August 31, 2008

Dispatches From The RNC-The Drive To Minnesota

I hate the wind.

Ok, not really hate so much as dislike intensely, especially when it forces you to drive 10 miles under the speed limit through a rather boring stretch of South Dakota.

Yes--I drove (won't be a green convention for this blogger!).

However, lest you think I shirked my blogger duties, here is a sample of what I saw along the way, which included a stop in the Black Hills of South Dakota and a visit to the Crazy Horse Monument (which likely won't be finished in our lifetimes, but is entirely financed through--shocker--private enterprise) and, of course, Mount Rushmore:

BFE, Wyoming.

Custer, SD

Crazy Horse Monument

"Authentic," but waaay overpriced.

A preview of how the mountain will eventually look, sometime around 2500. Just kidding (not really).

Made in Denver.

Just in time for the evening lighting ceremony.

Come on, Vogue!

All lit up.

When I was last here in 1994, there was a much smaller, old-school National Monument building and very little improvements (since the 1960s). A larger parking lot and entrance, enhanced museum, new amphitheater, and this flag-lined walkway all augmented the decidedly patriotic experience.

I'll have video from the lighting ceremony tomorrow.

First, we watched a Mount Rushmore "Cliff Notes" video on the four Presidents represented, and then members of the audience who were veterans of our armed forces (or a representative) were invited to the stage for the nightly flag lowering, carried out with much dignity.  Our ranger narrated the Star-Spangled Banner's first 3 verses, and sang the final verse quite beautifully.  It was clear from the tone of her voice that she was truly overcome with emotion, and this feeling permeated the audience.

On a cool night on Labor Day weekend following the week of hell (temperatures and my poor feet) that was the DNC, it was an outstanding opportunity to reflect on the greatness of our country, the eloquence of our Founding Fathers, and the immense gratitude we should have for our rights and for the ability to exercise our freedoms in a manner unmatched almost anywhere else on this rock.  Sandwiched as it was between the DNC and RNC, my visit to Mount Rushmore reinforced the necessity of an educated and engaged citizenry that is politically active and civically oriented.

But that's not why you're here, is it? On to the convention schwag!

RNC schwag bag--"refresh, recycle, re-use."  Surprisingly, there wasn't a Coke product inside.

The logo may be much-maligned, but the message is important--water is essential for convention survival!

Cool! Mac & Cheese  . . . hey--wait a minute! We are Republicans.  Where is my RNC filet mignon?

Can the Republicans weather the storm that is Hurricane Gustav?

Fellow Coloradan Brad Jones from (bookmark it) arrived a little earlier in the day, and managed to snap a few photos of those protesters arrested Sunday and the arrival of the Colorado delegates. Check back in at FTS for updates throughout the RNC.

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit details the moonbat protesters of the "RNC Welcoming Committee" raided over the weekend and arrested for possessing devices meant to "disable" delegate buses.

Same crap (literally), different city/convention.

Oh, it's gonna be a fun week. I'll have updates tomorrow, including more details on the reduced and mainly "procedural" first day of the RNC.

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Support Your Local Blog: Slapstick Politics Goes To The 2008 Republican National Convention

**Bumped to the top--

Slapstick Politics has been selected as an Official Blogger to the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul from Sept. 1-4. While this is a distinct honor and incredible opportunity to represent the center-right of the Colorado blogosphere on a national level, there is also a substantial cost associated with travel and accommodations.

If you've enjoyed SP's coverage of the DNC (and there will be plenty more in the coming weeks, I can assure you) and you are willing and able to help SP cover the costs of the trip, know that it is greatly appreciated. If you have a business or are a candidate this election and would like to help by sponsoring SP in return for advertising space, then please contact me by email.

SP will feature the usual news roundups, but will also bring you photos and video straight from the RNC--a view from the "other side," with interviews and backstage access.

If you have Colorado-related questions for GOP bigwigs you'd like answered, leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.

First SP just has to make it out of Denver and the DNC alive!

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August 22, 2008

Where Did EP Go? To The Peoples Press Collective!

During the DNC--tune in to the Peoples Press Collective--where some of Colorado's premier center-right bloggers and their closest allies have gathered to provide new media coverage of the DNC, including live video feeds.

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More Exclusive Video: Free Speech Messages Washed Away At Pepsi Center

The cleaning crew does a little post-chalking clean up.

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Obamatron--The DNC Podium At The Pepsi Center

The "Pillar of Fire" at the Pepsi Center has been unveiled.

Barack Obama has already made an appearance:


Can't wait to see what they'll have at Invesco Field next Thursday night . . .

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Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 3

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Friday August 22, 2008--No. 3

•Denver Mayor "Teflon" John Hickenlooper finally delivers on DNC fundraising of $40.6 million

•More "hope and change"--a lot of change--Obama campaign selling tickets to Invesco Field speech for a cool $1000:
Two known Democratic supporters are outraged at their own party after being solicited to buy tickets to Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field next Thursday, CBS4 reports. The seats were distributed for free to the general public.

One source directed CBS4 to an unpublicized part of the Obama campaign's Web site where Democratic supporters, reportedly with deep pockets, could buy tickets for $1,000 each. The source told CBS4 he was solicited three times to buy the tickets through the Web site.

One source said it was unethical and being kept secret from the public.
. . .
The known Democratic supporter who called CBS4 said the selling of tickets an "underground fundraising operation."
Yep, those politics, they are a-changin'. Couldn't get in and don't have 1000 bucks? Watch Obama at the Jazz & Blues Festival in Historic Five Points

•A Democratic National Convention preview (and a reminder of what happened in 1968):

•Disconnect--Mayor Hickenlooper and Denver police chief says law enforcement ready to go, rank-and-file officers say "not so much"; Hickenlooper not expecting many protesters; DPD and other law enforcement will target agitators

•Not quite '68--protesters should be on their best behavior, as Big Brother DPD will have live cameras, both fixed and mobile, including camera phones:
The Denver Police Department will rely on live, high tech video feeds to try to isolate and arrest potentially violent protestors at next week's Democratic National Convention.
. . .
Sources say many officers will be armed with new cell phone video cameras capable of transmitting video live back to Denver Police Headquarters at 1331 Cherokee Street. There, authorities will sift through the pictures, and help identify individuals who should be pursued for unlawful activities.
Scratch that. Big Brother is watching, as over 400 private security cameras are installed Downtown (and unlikely to go away--video).

