November 19, 2005

Runnin' O' the Bulls, MSM Out To Lunch

Our favorite people in the MSM, lacking the wherewithal and honesty to actually report positive economic news that might: a) give Bush any kind of lift, b) demonstrate that preemptive calls to surrender to a "failing" economy (the "Chicken Little" School of Economics) are groundless, c) lessens the validity of arguing that Hurricane Katrina was a "devastating" factor in the economy, and d) show that the "costs" (economic at least) of Iraq can be supported without resorting to drastic increases in taxation (that comes from the increased revenue from a vibrant economy).

In last year's election, the Democrats pounded President Bush on his failed record to revive the economy from its precipitous decline after the Tech bubble burst and 9/11--a decline that started in March 2000, under Clinton. Contrary to their most deeply held desires, the economy has rebounded, unemployment has dropped, inflation has not gotten out of control, the dollar is up a bit from record lows, and the indices are all at least at 8 month highs (over 4 year highs for NASDAQ and S&P).

See for yourself what the MSM begrudgingly reports, but does not actually call to anyone's attention.

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