April 14, 2008

"Brown Pride" Vandals Hit Denver Suburb, Local MSM Silent

**Malkin-lanche--thanks Michelle! Here is another local MSM nugget for you--9NEWS, within the span of just 7 hours covering the same State Climatologist's estimate for flooding concerns, declares that the flooding risk in Colorado has been both reduced (first story) and raised (second story). Also, if you're interested in the moonbats at the Democratic National Convention, click on the DNC archival link above for extensive coverage . . .
Not completely silent, actually. More like another case of the MSM "disappearing" an inconvenient story.

Normally a picture of vandalism like the following--on three homes, a mailbox, a dumpster and 15 vehicles hit with spray paint--elicits some explanation or speculation--even a mention of the nature of the tagging:

--but nothing appears in either report from the Denver Post, who after first publishing a blurb with two accompanying photos, released a second picture-less story (here, with screencaps):

and here:

So why the disappearing pictures in the follow-up, DP? Commenters had already begun to ask why there was no mention of the nature of the tagging in the story, a completely legitimate question.

CBS4's story and video were similarly silent on the nature of the tags, and through careful editing (or manipulation) of their video report managed to obscure what was written (video on right hand side):
Vandals spray painted more than a dozen cars and a few homes in the Smoky Hill area of Centennial over the weekend, Arapahoe County sheriff's deputies said.

"I got up and saw all of this and everything because it was pretty much just almost all the way around the car," said Jordan Egelston, one victim.

Fifteen cars, three houses and a few mailboxes were hit by taggers. Victims spent much of their Sunday cleaning up the mess.

Investigators said they aren't sure who is responsible for the destruction.

"It could be gang related potentially it could also just be juveniles out in the neighborhood causing vandalism in general," said Lt. Kevin Heaton of the sheriff's office.

Heaton said investigators didn't have any good leads.

"I hope they get caught and everything because it's just dumb what they did," said Alex Oglesby, another victim of the vandals.
Here is a screencap of the partially obscured word "brown"--clearly visible in totality in the first picture at the top of this post:

Elsewhere can be seen the repeated "BP" ("Brown Pride") and unknown (at least to me) "BK". If these were, as the police speculated, merely gang or cretin-related, why omit the wording of the tagging? In other words, if "White Pride" or anti-Semitic symbols had been spraypainted over quite a large swath of property (remember, just one word at a university has the moonbats up in a rage), would the local MSM have conveniently ignored this fact?

Maybe it was a bunch of stupid kids. Or gang-related (focusing more on the gang name or culture than ethnic pride). But the silence on the messages contained in the overnight trashing of private property is both revealing and completely unsurprising.

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