Sniffing out terrorism--Denver has installed air filters looking for biological weapons:
Every night and day, monitors placed on rooftops across Denver are sniffing the air for biological weapons, including anthrax, the plague and smallpox.

9Wants to Know has learned that early warning detection system, called BioWatch, will also monitor the air inside the Pepsi Center and INVESCO Field during the Democratic National Convention.
Meanwhile, Golden's city manager withdraws his BBQ invitation to Al Jazeera English

•There will be arrests at the DNC--of anti-abortion activists:
The founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue said Wednesday that he and other activists plan to be arrested during the Democratic National Convention while protesting Barack Obama's support for abortion rights.

Randall Terry said the protest would be a sit-in but he declined to give details of exactly when and where the protest would occur following a closed-door meeting with police about his plans. He estimated that between 10 and 30 people would be arrested.

Terry said he and volunteers would also leave thousands of pamphlets on cars parked at shopping centers and churches around the Denver area.

One targeted at evangelicals is entitled "Real Solutions for the 'Negro Problem"', which asks voters if they would support a fictional candidate who was right on all the issues but also supported slavery. It states that murder is worse than slavery and Christians can't vote for any candidate that supports abortion.

"Our intention is to jolt the evangelical and Catholic churches back to reality. They're being seduced by this Obama mania," Terry said at a press conference outside police headquarters. He said he promised not to discuss his meeting with police.
Read the rest. Inmates in Denver are already being moved to air-conditioned tents in advance of the expected protester arrests.

Recreate '68 issued a statement after Public Enemy denied being scheduled to appear during the DNC:
"We have received many media inquiries into the performance planned by Public Enemy during the DNC. Recreate 68 was informed by Mad Society Productions that Public Enemy was planning a concert for our organization. We have been assured by Mad Society Productions that a contract is signed, financial arraignments have been made, and airline tickets have been purchased for Public Enemy. At this point, we have not been told anything other than a possible change in the scheduled time."
Either someone lied or someone is getting sued for breach of contract. Or both.

•Tinfoil hat alert--more military helicopters above Downtown Denver on "standard" training mission

•So what else is new--DPD flyer on potential disruptive "caches of objects" from bikes to bricks draws the ire of the ACLU; more behind-the-scenes views of "Gitmo on the Platte"; protester offers advice to other protesters--"demonstrators will need to catch the various law enforcement agents trying to entrap participants and incite riots"; resources for protesters via ACLU and People's Law Project

2 DPD officers involved in videotaped beating will not be on the front lines at the DNC

Group wants DPD to ignore pot violations during DNC; DNC THC convention a bust

Inside the Big Tent "blogger circus"

Did someone say beer?

•Sen. Ken Salazar promises his speech won't be a snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:
Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar has just started making notes for his speech before the Democratic convention next week, but he knows what he won't say.

"I anticipate that I will give a very short speech," Salazar joked Wednesday when asked about then-Gov. Bill Clinton's famous marathon snoozer at the 1988 convention in Atlanta.

"I will not give a 41-minute speech," Salazar said with a laugh.
The convention will also highlight "real people" in order to balance out the celebrities and politicians

"Green" hotel keys for the DNC

•Rebuilt 1908 City Park fountain, installed for the last DNC in Denver, debuts (video)

•Betting on RTD for DNC? You might be SOL

Businesses ready for DNC

Behind the scenes at the American Presidential Experience, the historical exhibit outside Invesco Field that will feature a full-size replica of the Oval Office and Air Force One

•The homeless of Denver won't be hidden after all on "cultural" trips

•Getting the heck out of Denver during the DNC? You'll have choices aplenty

Pepsi Center to be unveiled to public tomorrow to those with tickets

&8226;Want to remember the convention? DNC commemorative envelopes will be available at 5 Downtown post offices

DNC parties will skirt lobbyist influence restrictions

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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August 21, 2008

Support The Troops At The DNC

Not all rallies at the DNC will be infested with moonbattery--support the troops and their families on Sunday, right across from the anti-war protesters at Civic Center Park:
American Victory Coalition has a permit for a rally at Pioneer Monument Park in Denver on Sunday, Aug. 24th. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Invited participants include Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, and Vets for Freedom. Speakers include: Debbie Lee (Gold Star Mom), Major Diggs Brown Jr., Vets for Freedom representative Brian Ivers, Dr. Niel Dobro, Joshua Sharf.

Our goal is to show the world America’s true colors: strength, patriotism and resolve in the war on terror. The Democratic National Convention will be a left wing free-for-all with mass media trumpeting radical anti-war messages. If you respect our troops, their commanders and their mission, this is the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Media attention on Americans who actively support victory is almost non-existent. This is an opportunity to change that. It’s important for the public to see that the “silent majority” is silent no more. Also this rally will be directly in view of the delegates to the DNC, who clearly need to hear this message. The organizers welcome anyone who wants to show their support for victory in the war against radical Islamic extremists and the regimes that support them.

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**Update 2--White Powder "Harmless," Threatening Letter Sent By Inmate; 2 McCain Offices Threatened

Saddle up Denver, we're in for a bumpy ride!

Looks like we'll see more paranoia and genuine concern as harmless objects are mistaken for "suspicious packages" and genuine threats (until proven harmful or harmless) are taken seriously (as they should be). There will certainly be plenty of opportunities for true nutjobs to try and seize their 15 minutes of fame with the thousands of media types in town.

**Update 4--Investigation shows white powder was harmless, and the threatening letter was written by an inmate at a local detention facility:
With the Democratic National Convention just days away, a white-powder scare resolved quickly this afternoon, when the return address led federal agents to an inmate in the Arapahoe County Detention Facility.

Within hours of the 3 p.m. scare the Centennial campaign office of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, authorities announced that the powder was phony and that the writer appeared to be Marc Harold Ramsey.

The 39-year-old has been in jail since last September, unable to post the $350,000 bond on charges of felony charges of menacing, harassment and assault on a peace officer, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

"He is a prolific writer of threatening letters," said U.S. Secret Service Agent Malcolm Wiley.

The inmate's words led five McCain staffers in Centennial to rush themselves to the hospital. Twelve others were evaluated after their office near South Peoria Street and East Arapahoe Road was swarmed and quarantined by local, state and federal authorities.

**Update 3--Don't panic! It was just a cooler:
The Denver Police Department's bomb squad responded to reports of a suspicious package at an intersection near downtown at 2:30 p.m. today, but it turned out to be just an empty ice cooler.

Authorities said the suspicious package was reportedly at East 14th Avenue and Ogden Street in Capitol Hill. Police closed Ogden from East 14th Avenue to East Colfax Avenue. The street was closed while police investigated.

