made to the media in the past criticizing Israel.
. . .
Zvonek said the Coffman campaign mailed her a $500 refund check within the past few days, explaining, "There were some statements that she made in the past regarding Israel and Palestine and Hamas, and when we learned of her statements we decided that that was something that our campaign did not want to be associated with."
For a more detailed account of Sinclair's views, including a video interview with CBS4 from July, 2006, click here, where you can find this gem--"Israeli soldiers now are known to be just bombing and killing babies."

And if you are so inclined, you can find out how to help Joshua get onto the primary ballot here. His petition campaign has forced the MSM to investigate the story, something that may have been avoided had Sinclair advanced unchallenged as the GOP's candidate to succeed House Speaker Andrew Romanoff (he is term-limited).

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