April 11, 2008

Some DNC Plans Revealed At Community Forum; No Overnight Camping To Be Allowed

Drunkablog has a good writeup on last night's community forum held at North High School in Denver, and a review of Recreate '68 frontman Glenn Spagnuolo and Denver Councilman Charlie Brown's appearance on Jon Caldara's Independent Thinking show.

Now for some video from the forum:

The Denver DNC permitting process explained

Denver Police Department on DNC plans, what they will and will not reveal

Denver's policies on DNC overnight camping, and the security perimeter's secrecy

Some Q&A, includes questions about potential removal of campers from Civic Center Park (turn up audio)

More Q&A, on Colorado National Guard involvement and free speech protections

All in all pretty tame, though the city shows no signs of backing down (at least at this point) to the protestors' threats to camp overnight illegally in places like Civic Center Park.

The community outreach was appreciated, even though concrete answers were sometimes difficult to pin down. This was especially true regarding the "security perimeter" around the Pepsi Center which, for obvious reasons, will most likely never be made public (at least in total form).

And no, there weren't any "don't tase me, bro!" moments.

Bonus audio
(via Drunkablog)--from "Colorado Matters" on CPR, Glenn Spagnuolo of Recreate '68 and Katherine Archuleta of the Mayor's office, who reaffirms there will be no overnight camping permitted.

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