"It was nothing," said Denver Police Detective Sharon Hahn. "Our bomb robot checked it out, and it was nothing, just a suspicious package."
Whew, what a relief!

**Update 2--DPD bomb squad called to 1400 block of Ogden because of a suspicious package

**Update--This is getting crazy:
The U.S. Secret Service says white powder and a threat were received at Sen. John McCain's office in Centennial today.

"We have people responding," said Special Agent Malcolm Wiley. "We have no reports that anyone has been hurt."

Authorities also say a similar letter was sent to a McCain office in Manchester, N.H. where police and fire department personnel responded to the scene.

It wasn't immediately known whether the New Hampshire letter also contained a powder, said Jeff Sadosky, a spokesman with McCain's national campaign office in Arlington, Va.

Just across on Drudge.

Nothing from the local MSM. There are a handful of McCain campaign offices in the Denver metro area, not sure which one or how many were allegedly targeted..

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Republican "Call To Action" During The DNC

If you're not interested in the wall-to-wall Barack Obama love-fest at the DNC and have some spare time on Saturday, August 23rd, then you might want to join the GOP (if that is your political flavor) and help down-ticket candidates as well as Sen. John McCain and former Rep. Bob Schaffer get the message out to voters:
Republican Call to Action

Saturday, August 23rd
Saturday’s Colorado Victory Schedule:

Phone Bank:
Shift 1: 9am-12pm
Shift 2: 12pm-3pm
Shift 3: 3pm-6pm

Precinct Walks
Shift 1: 9am-12pm
Shift 2: 12pm-3pm
Shift 3: 3pm-6pm

Prizes Will be Awarded to Top Volunteers
The volunteer who makes the most calls or knocks on the most doors will be rewarded
Prizes will be awarded to the top statewide volunteer and on a regional and office basis (each office will have a winner as well)
Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity to be a greeter during John McCain’s next trip to Colorado (If the volunteer is part of a team, the entire team will get VIP tickets for the McCain event)
Office winners: Individual office winners will receive a $25 gas card to help alleviate the pain at the pump.
500 Doors or More: Clubs knocking on at least 500 doors will receive a $100 contribution
*For the purpose of the competition and to make things fair, each door will count as 2 call attempts in order to keep pace with volunteers making phone calls.
Phone Bank and Precinct Walk locations:
Arapahoe and Denver Counties:
Contact: Scott Howard
5950 S. Willow Drive, Suite 201
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Office: 303.486.2008

Jefferson and Boulder Counties:
Contact: Ben Engen
1350 Independence Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
Cell: 303.907.5467

Adams and Broomfield Counties:
Contact: Dobbs Hogoboom
2200 E 104th Ave, Suite 114
Thornton, CO 80233
Cell: 970.980.5989

Colorado Springs:
Contact: Drew Dougherty
4525 Northpark Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Office: 719.264.0914

5th Congressional District:
Contact: Crystal Bouziden
4525 Northpark Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Cell: 970.391.0805

Contact: Conor Maguire
1990 59th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80634
Cell: 970.391.5501

Fort Collins
Contact: Conor Maguire
1730 S. College Ave, Suite 203
Fort Collins, CO, 80525
Cell: 970.391.5501

Grand Junction:
Contact: Tiffiny Carlton
634 Main St. Suite 4
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Cell: 970-391-5449

Please don’t hesitate to contact Scott Howard at 303.486.2008, if you have any questions or need any additional information.
Related: GOP woos Colorado Hispanics

And will it be Jefferson or Arapahoe County that determines Colorado, and possibly the White House?

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Founding Bloggers: Roasting Obama (Video)

Can comedians skewer the presumptive nominee for the Democrats (or his wife, for that matter), or will Barack Obama be off limits?

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Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 4-DNC "Fauxtesters," Fortress Denver" For DNC, Profile Of A Puppet Master, "Gitmo On The Platte" Updates

**Scroll for "Gitmo on the Platte" updates, and the newly coined "fauxtesters" (credit SP)

First look at "Fortress Denver":

Barriers erected around Auraria Campus in advance of the DNC, with the Pepsi Center in the background

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday August 21, 2008--No. 4

Obama's VP selection made, but not announced

•"Fauxtesters"--Glenn Spagnuolo's first DNC failure or fabrication? (so much for that "master schedule" eh, Spagz?)--Public Enemy not playing for Recreate '68 after all, "didn't know anything about it":
Rap pioneers Public Enemy have no plans to play a free benefit for Recreate 68 during the DNC, despite organizers announcing a date, time and location for the show.

Rapper Chuck D told the Rocky this morning that he's never even heard from the group and will be taking care of family business in another state on Tuesday, the date of the announced show.

"I didn't know anything about it," he said from his New York home. "I'm coming to Denver anyway on a whole bunch of different accounts - being involved wth BET and Air America. I couldn't make it out to Denver until the 27th (Wednesday) anyway."

As far as the rapper knows (born Carlton Ridenhour) he's never even been contacted.

"It's totally news to me. Maybe they did, but if they did it's one of 6,000 emails," he said. There are certainly no confirmed plans as announced by Recreate 68.

Despite some speaking and media engagements, his trip to Denver is entirely personal, he said.
. . .
Recreate 68 organizers could not immediately be reached for comment.
The usually verbose Spagz has nothing to say? That is news . . .

•DPD--50 unmarked vans for DNC

Michelle Malkin notes the RNC's new tagline for the DNC--"a Mile High and an inch deep"--and has a roundup of DNC-related news

Recreate '68 DNC moonbattery-filled "master schedule" released

•Profile of a puppet-master--R68 street puppet coordinator Tom Mestnik

•Wanna drop by and say hello to the moonbats? Visit the Unconventional Action "convergence center"--only a stone's throw away from "Gitmo on the Platte"

•Speaking of "Gitmo on the Platte"--try and follow the arrestee shuffle as protesters will be shipped back and forth for processing

Westword has a funny taxonomy of protesters, some already showing up to protest Nancy Pelosi

Denver law enforcement paranoia? Security concerns extend to bicycles and maps

DNC burn rate outpaces RNC, convention partially to blame

Teachers unions, cash, and the DNC convergence

Google's services help bloggers at both conventions

DNC a "no-win" situation for Gov. Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper

•Democrats roll up their sleeves for DNC delegate service day; DNC transforms Denver

Coke vs. Pepsi at the DNC; suggested Obama acceptance speech music

DNC dissing Al Franken?; Ben Affleck still planning on appearing at DNC roundtable despite having no policy credentials whatsoever

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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Democratic National Convention--"A Mile High And An Inch Deep"

H/T Michelle Malkin--the RNC's tagline for next week's Democratic National Convention.

