December 29, 2005

Mass Graves, Mass Inaction

Via Cox & Forkum.

Great stuff. But imagine, for a moment's sake, they had replaced "Mr. President" with "Mein Fuhrer" or "Chairman Mao" or "Uncle Joe" and replaced Saddam with the respective dictator/murderer? Unthinkable? Not for the anti-America crowd.


Muslims Rape Western Women, Father Kills Daughters

Sharon Lapkin's revealing and sickeningly illuminating article on a different background to the recent Aussie "riots":

In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime in motion being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.

When a number of teenage Australian girls were subjected to hours of sexual degradation during a spate of gang rapes in Sydney that occurred between 1998 and 2002, the perpetrators of these assaults framed their rationale in ethnic terms. The young victims were informed that they were “sluts” and “Aussie pigs” while they were being hunted down and abused.

Apparently this did not make it into the coverage of the recent unrest as it might be too "provocative." Indeed, Lapkin says, mentioning the subject only threatens the messenger:
This phenomenon of Islamic sexual violence against women should be treated as the urgent, violent, repressive epidemic it is. Instead, journalists, academics, and politicians ignore it, rationalize it, or ostracize those who dare discuss it.

Where is the feminist outrage? Apparently lefty multi-culti trendiness (along with a desire not to get blown up) outweighs "solidarity" with their fellow female human beings. "Cover your heads, be subservient, or we shall rape you!" Ahh, more words of comfort and tolerance from the "religion of peace."

And if that isn't enough, "honor" killing seems to be still in vogue in Pakistan. (Via Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)


The Truth About Kwanzaa

Questions about Kwanzaa? (Like, what the heck is it?) Check these out:

La Shawn Barber deconstructs Kwanzaa with commentary.

Mary Katherine Ham delivers an incisive and revealing exploration about the "holiday" after having to write a column about it.

Ann Coulter demolishes what is left.


December 26, 2005

Anti-Americanism, North Korea Style

From the venerable (circulation and reputation disaster) LA Times:
SEOUL — Watching foreign movies clouds the mental and ideological health of the people.

Foreign hairstyles and clothing are signs of the "utterly rotten bourgeois lifestyle."

Shaking hands should be avoided in favor of bowing, as it is more hygienic and a part of the national culture.

It might sound like a cross between Miss Manners and a political screed, but this is the advice recently crafted by North Korea's ruling Workers' Party for indoctrination lectures at factories, collective farms and other workplaces.

Ah, the wonderful socialist paradise that is Kim Jong Il's North Korea. Like the French, North Korea's hatred of America gives political capital:
The documents also underscore the extent to which anti-Americanism gives meaning to the country and its people. More than 50 years after the end of the Korean War, the United States is blamed for all of North Korea's woes, from food shortages to the infiltration of foreign culture.

"The bastards' indecent methods are clouding the mental and ideological health of the people," warns one lecture. "If we cannot stop them in time, we will be in the same position as the Iraqis."

Yes, they would be in the same position as Iraqis. Firstly, they would be free of a tyrannical dictator and an overtly oppressive regime (just check out any video of the goose-stepping morons parading in front of Li'l Kim or these children searching for food in the land of Dear Leader). Secondly, they would have free elections. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, they could finally enjoy the creature comforts of the Western world, including Starbucks and Wal-Mart, just like their Chi-Com neighbors (they aren't really Commies in the big "C" sense anymore).

The advice parallels a 2004 campaign on the North Korean Central Broadcasting Network warning men not to let their hair grow longer than 2 inches, although older men were permitted an extra four-fifths of an inch for comb-overs.

The TV station warned that collar-length hair on men depleted the brain of oxygen and did not conform to "socialist style."

The only thing depriving the men and women of North Korea of oxygen is the "socialist style" of living that has been crammed so completely down their throats.


ELF Terrorists Not Too Bright

Chelsea Gerlach, ELF genius.

Apparently, and here's the evidence:

Even as the Earth Liberation Front - a shadowy group of eco-terrorists that took credit for the Vail fires of 1998 - has eluded authorities for years, newly released evidence suggests some of the group's efforts have been plagued by almost slapstick gaffes.

