July 29, 2008

Fox 31 Debate--Photos

Behind the scenes at the Fox 31 debate--"Colorado 2031 to air next Sunday, 10pm, on Fox 31 after the news.

The set, bare just a few minutes earlier, has been prepared and awaits the candidates Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall, and the host Ron Zappolo.

Zappolo prepares his mic.

Host Zappolo encourages an "anything goes" atmosphere and what would become a "guided conversation" rather than a traditional debate.

Schaffer argues a point during the first segment, which of course focused on energy--what mattered most to Colorado voters.

What we have here is a not only a closeup of the Fox 31 camera, but an example of Udall's most frequently used gesture--the double "click" position.

Schaffer explains his positions on energy as Zappolo looks on.

Udall responds--there's those hands again.

Waiting his turn.


Yep. The hands. Again.

A view from the inside.

The host was able to see what the audience will see with the use of this monitor.

From the other angle.

A wide shot (the hands!)

A friendly exchange.

Udall's closing remarks.

Bob's closing remarks.

Schaffer--gotta bring down the energy prices.


A spirited and frenzied dialogue, and handshakes all around.

Media swarms Schaffer (foreground), while Udall (background, next to ladders and obscured by the reporter in the white shirt) answers a few questions after abruptly exiting the studio following the debate.

Udall gets his opportunity to chat with the reporters.

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