April 07, 2008

Moonbat Convergence: CU-Boulder's Conference On World Affairs; Live Video Feed Available

**Update 2--live video streaming available from Macky Auditorium and the UMC Center Ballroom:
Macky Audio Only:

Macky1 Audio Only:

UMC Center Ballroom (SkyCam):
UMC Center Ballroom Audio Only:
**Update--M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell:
Mike Farrell -- an actor turned anti-war activist and humanitarian -- will speak on several panels addressing war and violence during his first trip to the University of Colorado's Conference on World Affairs. The 60th annual conference begins today.

"People don't get a full discussionof the issues anymore," Farrell said. "Conferences like this offer an opportunity for them to get in on a different point of view."
There will certainly be a great deal of viewpoints at the conference from being adamantly against the war to zealously opposing it, and all viewpoints in between.
Every spring for the last 60 years, moonbats from around the world have gathered at CU-Boulder's Conference on World Affairs to hold forth on a variety of subjects--from art to science to politics and even philosophy.

This year will be no different, as the following schedule "highlights" reveal. These represent less than a third of the overall schedule, and include some of the most clearly out-in-left-field panels topics and panelists. Even the most innocuous subject matter devolves into some sort of anti-conservative, anti-capitalist, America-bashing diatribe by the panelists themselves--heaped upon by the indoctrinated students (Ward Churchill produced some of the best and the brightest!) and Boulder hippies that comprise the audience, all while maintaining the appearance of intellectual earnestness under the guise of university sanction. This is Recreate 68's target audience, and chief recruiting station for Denver's Democratic National Convention.

Just try saying anything positive about America. Or capitalism. You may just be lucky and escape the room intact. Be prepared for copious name-calling (whenever they don't understand or can't refute your argument) and hissing. Lots of hissing.

So, who'll be attending? Among the most prominent this year, activists Jello Biafra and Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H):
Best known for his eight years on M*A*S*H and five seasons on Providence, Mike Farrell is also a writer, director, producer, and author of a memoir, Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist.

Beyond his prolific work in the entertainment industry, Farrell has traveled the world for the last 25+ years as part of prominent international human rights and peace delegations. Destinations have included El Salvador, Nicaragua, USSR, Paraguay, Chile, Israel, the Occupied Territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Somalia, Kenya, Croatia, Bosnia, Cuba, Rwanda, Zaire, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and Honduras. This work led to his helping establish the Southern California Committee of Human Rights Watch, where he served as co-chair until 2004. His opposition to the war in Iraq resulted in his having co-founded Artists United to Win Without War.

A life-long opponent of the death penalty, Farrell has “seen too many death rows.” President of the board of Death Penalty Focus since 1994, he speaks, debates, writes extensively, and coordinates campaigns for individuals across the country facing execution. He is currently involved in an international effort to establish a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty.
That included convicted murderer, "Tookie" Williams.

Who else will be there?

Columnists from The Guardian. A former U.S. Senator from Colorado, Tim Wirth. And tons of activists. Heck, you can't even get a speaking gig at this event without the word "activist" somewhere in your resume. The only Republicans or conservatives present (CU President Bruce Benson, former Congressman Bob Beauprez) have been allowed to moderate a panel or two. Don't be surprised if they become the focus of the panel's ire, and get trashed in the process.

This is the People's Republic of Boulder, after all.

Here are some highlights to peruse (full list of events by day//full list of speakers):
Monday, April 7:
1102 Bush Legacy: Too Early to Tell, Too Late to Matter
1103 Teste Women: Why We Fear Women in Power
1104 America's Reliance on Immigrant Workers
1105 Privatizing War: Blackwater, et al.
1500A PLENARY The New "New International Economic Order"
1504 College Athlete = Indentured Servants
1601 The Orgy of Corporate Greed
1602 Surviving Contact with Extraterrestrials--[so you too can exact revenge at the end of a movie, Independence Day-style]
1701 RADIO BROADCAST Metro - Cuba After "W" and Raúl
1702 Resistance to America's Cultural Colonization
1703 The Candidates on Iraq: The Silence is Deafening
1802 LIVE BROADCAST Air America The Rachel Maddow Show
1804A PLENARY Keep Your Grubby Mitts Off My Constitution

Tuesday, April 8:
2103 The EU: Dissing American Dominance
2106 Do You Believe in Magic?
2201 The Death Penalty on Trial
2304 Poverty American-Style
2402 Censorship: Who, How & Why
2403 Science: Who's Afraid of the Future
2605 Torture: When the Unthinkable Becomes Acceptable
2606A AL SMITH MEMORIAL PLENARY Exploring Dystopia: Nuclear Holocaust
2701 2008 Election: Don't Screw This Up, America
2702 Exporting Cookie-Cutter Democracy
2706 Waging Peace--[militantly, of course]
2802 Separation of Art and State

Wednesday, April 9:
3000 LIVE BROADCAST A Public Affair - The Obama Phenomenon: A Post-Racist America?
3101 Latin America: Viva Change!--[Guaranteed to be a Che t-shirt, somewhere in the room]
3104 Men, Sex and Power
3105 Republicans: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To
3108 The Impact of the Religious Right
3202 Iraq: We'll Pull Out in Time. Honest.
3203 Mythologizing the Past: FDR, JFK, MLK, Reagan
3303 When Kids Go to Jail
3505 Bench the Eagle: The End of the American Empire
3506 Global Warming Is Eating Up Our Food Supply
3600A PLENARY wwjd (What would Jello do?): Magic Solutions to All the World's Problems
3705 The Real Reasons Iran Is the Next Target
3801 Three Billion Reason$ for Campaign Finance Reform
3805 Bill O'Reilly and Rupert Murdoch Can SoundByte Me
3807 North Korea: Small Place, Big Noise

Thursday, April 10:
4201 Hollywood: Setting or Reflecting American Values--[After yet another failure of an anti-war movie, I'm guessing neither]
4404 Hip Hoppers, Beatboxers and Punk Rockers: A Battle Cry for Social Change
4502 Post-Petroleum Economics
4503 Dude! Where's My Constitution!
4604 Film and the Aesthetics of Brutality
4702 National Service Should Be Mandated--[Bringing back the draft, moonbat style]
4704 Feminism: The New F Word

Friday, April 11:
5102 Energy Conservation is a Waste of Energy
5103 Every Joke Is a Small Revolution
5104 It's the End of the World as We Know It
5105 A Woman's Right to Shoes
5106 Democrats: It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To
5107 Gun Violence: The Madness Affecting America
5201 If the Rest of the World Could Vote for U.S. President...
5303 American Education: A Rising Tide of Mediocrity
5304 Advice for the Next President
5307 Evangelical Atheism
5403 Green Goes Nuclear
5501 Ban Tobacco, Legalize Marijuana
5502 Fundamentalism and World Conflicts--[how much you wanna bet this panel completely ignores Islam, or equates it to rabid Christian fundamentalists?]
5504 Death to Innovation: Patents and Copyrights
5507 Third Party Spoilers
If you've got some time, head up to Boulder for a little "reeducation."

But don't say I didn't warn you.

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