In one case, members driving on a mission to burn down a federal research facility in western Washington stopped along the way to shoplift some needed supplies from a big box hardware store. The plan was interrupted when one of the members was arrested for stealing sponges and a flashlight.

For good measure, they disguised their activities in the following way:
The affidavit also reveals the members frequently used code words, both for themselves and for equipment. Some members were referred to as geographical areas, such as "India" or "Seattle." Rodgers, a suspect allegedly tied to the Vail arsons, went by "Avalon." Timing devices were referred to as can openers, shot glasses or burgers.

Rather than an ideologically committed band of earth-friendly do-gooders, these people really amount to nothing more than disgruntled anarchists with too much time on their hands. If they were so ecologically minded, they would have walked instead of driving to their intended targets. As with all humans-are-evil idiots, they succeeded only in damaging property (that in the Vail case was eventually rebuilt anyway) and undermining the efforts of the so-called mainstream environmentals, who tend to get lumped in--deservedly so--with these jackasses. Well done!


Notable Quotables 2005

Via Drudge:

The 18th Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting from the Media Research Center.

Serious liberals making serious fools of themselves.


Radio Station Changes Format, Racism Afoot

HT--Tongue Tied

Racism found in Denver:

(CBS4) DENVER A Denver radio station's switch from R&B to country is drawing criticism from a Denver city councilwoman.

KDJM's "Jammin" made the switch this week. The station fired its 7-member on-air staff and management.

On Tuesday afternoon, city councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth went to CBS Radio of Denver to voice concerns.

"I'm not really comfortable (with the situation), but I think that the bigger picture is how we move forward and how we work with this station in the future," said Wedgeworth, who said she's concerned about the "constituencies that have lost their station."

Constituencies? No, dear friends, radio and other media outlets do not have constituencies, they have markets, or in this case, market shares. Call them the listening public, subscribers(if they pay), or simply fans. This constitutes the extent to which the parent company has an obligation; in other words, they promote a brand--in this case a particular genre of music, and the public is free to tune in at will. As is the case sometimes, an audience simply does not exist to support a particular offering, and the company, which has an evil obligation to--GOD FORBID--make money, makes a decision to switch to another format, more likely to draw listeners, better ratings, and an increase in revenue from advertising sales. This is called basic market economics, and the law of supply and demand. There was no demand, so the company decided to change what they supplied.

Very simple.

Alas, no. Racism must be at the very source of this malignant capitalist move. How dare CBS (or any corporate entity for that matter) change so capriciously the format of their own radio station! Arbitron is really a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy bent on making every station a country music outlet. That would definitely explain the increase in Spanish-language offerings in the Denver area in recent years. This councilwoman has more real issues to deal with than pulling out the race canard whenever a hip-hop/R&B/rap outlet disappears in favor of country. Geesh!


December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas 12-25-05

Alas the day is upon us, so this will be the final Nativity post. Merry Christmas to all!


Christmas Under Fire

Everyone--except liberals in denial--accept that there has been a general movement toward increasing secularization of the Christmas season, choosing "holidays" over Christmas and other "inclusive" nonsense. Deroy Murdock has the correct and succinct response:
The idea that Christmas is offensive offends me.

I say this not as a Bible-waving Religious Right-winger, but as a socially relaxed libertarian whose last wisps of faith evaporated in college while studying the Holocaust. (I never could wedge the phrases "loving God" and "gas chamber" into the same sentence.) Even as a non-believer, I resent the relentless drive to convert Christmas into "Holiday" and pretend that all those beautifully decorated trees are really Hanukkah bushes, Kwanzaa shrubs, or Solstice topiaries.

He continues:
Americans who busy themselves bleaching Christmas into "Holiday" are the same folks who otherwise preach tolerance and celebrate diversity. Well, how about tolerating those of us, Christians and otherwise, who advance diversity by observing Christmas, just as other Americans mark Hanukkah and assorted occasions this season? "Holiday" does not recognize these separate practices; it swirls them in a conformist blender. The meaningless puree that emerges satisfies no one. Christmas is a cultural expression as well as a religious one. It should be preserved as such.

We earnestly agree.
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December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas 12-24-05


December 23, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-23-05

Anyone else think that the guy paying homage to the infant Jesus looks a little like Robin Williams?


