August 05, 2008

Tent State Protestors Seek Shelter Outside City Park, Whine About Denver "Not Helping"

Awww, poor Tent Staters couldn't convince the city of Denver to toss out it's long-standing no-camping rule in city parks. Boo hoo--take your unhygienic, patchouli-laced nuttiness elsewhere:
A leader of a group that had hoped to camp thousands of protesters in City Park during the Democratic National Convention said he hopes to announce a possible alternative Wednesday.

Tent State University organizer Adam Jung said the group remained disillusioned over how city officials have handled the camping suggestions.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and other officials have said they will stick to the city's ban against camping in the park.

Tent State has a conditional use permit to use the park during the convention, but Hickenlooper and other officials have said protesters must leave the park at 11 p.m. Tent State still must submit detailed plans to city officials on Friday for final approval of the group's plans for the park.

Jung said the group now is coming up with alternatives that could alleviate the camping controversy, but he declined to give specifics.

"We're doing this on our own," he said. "The city certainly isn't helping us."
Take note. This is a window into the mind of the moonbat.

Protest the city, decry it's ordinances, whine about treatment. Then complain that that same city "isn't helping."

That's what years of moonbat indoctrination about the dependence on others, namely the government, results in--a complete uselessness of the individual. You are nothing without the all-knowing nanny-state. You can't think for yourself. You are dependent on others for everything. Whine about "oppression," and then whine about not being helped by your "oppressors."


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