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August 20, 2008

Recreate '68 DNC "Master Schedule" Released


(click to enlarge)


**Update--Moonbattery is already pouring on the ridicule. SP and allies will be bringing all of the DNC shenanigans and protester moonbattery to you as it happens beginning this weekend.

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Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 5

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Wednesday August 20, 2008--No. 5

•"Gitmo on the Platte" loses its bite: the razor wire will be removed before the DNC--"We re-thought those plans, and we came up with a different plan"--and a sneak peek inside the arrestee processing center

Denver hospitals prepare for worst, plan for all scenarios

DNC "super fusion" security and intelligence center ready to go

•Well, duh!--no hazardous materials on I-25 while the DNC is in town; Updated street closures, public transit information, and recommended routes

•Not impressed by the "hype" of Obamamania? See "Hype: The Obama Effect"--debuting during the DNC

Downtown businesses hope for DNC boon

C-SPAN's convention coverage to include extensive reports from the blogosphere

•DNC last-minute deal-seekers squeezing homeless the out?

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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August 19, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 6

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday May 22, 2008--No. 6

Protester "dos and don'ts" pamphlet to be distributed by Denver law enforcement; that's a lot of OT--Denver law enforcement to earn $1.2 million at DNC; DNCC fails to vet disgraced police officer hired as a security consultant

•Men in Black--behind the scenes with the Secret Service protecting convention VIPs:
During a recent visit by presidential presumptive nominee John McCain, 9NEWS focused cameras not just on the candidate, but on Secret Service agents. Perea agreed to give 9NEWS an inside look at how agents protect dignitaries.

"That's usually the difference when you see the Secret Service," said Perea while looking over video shot by 9NEWS of agents protecting McCain at a recent event at the Grand Hyatt in Denver.

"We are not looking at the Senator, we're looking at the crowd," Perea said.

He says agents look for anything out of the ordinary.

"We have eyes completely around," Perea said of the 360-degree view agents keep on presidential candidates.
And they'll be watching you.

The list of DNC speakers grows, now including Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Jesse Jackson; Obama ticket design causes a stir; those wait-listed hope against hope for leftover Obama tickets

•Will the DNC actually hurt the Democrats in Colorado?

Party conventions awash in corporate cash

•Don't like the message being offered by the Democrats at the DNC? The GOP "war room" will be quick to respond to the daily barrage from the Dem love-in

A look at the historical weather events that have occurred in Denver on August 28, the night of Obama's Invesco Field speech--cold, hail, wind, heat, and grasshoppers

DNC snub of Archbishop Charles Chaput?; Catholic League--some DNC credentialed blogs offensive

Not all Denver residents hoping to cash in on DNC housing crunch filling their properties

•It's not the fountains at Bellagio, but City Park's 1908 fountain, installed for the last DNC convention in Denver, has been refurbished and will be up and running just in time for the DNC

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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List Of DNC Speakers Grows

The Rocky is keeping track of who will speak, when, and on what topic as the convention moves through daily "themes."

The new additions?

The Goreacle, Jimmy Carter, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.


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DNC Protester Dos and Don'ts Released

**Update--Jeralyn Merritt at has posted a pdf of the pamphlet.

We're waiting for a fuller report including the pamphlet itself, but law enforcement has announced that a pamphlet will be distributed to protesters reminding them of their rights--and their legal obligations--in conducting themselves during the DNC:
Police have issued some advice to protesters at the Democratic convention about what they can and can't do.

A pamphlet tells protesters they can be arrested if they refuse an order to disperse, even if they aren't breaking any law. Other grounds for arrest include blocking streets, sidewalks or parades and disrupting public assemblies.

Police say it doesn't matter if those actions are civil disobedience or symbolic actions.

Police also remind protesters of their rights. They can protest on public sidewalks without a permit as long as they leave enough room for others to pass and obey traffic signals. Speech that angers other people is protected, but speakers can be arrested for advocating violence or breaking the law.
Glenn Spagnuolo of Recreate '68 was quick to reject the pamphlet:
It was put together with the help of the city's Agency for Human Rights and Community Relations and modeled after reminders issued by other previous convention cities, such as Los Angeles, said Lucia Guzman, the agency's executive director. She said thousands of copies have been printed and they'll also be available after the convention leaves town.

Glenn Spagnuolo, co-founder of protest group Recreate 68, said he thinks it's the police, not protesters, who need a reminder about the First Amendment.

"We have a pamphlet called the Constitution. A lot of us have read it already," he said.

Spagnuolo also thinks the pamphlet's arrest warning is intended to discourage people from protesting at the convention, which starts Monday.

Guzman disagreed.

"We've always meant it as a supportive document. I'm sorry people are looking at it the other way," she said.
It is doubtful that any such document, whether well or ill-intended, would do much to sway protesters from their self-appointed demonstrations.

Just as the protesters began issuing their preemptive "law enforcement is to blame" for any violence meme months ago, Denver's law enforcement is trying to do a little preemption of their own by giving protesters advanced warning.

It's gonna be a fun week.

More from Spagz and Unconventional Action:
"We are making a commitment to non-violence," said Glenn Spagnuolo of Re-create '68, a group planning protests for a variety of progressive causes.

"We'd like to see minimal show of force by the police unless necessary," Spagnuolo said. "They could stage out of sight from the protest and be called in case they're needed at a protest."

Asked for a successful example of a mass protest marked by mutual respect between protesters and police, Spagnuolo pointed to a large anti-war rally outside the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004.

"When people said, 'OK, we're being allowed to protest, we're being allowed to march,' there's no reason to get in that kind of confrontational, adversarial role, and it went off without a hitch," Spagnuolo said.

Ben Yager of the activist group Unconventional Denver hedged when asked if activists planned to be arrested and incarcerated during DNC protests. Asked to define success for his organization, he defined disruption.

"Everything's pre-decided, everything's preplanned," Yager said. "They have a script of everything they're going to say and making them deviate from that script, making them step outside the box of what they are comfortable doing and address what democracy really is."

Still, Yager says he did not see any point in antagonizing police into violent confrontations.

"I don't think anyone gets satisfaction out of getting beat up," Yager said.
Of course, some of the law enforcement buildup and planning stems from the earlier heated rhetoric from protesters like Spagnuolo.

