August 11, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 14--DNC Schedule Takes Shape, Denver "No Fly" Zone

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Monday August 11, 2008--No. 14

Denver "no-fly zone" for DNC, violators may see "use of force":
The federal government is closing airspace over Denver during the Democratic National Convention later this month — and warning pilots that if they stray into the restricted area it "may result in the use of force."

The details — spelled out in a "notice to airmen," or NOTAM, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration — also restricts everything from hang-gliders to model airplanes during the convention, which opens Aug. 25 at the Pepsi Center and runs for four days.

The restrictions are necessary for security, said FAA spokesman Mike Fergus.

"How many pounds of TNT can a Cessna carry? How many pounds of nitroglycerine can a model plane carry?" Fergus asked. "We don't know, but the point is the risk is there."

Similar flight rules will apply in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where the Republican National Convention is scheduled Sept. 1-4.
Not affected by restrictions on airspace but affected by a lack of air due to Denver's altitude? Try Viagra or Cialis (seriously)

•No mail allowed--Denver's downtown mailboxes are being removed for DNC security, will be replaced after the convention; the Secret Service is also looking to buy vehicle barriers for the Pepsi Center

National Guard seeking Downtown base for DNC?

More street closures announced (Federal and Colfax, most notably) for Thursday's Obama at Invesco finale

•Hell hath no fury like Hillary fans scorned--Hillary Clinton's supporters plan DNC uprising, ad buys, and parades; an interview with Colorado's sole Clinton superdelegate holdout

DNCC begins release of DNC nightly schedule, complete with headline speakers, daily themes, and a plan to become "America's Town Hall" (and Michelle Malkin invites you to make your own DNC "schedule"); Michelle Obama earns the leadoff spot on Monday night of the convention

Tent State relinquishes City Park permit, Code Pink reveals disruptive tactics

Not much "change" there--Denver Mint will be closed during the convention, and Recreate '68 will have little to shake out when they try to "levitate" the Mint

•"Make Fun, Not War!"--"peace bats" drawn as "Yippies" take on law enforcement, no arrests made or bribes taken (you'll have to read it to understand)

•Drunkablog, without a thought to possible bodily harm, wades into the moonbat cesspool to examine the new but still tentative Recreate '68 schedule of events for the DNC, including stellar appearances by none other than the reclusive Ward "no longer a CU professor" Churchill and Cynthia McKinney

•Drunkablog continues his coverage of the "greenest convention ever!" with another update on the DNC carbon footprint challenge

DNC parties for networking

•Not quite ready for our closeup, Mr. DeMille--Denver tackles long overdue "spring cleaning" to get ready for DNC

At least we'll be able to park Downtown--parking lots expect less business as Denverites abandon city and attendees turn to alternative transportation; Limos, on the other hand, will be in short supply; car rental prices spiking; DNC housing bubble as residents seek to cash in on limited accommodations

•Tom Hayden, '60s lefty and apparently the RMN's source for Sixties countercultural/leftist insight, was interviewed, and a complete transcript is now available

Tuesday cutoff for Invesco Field "community credential" applications is here

•Got a spare $10k? MSNBC would like to chat . . .; ABC expanding convention coverage to all 4 nights

GLBT events announced; "Party with a Purpose" events announced featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Annette Bening, Susan Sarandon, and Christ Tucker

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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