November 16, 2005

ACLU sues Georgia over Bible Tax exemption

Aimed at "ending discrimination against religious faiths outside the mainstream and extending the tax break to all publications that deal with issues of good and evil, right and wrong" the ACLU in Georgia has argued that a law making "Holy Scriptures" tax exempt should be extended.

We would rather make Bibles taxable than extending sales tax exempt status to every nutcase's idea of holy writ. Unfortunately the logical possibilities to this are endless. Since most human literature deals with these subjects in some form, nearly every publication would become tax exempt. We are surprised it took the ACLU this long to "discover" insidious "religious" laws in the State of Georgia that violate that "wall of separation" they so truly prize. Tax exempt status for churches must be next on the list.

See also Stop The ACLU and The Political Teen.


Anonymous JazzMan said...

Hello. You say to be extending freedom, but you are only tightening your bondage and slavery. You say to be decreasing the favoritism towards Christianity, but all you're doing is trying to bring down something which has existed for so much more than one generation. You will never see the end of Christian superiority in your life. The moment you feel that you have broken all the legs of Christianity in this society that yearns for public approval you will notice one thing: Christ never intended His Church/Body to be accepted by people who have nothing better to do other than disagree. When you see your social achievements, then you will notice that God is cannot be harmed. You nor I can make attacks on what He wants. Continue your futile attempts at the Church of God, you will only get deeper into a war that God has allowed. Thank you for being an example of the people who demand tolerance, yet don't tolerate others attempts to make the world a better place. You demand to be left alone, but all you do is make attacks at those who try to lead a holy life. None of us are perfect and we all have problems. I'm just glad I could share with someone, hope you can listen.

-Feel free to respond-

Tue Nov 21, 05:49:00 PM  

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