December 22, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-22-05


December 21, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-21-05


December 20, 2005

Bush and Blair as Cow? Madame Tussaud's London

Hmmm. (There is no hard link to the video, but this is the frame used as a thumbnail, and the video is funny.)

Not sure what to make of this, other than it is a pathetic attempt at humor by liberals (liberals are notoriously bad at attempting humor). Why a cow? Certainly a donkey or some other animal would have provided more yuks for the overcharged tourists eager to drop nearly $40 to see varyingly successful wax recreations of the famous and infamous. (Not to give them any suggestions.)

What is the purpose of making a political statement regarding current events at a wax museum? Is Madame Tussaud's an agenda-driven propaganda arm of the vast left-wing conspiracy? It is ironic that the impetus for the museum, Madame T's casts of the death masks of the the French Royal Family and victims of the Terror came as the result of the extremely liberal French Revolution. Instead of dressing Bush and Blair in a cow costume, they could put a display of dictators removed from power (Saddam Hussein) or Iraqi voters extending their purple fingers in celebrating democracy. That would probably offend the PC-mentality of the British willing to appease the Muslim minority currently dhimmifying their country.


Daily Nativity 12-20-05


December 19, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-19-05


December 17, 2005

Tick Off The ACLU--WEEKEND NATIVITY 12-17/12-18-05

From now until Christmas, enjoy images of the NATIVITY (AND ADORATION) from Slapstick Politics. . .Merry Christmas!

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December 16, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-16-05


December 15, 2005

Iraqis Give Doubters The Finger

Or listen to what this Iraqi voter had to say about the United States and President Bush. (Video courtesy of The Political Teen)


Eco-Terrorist A Suspect In Vail Fire

After seven years, a potential suspect in the Vail fires--costing $12 million--has finally been named. Chelsea Gerlach, a suspect in numerous other acts of terrorism, has ties to Earth and Animal Liberation Front organizations.


Daily Nativity 12-15-05


December 14, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-14-05


December 13, 2005

Denver's City and County Building

Do not adjust your monitors!

These are, in fact, authentic photos of the Denver City and County building, complete with wishes for a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and yes, a NATIVITY! (and even a bit of the assorted "holiday" symbolism--Santa Claus, elves, snowmen, etc. necessary for government compliance)

Last year, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper nearly caved in to anti-religious, PC-mentality:
Denver became a front in the 2004 Christmas wars not just over the parade. Mayor John Hickenlooper was recast as a Scrooge for suggesting the "Merry Christmas" lights on the City and County Building, which he mistakenly thought needed replacement, should be swapped out for the inclusive "Happy Holidays." The idea was shelved after a public outcry, unlikely to be revisited anytime soon.
Luckily for those of us in the Mile High City, Christmas will not be taking a holiday this year!


Daily Nativity 12-13-05


December 12, 2005

Daily Nativity 12-12-05


Does This Offend You?

Compare this (before):

To this (after):

Why you ask?

In Bellevue, WA apparently neither "tree" is acceptable. Not acceptable for Christmas, the holidays, or even for giving:

BELLEVUE - School kids at Medina Elementary wanted to help those less fortunate.
The kids and their parents decided on a "Giving Tree." It would have mittens as decorations and the mittens would carry the age and sex of the person getting the present and what they would really like this holiday season.
But the efforts ran afoul of some sensibilities. A parent complained that the tree was a Christian symbol. The principal agreed to remove the tree, but continue the giving effort.

The first image is the original tree. The second, of a revised offering eliminating the incriminating star by covering it with a bow, was also not appropriate to the complaining parent. This was the result:

"Well, I was very gently reminded that the tree represents some part of Christianity," Principal Betsy Hill told KOMO 4 News.
The tree, itself, was a nondescript coil of silver with a star on top. The school covered the star with a bow. But that wasn't enough for the critic.
And the principal had a thought. "We can easily carry on our giving efforts whether we put the mittens on a sled, a snowman, a tree, or a counter," she said. "And so our mittens are now on the counter."

A "giving" counter?!?!? Watch the video.