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Sen. Ken Salazar Fundraisers A Hot-Button Issue in LA Senate Race

Complete Colorado has the details (you should bookmark this Colorado online news source ASAP!), as Sen. Ken Salazar becomes a campaign issue for Sen. Mary Landrieu against a feisty GOP challenger in John Kennedy.

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August 18, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 8-7: DNC Schedule Takes Shape

The DNC-related promotions begin in earnest

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Sunday August 17 and Monday August 18, 2008--No. 8-7

•DNC events are still rolling in, and these lists are by no means comprehensive or final, but you can get a sense of the hundreds of activities that will surround Denver during the DNC--some in association with the Dems, some in marked opposition:


(requires email registration)


Alliance for Real Democracy

Recreate '68

Food Not Bombs

Festival of Democracy

Unconventional Action

Grassroots Progressives


Obama VP selection due this week?; more anecdotal evidence that volunteering was, in fact, really, really helpful in securing Obama tickets (partial list of DNC speakers released); Obama's face plastered Downtown; Convention invocation to focus on "justice" and "peace"

Ralph Nader "super rallies" during DNC and RNC

•First stop--Drunkablog's roundups--protesters protest "Gitmo on the Platte" and argue over the site's "secrecy" (more "Gitmo" details and history of the building); Obama speech credentials/badges are distributed to the lucky few; CU Denver grad student attempts defense of Recreate '68 and "non-violence"; Recreate '68 has a new schedule that will shortly be replaced by an even newer schedule to be announced today

•"Gitmo on the Platte" not torturous enough? Amnesty International to bring bring real Gitmo detention cell to DNC (be sure to remember that orange jumpsuit you've been dying to wear)

DemConWatch has a slew of DNC stuff--1000 free bikes for DNC; Are conventions worth the media coverage?--the plans are quite extensive; Lucky 10 who snagged backstage Obama passes; the Dems' updated party platform; tracking the weather forecast for Obama's Invesco speech; a complete list of DNC speakers--a who's who--for each night of the convention; desperate and last-minute DNC attendees/protesters looking for a few good couches

•Pepsi Center and surrounding environs begin pre-DNC cleanup as most work has been completed, with doors set to open for Friday's open house

DNC makeover for Mount Evans highway; VIP rail cars in town for DNC

Freedom from Religion billboard to remain in place through DNC; messages of peace from faith-based groups at DNC

No DNC camping in Wheat Ridge

•Got Obama tix? Arrive early--and don't bring much with you; No "sweet" suite access for some Invesco Field suiteholders for Obama's speech

•Not what you think--homeless "cut-a-thon"

Extensive livestreaming coverage of DNC from WashPost and Newsweek; CNN "mini-bureau" to open in Denver

More celeb performers to play DNC gigs

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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LoDo Closure After Suspicious Package Found; **Update: False Alarm

**Update--false alarm. It doesn't take much to panic the public and law enforcement types these days--look for even more "closures" as the DNC arrives.

Details are sketchy at this point:
Police have closed several blocks of LoDo after a suspicious package was found Monday morning.

The package was found at 18th & Market Streets, according to Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

"We've closed 17th to 18th streets between Market and Larimer," he said.

The Denver bomb squad has been called in to examine the package.

Jackson did not say what kind of package it was.
We'll keep you updated on the seriousness of the closure and the package itself. With the DNC just days away, everything looks suspicious to law enforcement, and the suspected package's proximity to the Pepsi Center makes this type of reaction automatic.

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August 16, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 9

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Saturday August 16, 2008--No. 9

•Last year, Rockies World Series tickets fiasco. This year, Obama at Invesco Field:
"It just makes me angry," said Katherine Thayer, of Denver. "If they're going to go out and say it's first-come, first-served and then turn around and reward people who volunteer or gave money, then they ought to be up front about it."
Update--"no ticket." None for me either. Guess we're not alone.

•Drunkablog has an extensive roundup with a little protest-wear and mixed messages from the protesters themselves, new "official" DNC posters, and an update on "Gitmo on the Platte"; another D-blog roundup with more on Rage Against the Machine's planned appearance and the final meetings of Recreate '68; protesters protest "Gitmo on the Platte"; "Gitmo" goes viral; Protester holding building used to store voting machines?

Colorado Greens vs. Cynthia McKinney--she will speak for Recreate '68

•Live from Golden, CO--"Death to America!" Al-Jazeera to broadcast from Golden:
But 120 million households in 80 countries will get a selective snapshot of the West when al-Jazeera English pays a visit to Golden for two days during the Democratic National Convention.

"Our objective is to present a slice of mainstream America," said Julian Ingle, political program editor for al-Jazeera's Washington, D.C., bureau.

The international news organization will broadcast Aug. 27 from the Buffalo Rose saloon, where, since 1858, more beer has been spilled than most bars have sold.
Beheadings at 11!

DNC security measures become more visible as convention draws near

Wanna know where all the cool kids (and the cash) will be at parties at both the DNC and RNC? (pdf at the link)

"Green Frontier Fest" eco-carnival will set up shop during DNC (details)

Pedicabs expect record business during DNC

Praying for the prostitutes during the convention

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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August 15, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 10

DNC Countdown--10 days left (continuously updated) . . .

•Meditate, contemplate--"Instead of standing up and advocating any particular position, we're asking people to be quiet a little bit," said Meditate 08 co-chairman Don Morreale.

Greening, greening, gone?--DNC Director of Greening "Andrea Robinson was forced out of any meaningful role because of ongoing conflicts with vendors and her co-workers at the Democratic National Convention Committee, several sources said Thursday."

•As if Tent State itself wasn't cool enough itself--"And it obviously gives an incentive for more apathetic youth to come out to Tent State," Adam Jung on Rage Against the Machine's appearance (includes ticket info) in Denver during the DNC on behalf of the Tent Staters; but will the 50k protestors come for Tent State, or RATM?

•LoDo to Tent State (E.T. voice)--"Be Good"--"These are college kids who will run our country. We could do a lot worse."

•Can you hear me now? Good!--"We know this convention represents the most digitally advanced ever," said Keri Hissim, operations director for AT&T, the official wireless provider. "We absolutely intend to deliver on that expectation."

When in the course of DNC events--"One of the 25 surviving original copies of the Declaration of Independence will head to Denver after display Friday and Saturday at the Utah Capitol. It's on a tour of 17 cities as part of a voter-registration drive. After leaving Salt Lake, it will go to Denver for display during the Democratic National Convention."

