November 30, 2005

Mile High Moonbats Protest Bush

President Bush was in Denver yesterday to promote Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave at a fundraiser and was greeted with only a handful of protesters (only 500 in a city the size of Denver?). Their attempt to block the press bus was accompanied by what appears to be the Left's only argument, the middle finger. The Political Teen has great video of their pathetic efforts.

Apparently the protesters decided to accompany their intelligent debating skills with music from such renowned groups as "the self-styled 'Jamestown Anti-Fascist Marching Band'" and even managed some culinary acoustic delights with kitchen utensils like the "sound of a spatula striking a wok cover." When not engaged in meaningless musical mischief, the protesters employed their facility with street puppets, including Bush as Pinocchio (We must give them credit, as they desire to change America so much they have committed to raising awareness through papier mache!)

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November 26, 2005

Freakin' Freegans!

More Marxist Moonbattery:
"The freegan philosophy of “ethical eating” argues that capitalism and mass production exploit workers, animals and the environment."

The London Times reports that:

"anti-capitalist freegans — the name combines “free” and “vegan” — are so appalled by the waste of the consumer society that they try to live on the leftovers, scavenging for food in supermarket dustbins."

Now there's a mouthful!
Instead of being thankful for the plenty that our great economic system provides--not only to us but to the rest of the world who rides on our economic coattails--"freegans" deplore US consumption and waste. They encourage more Americans to join their pursuits, of dumpster diving for last years' hottest fashions and foraging for gourmet leftovers.
"“It’s fun. It’s a thrill. It’s more fun and more satisfying than just going to the store and saying, ‘I wanted some bread and I got it’. It’s the surprise — and the prize,” said Janet Kalish, a New York high school teacher who describes herself as “60 per cent freegan”."

Yuck! These people do nothing more than add to their image as "dirty" hippies, and give new meaning to the expression: You are what you eat. And they are used to garbage; just take a look at their Marxist roots and the current feast provided by the likes of Michael Moore and Al Franken.

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Christmas Back in Denver Parade of Lights

From the Rocky Mountain News:

"But if commercialism isn’t your idea of Christmas, the parade this year is also offering a Christian-themed float and a choir of carolers.

Last year, parade officials were criticized by everyone from Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to the local Christian community for not allowing a Christian-themed float in the parade. At the time, parade officials said it was an attempt to avoid overtly religious themes and keep it strictly a secular affair.

This year, there’s a new image for the parade.

Shortly after last year’s event, parade officials and Faith Bible Chapel Pastor George Morrison worked out a three-year commitment to allow for a Christian-themed float and a choir."

The only right thing to do in this situation. Facing mounting pressure and threats of an atheist float declaring "there are no gods, no angels, no devils," after last year's parade, the parade officials conceded and gave the go-ahead for the Christian-themed float.

It is sad that Christians must petition for inclusion, let alone negotiate a temporary 3-year commitment to include a Christmas float in a holiday parade. We shall keep our eyes on what we hope is a smooth two-night event next weekend.

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November 25, 2005

Like the Stone Monument, Sheehan's Policy Weak and Porous

Cindy Sheehan has been immortalized in stone in a monument erected at the Crawford "Peace" House on Friday. "Why?" the stone asks? Exactly. That the type of material chosen, sandstone, is itself a weak rock, seems all the more appropriate for a commemoration of such a risible demonstration.

We wish that Sheehan would take the advice she wears on her T-Shirt and end this leftist charade. Last week, a House resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops ended in a 403-3 defeat. Not much support for such a radical cut and run policy!

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November 22, 2005

Earth to Celebrities...We Don't Care!


First, PETA's annual argument against that tasty bird that awaits El Presidente and his family on Thursday. Based of fear (bird flu) and the outlandish assertion that Thanksgiving is essentially feasting on a corpse, PETA also throws in the usual "cruelty" to animals and turkeys are "intelligent" canards. Hollywood flavor-of-the-week Joaquin Phoenix stars in his own mini-diatribe against our traditional turkey treat.

We don't care.

What we do care about is targeting children with literature that instills fear, as in the "Your Daddy Kills Animals" pro-vegetarian propaganda.

These are not appeals to reason, though PETA offers its own version of "facts" that support their conclusions. The arguments provided are both base and banal. You don't want to eat turkey? Fine! More for El Presidente.

On the same note, Hollywood liberal types gathered in Las Vegas--after trekking for days or riding their bicycles--(just kidding) flying in on their private chartered jets burning copious amounts of fuel to carp about global warming and guilt we lesser humans about our consumption. Ben Stiller, Ray Romano, Robin Williams and the predictable Bill Maher, Al Franken, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Lovely. Nice choice of venue, as Las Vegas could quite possibly be the most extreme example of excess consumption (sprawl, energy, alcohol, disposable income, women), or did they miss this irony?

Celebridiots believe that their token gesture--three minutes of comedy and a plug for the "environment" is a gesture--will cause millions of Americans to impose immediate cessation of consumption and reevaluate their lives. BULLSHIITE! Asides from the fact that Global Warming is presented as both significant (there is much debate) and caused primarily by humans (still much debate), this sad attempt to manipulate Americans minds falls woefully short and unsurprisingly empty. Gestures, street theater, posters and chants that begin "Hey Hey, Ho Ho" have not changed the world. They only provide material for the MSM, and "evidence" to the Moonbats crazy enough to believe it.

