April 11, 2008

VP Dick Cheney Visits Grand Junction; Protestors Arrested; Local Media "Blasted"

Vice Presidente Dick Cheney was in Grand Junction for a fundraiser with GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, but that wasn't the real story.

First the moonbats, arrested for blocking the street:

GJ Sentinel has the story:
Around noon two local members of the activist group A Voice of Reason — Mallory Rice, 20, and Jacob Richards, 27 — were arrested by the Grand Junction Police Department for failing to “walk along the roadway as required” during Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to Grand Junction.

The day began for the two on G and 26 roads around 11 a.m.

“Then we moved down to G 1/2 Road and 26 Road and Cheney went by there,” Rice said. “We were just chanting, all of us were yelling, holding signs.”

The chants from the crowd as he passed included: “Hey-ho, Dick Cheney’s got to go!”; “U.S. out of the Middle East!”; “No justice, no peace!”; and “Jail Dick Cheney!”

From their vantage point they could see Lynne Cheney, Dick’s wife, waving politely and smiling. People across the street told Rice that the vice president was “smirking.”

“People put their red paint on their hands especially when Dick Cheney drove by,” Richards said. “There was a good crowd out there at G 1/2 and 26 — probably about 70 people.”

After the limousine passed Rice and Richards, and a band of others marched down to Beaver Lodge Lane, the street on which Cheney was attending a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.

Rice and Richards sat down in the middle of the street with a peace sign.

After being moved to the side by police officers they attempted to resume their spot in the middle of the road, still shouting when police blocked their path.
The local children, on the other hand, enjoyed seeing the Vice President, even if only for a moment:

Local media has a "blast" as VP Cheney's plane departs (note to media, get out of the way!):

Colorado Confidential has a profile of the protestors.

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