•Off the beaten path--I-25 to be closed for Obama's Invesco festivities:
A 5.5-mile stretch of the busiest highway in the Rocky Mountain West — Interstate 25 past Invesco Field — will be closed to traffic on the evening Barack Obama accepts the Democratic presidential nomination at the stadium.

The Rocky first reported this nearly a month ago, but Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper confirmed today that state highway officials will close I-25 between I-70 and Sixth Avenue from 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 28, until after Obama's speech and other stadium festivities conclude.
. . .
The goal is to "meet Democratic National Convention needs while keeping Denver open and accessible" the statement stressed.

"We are grateful to our local, state and federal partners who shared our commitment to minimize impacts on the local community and to maximize ways for local residents to be a part of this historic event," Hickenlooper said.
Looks like DNC needs outweigh Denver's accessibility, you know, for the unwashed masses.

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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August 14, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 11

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday August 14, 2008--No. 11

•"Gitmo on the Platte" redux--arrested protestors won't be released into neighborhood surrounding temporary detention facility:
Denver officials and the sheriff's department said Wednesday that they will not release prisoners taken into custody during the Democratic National Convention into the neighborhood surrounding a temporary detention facility.

The arrest-processing center will operate from Aug. 24 to 31 and will be able to detain up to 400 people for short periods of time. The facility also will be able to process about 60 prisoners an hour. The sheriff's department is not disclosing the temporary center's location. However, a News4 report said it is being constructed in northeast Denver.

It won't be used for any long- term detention, and prisoners won't be kept for more than a few hours, authorities said.

Officials said that while they don't believe there will be widespread arrests during the convention, they decided to build the facility because of the huge number of visitors expected and the intentions of some protesters to be arrested.

Sheriff's deputies have written letters to residents and businesses in the neighborhood explaining the facility's role. In the letter, the sheriff's department said that no detainees will be released into the neighborhood even if they are able to post bond at the temporary center.

Instead, deputies plan to bus those who are able to post bond to the Denver County Jail at East Smith Road and Havana Street, where prisoners are usually released.
Bob Barr, Alan Keyes, and Tom Tancredo will headline a Minuteman Civil Defense Corps rally on August 25:
Representatives of both Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr and U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo confirmed Wednesday that they would speak at the event organized by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Tancredo ran for the Republican presidential nomination on anti-illegal immigration platform.

The group said former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin will also speak.

Minuteman president Chris Simcox said it seems both Barack Obama and John McCain are avoiding the issue of illegal immigration during their runs for the White House. He said his group wants them to pledge to adopt their plan to use members of the 25,000 National Guard to secure the nation's border with Mexico and Canada as well as beef up Coast Guard patrols.

"We really don't care which one is elected president as long as both of them see we're bringing a message from millions of people across the country," Simcox said.

The daylong event will take place in Congress Park, a residential neighborhood east of downtown Denver. The group has no plans to protest in the fenced-off area designated for protesters on the grounds of the Pepsi Center, the site of most of the DNC's events.
Tickets for Barack Obama's Invesco Field speech will be awarded starting tomorrow, and available for pickup (sans the "mandatory volunteerism" according to Obama campaign officials; "all star" application for better seats may have caused confusion and prompted the volunteering requirement (a chance at better seats in return for helping the Obama campaign)

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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August 13, 2008

Barack Obama Invesco Field Tickets To Be Released Tomorrow

Just across via email:
Notification for Colorado residents receiving community credentials will begin tomorrow, Thursday, August 14 and be completed by 9:00 PM on Friday, August 15. Notifications will be delivered by e-mail or text message, or by phone for those who did not give an e-mail address or cell phone number.
No word on additional "mandatory volunteerism" requirements.

CBS4 says that tickets will be available for pickup at an Obama campaign office by those contacted starting this weekend. Picture ID will be required, but officials said that volunteering will not.

If you applied for Obama tickets at Invesco Field and are contacted about volunteering or are given tickets without having to volunteer, drop us an email or leave a comment.

More updates as they become available.

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Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 13-12: "Gitmo On The Platte," "Mandatory Volunteerism"

**Note: from now until the DNC, the Countdown will be continuously updated throughout the day rather than appearing around noon. Bookmark Slapstick Politics and check back frequently for the latest DNC-related news, including breaking coverage.

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Tuesday August 12 and Wednesday August 13, 2008--No. 13-12

•Despite all their rage they'll still be like rats in a cage at "Gitmo on the Platte"--protestor warehouse prepared for massive DNC arrests (video):

The newly created lockup is on the northeast side of Denver. Protesters have already given this place a name: "Gitmo on the Platte."

Inside are dozens are metal cages. They are made out of chain link fence material and topped by rolls of barbed wire.

"This is a secured environment," Capt. Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff's Department told CBS4. "We're concerned about how that's going to be utilized by people who will be potentially disruptive."

In past conventions, mass arrests have taken place.

With Denver's jails already overflowing, new space had to be created and officers trained.

Each of the fenced areas is about 5 yards by 5 yards and there is a lock on the door. A sign on the wall reads "Warning! Electric stun devices used in this facility."

CBS4 showed its video to leaders of groups that plan to demonstrate during the convention.

"Very bare bones and very reminiscent of a political prisoner camp or a concentration camp," said Zoe Williams of Code Pink.
This new development is quite troubling. (How will media access the facility? Will they charge admission? What about gladiatorial combat?) On a serious note, aside from the rather disturbing visuals provided by the descriptions in the story, why is Denver doing such a "worst-of-all-possible-worlds" PR campaign that forces local news agencies to show video to protestors and get ahead of the story with the "Gitmo on the Platte" meme? Break out the orange jumpsuits . . . Drunka says get ready for a little DNC "Soylent Green" (this is the "greenest convention ever"). Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left has a recap of similar arrangements from the 2004 conventions.

•Drunkablog helped break the Obama "mandatory volunteerism" in exchange for Invesco Field tickets with a comprehensive post that includes audio (and links on the crazy yet mysterious Denver cyanide case); more analysis and roundups

Drunkablog roundup--Cynthia McKinney not speaking for Recreate '68?; Tent State creates unrest with new neighbors near Cuernavaca Park; DNC/RNC rumor mills in top gear

•More D-blog--"Urine nation" a fabrication?

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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Pay For Play--Barack Obama Invesco Field Tickets Require Volunteer Time

Required volunteerism.

You read that right. At least 6! hours to be exact.

