December 13, 2005

Denver's City and County Building

Do not adjust your monitors!

These are, in fact, authentic photos of the Denver City and County building, complete with wishes for a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and yes, a NATIVITY! (and even a bit of the assorted "holiday" symbolism--Santa Claus, elves, snowmen, etc. necessary for government compliance)

Last year, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper nearly caved in to anti-religious, PC-mentality:
Denver became a front in the 2004 Christmas wars not just over the parade. Mayor John Hickenlooper was recast as a Scrooge for suggesting the "Merry Christmas" lights on the City and County Building, which he mistakenly thought needed replacement, should be swapped out for the inclusive "Happy Holidays." The idea was shelved after a public outcry, unlikely to be revisited anytime soon.
Luckily for those of us in the Mile High City, Christmas will not be taking a holiday this year!


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