November 17, 2005

Combatting Animal/Environmental Eco-Terrorists

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ostensibly extends the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, to include threatening violent reprisals against companies that do business with any company that uses animals in its research.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the 60 Minutes story here. Video by The Political Teen.

It is not unexpected or unsurprising that the majority of the MSM, with the exception of the 60 Minutes piece and a few small articles elsewhere, does not pick up this story. Arson in Vail in 1998, the destruction of apartments in San Diego, the torching of SUVs across the country, and other assorted acts of destruction are all treated as "isolated" by the MSM and "non-violent" by the ALF and ELF fanatical terrorist cells. Kooky doctors like Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon and board member of the Animal Defense League, advocate the use of "whatever means necessary" including violence against other human beings, while not supporting it personally.

Moonbats such as these continue to garner support from other leftist wackos who practice a more "benign" form of animal advocacy in groups like PETA. They maintain the line of not carrying out the violence, but supporting the thought behind it. Just like Islamic terrorists, moral, financial, and intellectual support is akin to carrying out the actions yourself. If you do not oppose beheadings, homicide bombings, and the destruction of private property, then you are just as guilty as those who make the headlines. Qui tacet consentire, Latin for "silence" gives consent," easily and rightly applies here.

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