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November 20, 2005

"Mean Jean"? Nope, Just the Truth

The MSM's vilification assault on Representative Jean Schmidt, an Ohio Republican, began with the smear that "vintage Jean Schmidt" had levelled the accusation of cowardice at Democratic Representative and former Marine John Murtha. Labelling the newest House member "Mean Jean" and quoting an Ohio "newsletter":

"We have said innumerable times that she would go to Washington and open her mouth and create an embarrassment," said Jim Schifrin, the newsletter's publisher. "She will say things that turn people off like nothing you've ever seen."

Turn people off? This is the type of statement that can rally support to the War on Terror, buck up the increasingly weak-kneed Republicans, and yes, provides a jingoistic but accurate assessment of the sentiments of the troops in the field. El Presidente's father, a former Marine himself, agrees with the statement. Better to complete the task at hand rather than retreat and possibly have to refight the battle at a later time.

Was Rep. Schmidt attacking Rep. Murtha? Perhaps only in the most oblique manner. It was perhaps akin to calling a duck a duck, and the duck prostesteth too much. Democratic calls for immediate withdrawal, defeated 403-3, amounts to cutting and running, and that is precisely what the Marine's message was intended to criticize.

El Presidente believes that previous military experience may give a specialized perspective, but does not privilege the sentiments or make them holy writ. John Kerry's veteran status did not preclude any other non-serving American from offering their own perspective. If the logic of this notion were carried to its fullest (that only military veterans could truly offer insight or correct moral judgment in times of war) then the only ones speaking would be veterans, and those veterans, in fact the vast majority, would side with Republicans, and in a non-partisan manner, with the sentiments expressed by Colonel Danny Bubp. This would be something the Democrats could never support.

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Hugo Chavez: ¡Livin' La Vida Loca!

You can't make this stuff up:

"Wearing a broad-rimmed sombrero, Chavez sang Mexican ballads with a mariachi band before thousands of his supporters at the end of a march to back him days after Venezuela and Mexico withdrew their ambassadors in a diplomatic standoff."

After calling Mexican President Vicente Fox a "lap dog" to President Bush's "empire" Chavez, ignoring that he himself is Cuban ("Coobah") relic--er--dictator Fidel Castro's protégé, called for continuing his "revolution for the poor. . .an alternative to U.S. capitalist policies" subsidized entirely by a lake of oil floating beneath his country. Socialism can only be supported by exploiting natural resources, the poor, and the naïve (Ivory Tower professors and leftist activists). Unfortunately our dependence on foreign oil, and the approximately 15% from Venezuela, will not be diminished any time soon, with the spineless Republican retreat from drilling in ANWR.

Oh well, at least we can't help but laugh at Chavez making a fool of himself without the assistance of Photoshop.

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November 19, 2005

Sad But True. . .Moonbattery in the University

Our first Weekend Humor post comes from Right Wing Nation. Here is an excerpt:

Nearly everyone now knows that academics are mostly leftists. What they don’t know is how nutty many of them are—and I intend to correct that.
Everything here is true. The names have been changed to protect the stupid.
Marta is a UACJOB (University-Affiliated Creature with Jell-O for Brains, pronounced “wackjob”). Marta is in her fifties, about 5’3”, between 200 and 250 pounds, and believes that it is her feminist duty to fight oppression (looskism, you know, or would that be sizeism?) by wearing spandex to work. As little spandex as she can wear without breaking the law.


Republicans Regain Backbone, Cut-and-Runners Defeated 403-3

See how they voted here.

Even the squishy libs in El Presidente's state of Colorado voted Nay!


Runnin' O' the Bulls, MSM Out To Lunch

Our favorite people in the MSM, lacking the wherewithal and honesty to actually report positive economic news that might: a) give Bush any kind of lift, b) demonstrate that preemptive calls to surrender to a "failing" economy (the "Chicken Little" School of Economics) are groundless, c) lessens the validity of arguing that Hurricane Katrina was a "devastating" factor in the economy, and d) show that the "costs" (economic at least) of Iraq can be supported without resorting to drastic increases in taxation (that comes from the increased revenue from a vibrant economy).

In last year's election, the Democrats pounded President Bush on his failed record to revive the economy from its precipitous decline after the Tech bubble burst and 9/11--a decline that started in March 2000, under Clinton. Contrary to their most deeply held desires, the economy has rebounded, unemployment has dropped, inflation has not gotten out of control, the dollar is up a bit from record lows, and the indices are all at least at 8 month highs (over 4 year highs for NASDAQ and S&P).

See for yourself what the MSM begrudgingly reports, but does not actually call to anyone's attention.

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November 17, 2005

Did Bush Lie?

Just do it.

Posted by Bryan Preston at


Combatting Animal/Environmental Eco-Terrorists

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ostensibly extends the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, to include threatening violent reprisals against companies that do business with any company that uses animals in its research.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the 60 Minutes story here. Video by The Political Teen.