Even a "nondescript coil of silver," which vaguely resembles a Christmas tree in any case, is too "Christian" for this person--who apparently was too cowardly or busy to offer a response in this story. Rather than fighting for the "tree," the spineless administrator caves in to the pressure of one parent's rather misguided "sensibilities":

Hill insists she didn't buckle. She says the most important thing is keeping alive the giving spirit and relocating the mittens has allowed that to happen.
Some, like Judy Petrovich, don't understand why the giving tree is history. "A giving counter! That's ridiculous," she said.
Kim Raskin, who is Jewish, says the tree didn't offend her. "I am fully in support of having the Giving Tree."
The school says wherever the mittens are, it's the giving that's important. That's the spirit of... well... the winter season.
Ahh, yes. The winter season. Secure in the knowledge that all references to Christianity have been expunged from this school's well-intentioned generosity, this "person" can now move on to the next potentially offending Christian symbol.


December 11, 2005

Weekend Double Dose 12-10/12-11-05


December 09, 2005

Chinese Massacre, MSM Silence Deafening

So far it appears that the majority of the US MSM is out to lunch on the massacre reported in southern China:

Residents of a fishing village near Hong Kong said that as many as 20 people had been killed by the paramilitary police in an unusually violent clash that marked an escalation in the widespread social protests that have roiled the Chinese countryside.

Villagers said that as many as 50 other residents remain unaccounted for since the shooting that occurred this week as villagers staged a protest over government land appropriations. It is the largest known use of force by security forces against ordinary citizens since the killings around Tiananmen Square in 1989. That death toll remains unknown, but is estimated to be in the hundreds.

You can read the rest of the story here. Most liberals tend to overlook violent suppression by governments elsewhere, instead choosing to harp on the "chilling" effect of the Bush administration and the "suppression" of free speech in America since 9/11. Funny, though, since no crazy Moonbats have suffered much in the way of stifled speech, seeing as they are almost incessantly foaming at the mouth--I mean engaging in peaceful dissent--and none have been attacked by lethal force. On the other hand, the much-chronicled escapades of the loony left by those like Michelle Malkin prove that most of the "chilling" effect actually comes from the freedom of speech suppressors on the left--just like they did a few days ago to Ann Coulter (HT and video The Political Teen).

Perhaps the forces of democracy are once again on the move in China. The use of deadly force in this situation, like that of Tianenmen Square sixteen years ago, indicates an entrenched and paranoid government in Beijing. Hopefully the upcoming Olympic Games in 2008 will give more opportunity to scrutinize Chinese government policies, although such illumination will most certainly have to come from alternative media sources, and not the fawning MSM.

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Daily Nativity 12-9-05

Artist: Sano Di Pietro, 15th century


December 08, 2005

Operation Nativity-Daily Dose

Warning! Offensive material ahead!

The nice folks over at Stop The ACLU have decided to initiate Operation Nativity, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (the reason for the season, remember?) by, horror of horrors, displaying a NATIVITY scene!

So in the spirit of the holidays, we will continue to post nativity scenes on a daily basis through Christmas itself.

Merry Christmas!


December 06, 2005

On a Day Like Today in the Mile High City

From Cox & Forkum:


December 05, 2005

More From Howard The Lame

DNC blockhead Howard Dean had this to say about the US efforts in Iraq:
The "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong."

Dean continued his moonbattery:
"I've seen this before in my life. This is the same situation we had in Vietnam. Everybody then kept saying, 'just another year, just stay the course, we'll have a victory.' Well, we didn't have a victory, and this policy cost the lives of an additional 25,000 troops because we were too stubborn to recognize what was happening."

"What we see today is very much like what was going in Watergate," Dean said. "It turns out there is a lot of good evidence that President Bush did not tell the truth when he was asking Congress for the power to go to war. The President said last week that Congress saw the same intelligence that he did in making the decision to go to war, and that is flat out wrong. The President withheld some intelligence from the Senate Intelligence Committee. He withheld the report from the CIA that in fact there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq), that they did not have a nuclear program. They (the White House) selectively gave intelligence to the United States Senate and the United States Congress and got them to give the go ahead to attack these people."