Drunkablog was all over this story when it broke yesterday, and links to audio of the phone message (first released by Westword) provided by one Obama ticket-seeker who was contacted by the campaign about volunteering in order to receive the tickets.

Michelle Malkin quips "Obama's mandatory volunteerism starts NOW!", Ed Morrissey at Hot Air notes that with Obama, "nothing is free" (emphasis in original), and Townhall says that this is a preview of "Public Service," Obama Style.

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August 12, 2008

Colorado Primary Night Roundup

Ben has a roundup of results, as does Rocky Mountain Right, who's tracking election night results.

First, a hearty congratulations to fellow RMA blogger and friend Joshua Sharf, who was successful in his primary campaign. On to November!

Reflections on the other larger races (CD-6, CD-5, CD-2):
CD-6: So, how long will it take before soon-to-be ex-Secretary of State Mike Coffman to announce his candidacy for the 2010 Senate matchup against Ken Salazar? Just sayin'. Seriously, Coffman's election in CD-6 in November should provide the platform for a run at higher office no earlier than 2014, for an open Governorship (a re-elected Bill Ritter would be term-limited) or for Senate against Mark Udall (should Bob Schaffer lose). A run in 2010 will strain credulity, and prompt the question, is Coffman running for office to represent the people, or to represent Mike Coffman? Coffman should plan on holding the seat for at least 3 terms before remotely contemplating moving any higher up the political ladder in Colorado.

CD-5: Two way primaries provide a necessary level of competition for any party. Three-way (and higher) primaries simply favor the incumbent, and Doug Lamborn certainly benefited from a split opposition. Too bad for Jeff Crank, who would have likely been a much better long-term occupant in CD-5.

CD-2: Ditto on the three-way primary, except in this case, it helped to benefit the candidate--Jared Polis--with the deepest pockets. So now one of the "Gang of Four" has purchased a seat in the House. So that's how Democrats take the money out of politics! Oh wait, nevermind . . .

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Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst 081108

The last 3 episodes from Freedom Folks:




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Shock Video: Man Beaten By Undercover Denver Police, Revealed Just Ahead Of DNC

**Update 2--videos have been removed due to the "autoplay" feature and slow loading times. Check the links provided for both videos.

**Note--the embed code on the video is set to "autoplay"--scroll to pause, and then play at your convenience.

"Had I not been rolling the camera, and no one else was rolling the camera, it might have just been swept under the rug"--TV producer Greg Prinkey, on video of the beating that led to dropped charges and has prompted an internal investigation within the Denver Police Department

The video evidence is so strong that the original charges have been dropped:
The Denver District Attorney's office has dropped its case against a man who was facing three years in prison for assault, after 9Wants to Know obtained and showed prosecutors a videotape of the man's arrest.

The Denver Police Department has also started an internal investigation.
No doubt protest groups will cite this as evidence that it will be the law enforcement charged with DNC security that will foment violence, not the "non-violent" protestors:
On the video, which was shot outside Coors Field on the home opener of the Colorado Rockies game on April 4, undercover Denver Police detectives hit, kick and choke John Heaney.

"They both unloaded on me and I started seeing stars and the whole thing was just bam, bam, bam after that," said Heaney. "Someone had a chokehold and they were all on top of me and I couldn't breathe and I thought I was going to die."
The video came from an unlikely source--a film crew for local sports TV out videotaping the Colorado Rockies' home opener:
A local sports TV crew was videotaping the opening day of the Rockies when they saw and videotaped the arrest.

"The thing that kind of made everybody gasp was when the officer took the back of the guy's head and shoved it to the ground on his face," said TV producer Greg Prinkey. "He was not resisting. It was totally uncalled for."

When Prinkey saw men beating Heaney, he ran in to stop the fight. The video shows that's when the officers yelled, "Hey, we're cops! Get the (expletive) out of here!"

Prinkey gave the videotape of the arrest to 9NEWS.

"Had I not been rolling the camera, and no one else was rolling the camera, it might have just been swept under the rug," Prinkey said.
Both videos have been removed due to uncontrollable and slow autoplay. See the links above for the unedited video and 9NEWS' report.

The video appears to easily contradict the earlier reports given by the Denver detectives involved:
Before the Denver detectives knew about the videotape, they wrote reports and were deposed in court about what happened. Both officers said Heaney was throwing "wild punches" at them, hit the officers in the face and chest and continued to attack them, even when they had him on the ground.

Under oath, Cordova and Costigan also denied knowing anything about Heaney's broken teeth.

Heaney's attorney Lonn Heymann asked Cordova in court, "Was there a point at which somebody slammed his face into the ground?"

Cordova answered, "Absolutely not."

"How did Mr. Heaney's front teeth get broken," asked Heymann.

Cordova replied, "I have not a clue."
That doesn't appear to follow from the video reports.

There are other witnesses who appear to corroborate Heaney's version of the story:
"When you start seeing that the officers are making arguments that are directly contradicted by this videotape, it raises questions about how believable the police officers are," Heymann told 9NEWS.

The Denver Police Department did not interview any civilian witnesses in their investigation of Heaney's arrest. However, 9NEWS interviewed three witnesses who all say Heaney did not hit the officers.

Certainly. Evidence of a police beating revealed with less than two weeks until the start of the DNC is a huge blow to the city, after months of back-and-forth between local law enforcement and protestors over tactics and security plans that have done little to ease concerns that 1968 may be recreated in Denver's streets.

Protestors have already launched the "law enforcement to blame" meme for any potential DNC conflagration. This video will only add fuel to that fire, and will certainly be used, if not as evidence, then as a contextual element for any mass arrests or other actions as a result of DNC protests and activities.

Somewhere, Glenn Spagnuolo is smiling.

**Update--Cordova and Costigan have received official commendations in the past from the DPD in 2004 and 2005, respectively, as well as numerous commendatory letters.

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August 11, 2008

Colorado Democratic Delegate Thrown Under The Bus For Anti-Obama Remarks, Delegate Status Threatened

Change we can't believe in--and not just in Wisconsin. If you are or have ever been a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and just happen to be a Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention, you better keep your opinions to yourself:
An e-mail sent from the Political Director of the Colorado Democratic Party threatened the status of a national delegate, alleging she made "disparaging public remarks" about Sen. Barack Obama.

Sacha Millstone of Boulder told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that her comments were critical, but they were not public.

Millstone acknowledged she was frustrated over how the Obama campaign was treating delegates who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

The other delegate apparently filed a complaint with the state Democratic Party suggesting Millstone lose her status as a delegate.
Not a supporter of "The One?" That's a big no-no.