It is not unexpected or unsurprising that the majority of the MSM, with the exception of the 60 Minutes piece and a few small articles elsewhere, does not pick up this story. Arson in Vail in 1998, the destruction of apartments in San Diego, the torching of SUVs across the country, and other assorted acts of destruction are all treated as "isolated" by the MSM and "non-violent" by the ALF and ELF fanatical terrorist cells. Kooky doctors like Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon and board member of the Animal Defense League, advocate the use of "whatever means necessary" including violence against other human beings, while not supporting it personally.

Moonbats such as these continue to garner support from other leftist wackos who practice a more "benign" form of animal advocacy in groups like PETA. They maintain the line of not carrying out the violence, but supporting the thought behind it. Just like Islamic terrorists, moral, financial, and intellectual support is akin to carrying out the actions yourself. If you do not oppose beheadings, homicide bombings, and the destruction of private property, then you are just as guilty as those who make the headlines. Qui tacet consentire, Latin for "silence" gives consent," easily and rightly applies here.

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November 16, 2005

Democratic Flip-Floppers Exposed

View the video at here.

Madeleine Albright said it. Bill Clinton said it. Howard Dean said it. Nancy Pelosi. Jay Rockefeller. Joe Biden. Harry Reid. Hillary Clinton. John Edwards. Iraq posed a threat. Now they want to engage in some disingenuous "misleading" of their own.

Michelle Malkin has as excerpt of the text of the speech President Bush delivered in Anchorage, Alaska.


A Pox on Polls

Brian Maloney, guest-blogging for Michelle Malkin, believes that conservatives have no reason to despair:
"1) Republican fundraising is clobbering parallel opposition efforts. Howard Dean isn't just a loose cannon for the Dems, he's also proving to be surprisingly lousy at rounding up the dough. If things are so great for the left, why aren't they contributing?
2) If in hindsight, this does prove to be a Bush presidency low point, I'd rather have it in 2005 than during midterm elections next year. Already, his new offensive push makes him look stronger and that's got to provide a subsequent public sentiment boost.
3) Whether they're moving Bush's way or not, I ignore meaningless polls. I hope you do, as well."

So do we.

We would also add that since 9/11, all successful terrorist activity has been forced overseas, and in particular, the Middle East. These wackos are forced to fight on their own turf, or in areas less well prepared to intercede or, in the case of Spain, to counter-attack. We deplore these violent acts, and we applaud the several successful interruptions of terrorist plans on our own turf. That in itself should be counted as a demonstration of the current administration's achievements.


ACLU sues Georgia over Bible Tax exemption

Aimed at "ending discrimination against religious faiths outside the mainstream and extending the tax break to all publications that deal with issues of good and evil, right and wrong" the ACLU in Georgia has argued that a law making "Holy Scriptures" tax exempt should be extended.

We would rather make Bibles taxable than extending sales tax exempt status to every nutcase's idea of holy writ. Unfortunately the logical possibilities to this are endless. Since most human literature deals with these subjects in some form, nearly every publication would become tax exempt. We are surprised it took the ACLU this long to "discover" insidious "religious" laws in the State of Georgia that violate that "wall of separation" they so truly prize. Tax exempt status for churches must be next on the list.

See also Stop The ACLU and The Political Teen.


November 15, 2005

Play Soccer, Hell Awaits. . .

Do not drink water! Do not follow the heretics! Also do not breathe air! And of course no thinking on your own! You are acting like the heretics, the polytheists, the corrupted and the disobedient! Obey this fatwa! End every sentence with an exclamation!
Saudi Rules Soccer, now on ArabiaSPN:


In Michael Newdow We Trust?

Michael Newdow, the eternally afflicted Californian leading his co-religionists (Atheism is a religion?!?!?) in a crusade against the Pledge of Allegiance, has now turned his profligate attention to US coins and currency. Apparently the motto "In God We Trust" is offensive and should be removed as well. Of course, the 9th circus will take the ball and run with this.


November 14, 2005

What's in a name?

The NCAA, as the final arbiter of bad judgment and PC conformity in college athletics, has in its infinite wisdom decreed from on high that "Chief Illiniwek remains a 'hostile and abusive' image of American Indians" and is hereby stricken from use in postseason play.

So let it be written. So let it be done.


Is the tide turning?

"Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!"

We can only hope that the Jordanians that turned out last week to protest the al-Qaeda linked bombings in Amman are a sign of things to come, rather than a temporary halt to the status quo so often observed in the Muslim world. If only the "Arab street" would be so moved to action when the victims are not predominantly Muslims themselves. . .rather than the "heathens" they hoped to attack.

Having a blast in Jordan


Here kitty, kitty

Sacre bleu!

Saw this a couple weeks ago, and with the recent riots in Paris, we had to find the story again. We guess you could say it just wanted to join the other pussies already in France. . .


Off and running. . .

From time to time we shall be posting new political propaganda (just old WWI, WWII, and Cold War posters, updated for our post-9/11 situation) from our friends at Dark Side Conservatives.