November 26, 2005

Christmas Back in Denver Parade of Lights

From the Rocky Mountain News:

"But if commercialism isn’t your idea of Christmas, the parade this year is also offering a Christian-themed float and a choir of carolers.

Last year, parade officials were criticized by everyone from Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to the local Christian community for not allowing a Christian-themed float in the parade. At the time, parade officials said it was an attempt to avoid overtly religious themes and keep it strictly a secular affair.

This year, there’s a new image for the parade.

Shortly after last year’s event, parade officials and Faith Bible Chapel Pastor George Morrison worked out a three-year commitment to allow for a Christian-themed float and a choir."

The only right thing to do in this situation. Facing mounting pressure and threats of an atheist float declaring "there are no gods, no angels, no devils," after last year's parade, the parade officials conceded and gave the go-ahead for the Christian-themed float.

It is sad that Christians must petition for inclusion, let alone negotiate a temporary 3-year commitment to include a Christmas float in a holiday parade. We shall keep our eyes on what we hope is a smooth two-night event next weekend.

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Blogger loboinok said...

This is somewhat good news! this is one of many stories I followed last year.
Christians are not going to give up Christmas and Easter.

Sat Nov 26, 11:45:00 PM  

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