Howard Dean continues to isolate the radical left-wing of his party, and the bile he continues to spew does nothing for the Democrats (which is good) but hurts those in the armed forces (which is bad) by calling into question not only their task, but their ability to carry that task to completion. It certainly has done nothing for DNC fundraising. Someone once said, "let a liberal talk long enough, and they'll defeat their own argument." I believe that principle applies here.


December 03, 2005

GA Governor's Office Corrects PC "Holiday Tree"

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue's office retracted an earlier press release that referred to a "holiday tree."
Thirty minutes later, a second release went out reading: "It is, in fact, a Christmas tree."

The second release blamed the earlier wording on "a politically-correct staff brain-freeze."

It is unfortunate that the PC-mentality is so pervasive that the default position is "holiday tree" and the corrected version is Christmas Tree.


Weekend Humor

Found this cartoon on a fellow blog by GuyK.

This cartoon is so true it makes Baby Jesus weep...

I decided this blog needs a cartoon, so here's one from Beth. (Be sure to click on the "No Christmas For You" cartoon) I believe it shows how we all truly feel about those neo-yuppie barf bags. *there is swearing*

Stop The ACLU Weekend Party


"Nativity Float Steals Show"

The good news from Denver's Parade of Lights is not surprising:

Last year, parade organizers were criticized for banning religious-themed floats.

The Downtown Denver Partnership, a coalition of 350 businesses, said they wanted to keep the parade secular.

The parade was initially started to help attract businesses to the downtown area.

But a local church, Faith Bible Chapel, reached an agreement with the organizers to add a religious float and a choir.

Judging from the crowd's reaction Friday, that was a popular decision.

"This is the best part of the parade," Michael Archer said, standing besides his 7-year-old son, Nicolas, as the choir passed.

Duh. A "holiday" parade without a float that celebrates the biggest holiday of the season? It is nice to see that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, finally made it into a parade. Here is The Denver Post's reaction. For some great photos courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News, click here.


December 01, 2005

We're All Gonna Die! The Internet Will Kill Us All!

From "Post-Election Stress" to the new designer diagnosis: "Internet addiction disorder." You just can't make this stuff up.


Chief Shitting Bull Refuses To Name Names

Apparently our favorite intellectual powerhouse, activist, and pseudo-Indian Ward Churchill (he hasn't earned a Ph.D., and did not go through the normal tenure process, so we won't award him the appellation of Professor) decided not to enlighten the rest of the world as to just who he was specifically referring to when he declared that the "Little Eichmanns" who died in the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001 deserved to die.

From a letter from the CU College Republicans, who braved the cold to confront the thoughtless wonder:
Ward Churchill took a swipe at our camera during our confrontation on Wednesday. While the College Dems decided to take this event off (citing that Ward Churchill has been misquoted by the media), College Republicans showed up in strong numbers to demand that Ward Churchill identify who DID deserve to die. His response: “I’ll start circling names as soon as you start circling the names of babies.” We are guessing that was not a pro-life statement, but rather a reference to Iraq. So, Churchill has now identified himself with the “Bush lied, babies died” crowd. One student had to be escorted away as he tore up our literature. Another of Ward Churchill’s Indian friends had to be restrained by Churchill himself. Later, Churchill’s friend attempted to put a spell on us in an Indian dialect. All College Republicans are still alive as of yet. Churchill and his followers really know how to go out with class – see attached picture.

The Rocky Mountain News has the MSM's report. 7 News had this report. Most other news venues appeared to avoid the story, as even the local rag, the Colorado Daily, had only this photo and caption in its front page:

The Political Teen has Open Trackbacks: Thursday


Global Warming Tin-Foil Predictions

From the Guardian comes the new report that "Global Warming" will cause, at the very least, extreme cooling for places like Europe. This nightmare scenario, straight from the movie The Day After Tomorrow, places the blame on Arctic ice melting into the Gulf Stream, which would result in the decrease of the heat energy that keeps Europe from being too cold.

Global Warming, even if understood historically, can not be the cause for every meteorological event from now into the foreseeable future. The conspiracy theorists who blame everything from this season's hurricanes to recent droughts and heat waves in Europe have fallen into the trap of convenience. Statistics not complying with historical norms--which have been recorded for only 150 years or so in most places? Abnormally cold winter? Plague of locusts? Must be Global Warming.