August 12, 2008

Colorado Primary Night Roundup

Ben has a roundup of results, as does Rocky Mountain Right, who's tracking election night results.

First, a hearty congratulations to fellow RMA blogger and friend Joshua Sharf, who was successful in his primary campaign. On to November!

Reflections on the other larger races (CD-6, CD-5, CD-2):
CD-6: So, how long will it take before soon-to-be ex-Secretary of State Mike Coffman to announce his candidacy for the 2010 Senate matchup against Ken Salazar? Just sayin'. Seriously, Coffman's election in CD-6 in November should provide the platform for a run at higher office no earlier than 2014, for an open Governorship (a re-elected Bill Ritter would be term-limited) or for Senate against Mark Udall (should Bob Schaffer lose). A run in 2010 will strain credulity, and prompt the question, is Coffman running for office to represent the people, or to represent Mike Coffman? Coffman should plan on holding the seat for at least 3 terms before remotely contemplating moving any higher up the political ladder in Colorado.

CD-5: Two way primaries provide a necessary level of competition for any party. Three-way (and higher) primaries simply favor the incumbent, and Doug Lamborn certainly benefited from a split opposition. Too bad for Jeff Crank, who would have likely been a much better long-term occupant in CD-5.

CD-2: Ditto on the three-way primary, except in this case, it helped to benefit the candidate--Jared Polis--with the deepest pockets. So now one of the "Gang of Four" has purchased a seat in the House. So that's how Democrats take the money out of politics! Oh wait, nevermind . . .

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