Perhaps Democratic Party officials should force delegate to sign a loyalty oath?
Apparently the Political Director of Colorado's Democratic Party, William Compton, took the suggestion very seriously and told Millstone via e-mail, "You are directed to come in to the Party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate..."

Millstone, who worked on the campaign for Hillary Clinton, considered the e-mail a threat.

"I think that one of the reasons I got this letter was to intimidate me," said Millstone. "It sounded very totalitarian. I thought it sounded undemocratic and I was completely shocked."
But that's benevolent totalitarianism. And the Democratic Party behaving undemocratically.

I know, I know. Shocking.
Millstone continued, "Having conversations on the pros and cons of those candidates, I don't think this is an unusual thing at all in the Democratic Party."

"Anytime we receive a complaint, we are required by our rules to hear that complaint and decide whether or not it should be taken to the rules committee," said Pat Waak, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Ferrugia asked Waak, "If someone brings you private correspondence, you'll use that in investigating a complaint?"

Waak responded, "We have used documents, memos, other things in the past where complaints have been filed. We have used whatever comes to us. That does not mean it goes to the rules committee."
Ve have vays of making them talk!
Waak said the investigation and e-mail from Compton was not made public by the Colorado Democratic Party and regrets that it is in the public domain.

She also said, "I do think there are some delegates, on both sides, with some wounded feelings because this has been a very difficult, hard fought campaign."
Of course she "regrets" this story being in the public domain. The Democrats have staked this campaign on "hope" and "change" and a new political discourse. Millstone's opinions, and the revelation of this "investigation" end up discrediting the aura of party openness by restricting the ability of national delegates to have their own opinions on the party's candidate.

With Hillary Clinton's supporters scheduled to potentially throw a monkeywrench into Obama's coronation plans (Party Unity My Ass indeed!), this new story couldn't have come at a worse time:
About Millstone, Waak told 7NEWS, "From our point, it's over with. She's chosen not to come in and talk with us and so, we're two weeks away from the convention and we'll continue to work with the delegates who want to be worked with."

Millstone firmly believed the e-mail from Compton was a clear message to Clinton delegates nationwide to refrain from critical comments of Obama if they wish to attend the convention.

"I think that it was calculated to have an impact on other delegates and I think this kind of communication does have a very chilling impact on other delegates because people become afraid to speak up. They become afraid to say what they think."

Millstone added, "You can't get unity by telling people to shut up."
A sign of things to come under an Obama administration?

Unlike the situation in Wisconsin, where the delegate supported the GOP candidate, Millstone's concerns called into question her ability to vote for Obama, in what was a moment of doubt expressed in a private email. She didn't hold a press conference and trash the presumptive Democratic nominee. Millstone didn't switch parties. Reservations about the party's candidate, something expressed quite frequently among GOP voters, should hardly constitute grounds for dismissal as a delegate.

That the matter has been dropped (see video at link above) due to alleged time constraints with the impending DNC seems a little too convenient. Colorado Democrats just want to avoid a national headline, and it appears that had this happened earlier, a full rules committee investigation would have occurred.

**Update--earlier version said she hadn't made a declarative statement in favor of Sen. Clinton. She was, in fact, a Clinton delegate. Apologies.

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Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 14--DNC Schedule Takes Shape, Denver "No Fly" Zone

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Monday August 11, 2008--No. 14

Denver "no-fly zone" for DNC, violators may see "use of force":
The federal government is closing airspace over Denver during the Democratic National Convention later this month — and warning pilots that if they stray into the restricted area it "may result in the use of force."

The details — spelled out in a "notice to airmen," or NOTAM, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration — also restricts everything from hang-gliders to model airplanes during the convention, which opens Aug. 25 at the Pepsi Center and runs for four days.

The restrictions are necessary for security, said FAA spokesman Mike Fergus.

"How many pounds of TNT can a Cessna carry? How many pounds of nitroglycerine can a model plane carry?" Fergus asked. "We don't know, but the point is the risk is there."

Similar flight rules will apply in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where the Republican National Convention is scheduled Sept. 1-4.
Not affected by restrictions on airspace but affected by a lack of air due to Denver's altitude? Try Viagra or Cialis (seriously)

•No mail allowed--Denver's downtown mailboxes are being removed for DNC security, will be replaced after the convention; the Secret Service is also looking to buy vehicle barriers for the Pepsi Center

National Guard seeking Downtown base for DNC?

More street closures announced (Federal and Colfax, most notably) for Thursday's Obama at Invesco finale

•Hell hath no fury like Hillary fans scorned--Hillary Clinton's supporters plan DNC uprising, ad buys, and parades; an interview with Colorado's sole Clinton superdelegate holdout

DNCC begins release of DNC nightly schedule, complete with headline speakers, daily themes, and a plan to become "America's Town Hall" (and Michelle Malkin invites you to make your own DNC "schedule"); Michelle Obama earns the leadoff spot on Monday night of the convention

Tent State relinquishes City Park permit, Code Pink reveals disruptive tactics

Not much "change" there--Denver Mint will be closed during the convention, and Recreate '68 will have little to shake out when they try to "levitate" the Mint

•"Make Fun, Not War!"--"peace bats" drawn as "Yippies" take on law enforcement, no arrests made or bribes taken (you'll have to read it to understand)

•Drunkablog, without a thought to possible bodily harm, wades into the moonbat cesspool to examine the new but still tentative Recreate '68 schedule of events for the DNC, including stellar appearances by none other than the reclusive Ward "no longer a CU professor" Churchill and Cynthia McKinney

•Drunkablog continues his coverage of the "greenest convention ever!" with another update on the DNC carbon footprint challenge

DNC parties for networking

•Not quite ready for our closeup, Mr. DeMille--Denver tackles long overdue "spring cleaning" to get ready for DNC

At least we'll be able to park Downtown--parking lots expect less business as Denverites abandon city and attendees turn to alternative transportation; Limos, on the other hand, will be in short supply; car rental prices spiking; DNC housing bubble as residents seek to cash in on limited accommodations

•Tom Hayden, '60s lefty and apparently the RMN's source for Sixties countercultural/leftist insight, was interviewed, and a complete transcript is now available

Tuesday cutoff for Invesco Field "community credential" applications is here

•Got a spare $10k? MSNBC would like to chat . . .; ABC expanding convention coverage to all 4 nights

GLBT events announced; "Party with a Purpose" events announced featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Annette Bening, Susan Sarandon, and Christ Tucker

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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