November 16, 2005

A Pox on Polls

Brian Maloney, guest-blogging for Michelle Malkin, believes that conservatives have no reason to despair:
"1) Republican fundraising is clobbering parallel opposition efforts. Howard Dean isn't just a loose cannon for the Dems, he's also proving to be surprisingly lousy at rounding up the dough. If things are so great for the left, why aren't they contributing?
2) If in hindsight, this does prove to be a Bush presidency low point, I'd rather have it in 2005 than during midterm elections next year. Already, his new offensive push makes him look stronger and that's got to provide a subsequent public sentiment boost.
3) Whether they're moving Bush's way or not, I ignore meaningless polls. I hope you do, as well."

So do we.

We would also add that since 9/11, all successful terrorist activity has been forced overseas, and in particular, the Middle East. These wackos are forced to fight on their own turf, or in areas less well prepared to intercede or, in the case of Spain, to counter-attack. We deplore these violent acts, and we applaud the several successful interruptions of terrorist plans on our own turf. That in itself should be counted as a demonstration of the current administration's achievements.


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