November 22, 2005

Earth to Celebrities...We Don't Care!


First, PETA's annual argument against that tasty bird that awaits El Presidente and his family on Thursday. Based of fear (bird flu) and the outlandish assertion that Thanksgiving is essentially feasting on a corpse, PETA also throws in the usual "cruelty" to animals and turkeys are "intelligent" canards. Hollywood flavor-of-the-week Joaquin Phoenix stars in his own mini-diatribe against our traditional turkey treat.

We don't care.

What we do care about is targeting children with literature that instills fear, as in the "Your Daddy Kills Animals" pro-vegetarian propaganda.

These are not appeals to reason, though PETA offers its own version of "facts" that support their conclusions. The arguments provided are both base and banal. You don't want to eat turkey? Fine! More for El Presidente.

On the same note, Hollywood liberal types gathered in Las Vegas--after trekking for days or riding their bicycles--(just kidding) flying in on their private chartered jets burning copious amounts of fuel to carp about global warming and guilt we lesser humans about our consumption. Ben Stiller, Ray Romano, Robin Williams and the predictable Bill Maher, Al Franken, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Lovely. Nice choice of venue, as Las Vegas could quite possibly be the most extreme example of excess consumption (sprawl, energy, alcohol, disposable income, women), or did they miss this irony?

Celebridiots believe that their token gesture--three minutes of comedy and a plug for the "environment" is a gesture--will cause millions of Americans to impose immediate cessation of consumption and reevaluate their lives. BULLSHIITE! Asides from the fact that Global Warming is presented as both significant (there is much debate) and caused primarily by humans (still much debate), this sad attempt to manipulate Americans minds falls woefully short and unsurprisingly empty. Gestures, street theater, posters and chants that begin "Hey Hey, Ho Ho" have not changed the world. They only provide material for the MSM, and "evidence" to the Moonbats crazy enough to believe it.

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Blogger Republican Princess said...

When it comes to Joaquin Phoenix and other tofurky-munching granola farts, the only bird I'm going to honor is the hand gesture.

Mr. Phoenix, I salute you.

Fri Nov 25, 12:59:00 AM  
Blogger Republican Princess said...

I'm kidding, I wouldn't actually flip him off. I support him in his choice not to eat meat, but this ad has failed to convert me.

Thu Dec 01, 01:03:00 AM  

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