August 11, 2008

August 12 Primary--Don't Forget To Vote

You'd think that with all the attention on the DNC, we forgot about actually voting.

The primary is tomorrow, August 12. Here is a link to the voting locations for Denver (search by address), including other voter information, such as where to drop off mail-in ballots (it's too late to actually mail them in).

For more ballot information in other counties, the Rocky has an extensive roundup.

The only candidate we have endorsed to this point or will endorse before tomorrow's primary is Joshua Sharf for HD 6. Our previous coverage of his campaign and earlier endorsement can be found here, as well as the analysis of his opponent, Rima Sinclair. As if there needed to be any more reason to vote for Sharf, try this recent article that outlines Rima's belief that the "Zionists" control the Western media. The bottom line--Sharf is a principled conservative, whose positions are within the mainstream of the GOP. Rima's political positions are ambiguous, her campaign has been one where the "victim card" has been overplayed, and the contest itself isn't so much about winning the HD 6 seat (which will be a tall task for any GOP candidate), but in not allowing stealth candidates with little in the way of a paper trail on positions and quite disturbing beliefs about key allies to go unchallenged in a primary.

Some have argued in comments elsewhere that this GOP primary is about "proving who is more conservative" or pitting a "neocon" against a "terrorist sympathizer." Sharf and Sinclair have different views, and those views should be aired out before the voters, and neither party benefits by having uncontested candidates at the primary stage, especially at the state and local level. Just as Sharf and Sinclair's rival Democrats slug it out in their own three-way race, political competition is a sign of a healthy and robust republic. Given that Sharf and Sinclair are so different in outlook can only prove that at least on the GOP side, there is no lockstep party conformity.

We look forward to supporting the GOP candidates in the general election, and have enjoyed watching as interested observers these past few months as candidates walked precincts, made calls, bought ads, and made their case to voters.

Bring on Nov. 4!

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