July 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 32-30

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday July 24, Friday July 25 and Saturday July 26, 2008--No. 32-30


•Still want tickets to Invesco Field? Barack Obama needs some campaign volunteers . . .

•Don't "piss" them off says Drunkablog (with a roundup)--house used to store "urine" prepared for DNC confrontation (some NSFW language) ("Urine-nation"? "Urinetown"? "Urine" good hands with Recreate '68?) and Denver law enforcement deny "goo" gun or "crap" cannon purchases and have just managed to discover the protestors' websites; More unproductive "dialogue" between Denver law enforcement and protestors; Pro-Troops group Gathering of Eagles will be demonstrating right across from the Recreate '68 crowd on August 24 during the big anti-war parade

Protestors and the city of Denver and Secret Service are sparring over language and protesting arrangements during DNC on eve of next week's trial

20K-50K protestors expected at DNC (the DailyKostards think Recreate '68 is a Republican/Limbaugh plot):
With just one month to go until the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the city and the Secret Service are preparing for activist crowds estimated to be between 20,000 and 50,000.
. . .
“I think we have to give the police the ability to act in certain circumstances where the intent … is clear. That is to act before something actually happens,” said Al Lacabe, safety manager in Denver.

Police will not comment on whether they will use stun prods and shields, or guns that fire pepper balls.

But at a recent City Council meeting, Denver police revealed some of the equipment they are acquiring to meet potential threats. On the list is something called “the bearcat,” a tactical vehicle used by SWAT teams.

They’ll also use mountain bikes to get around the convention scene more easily.

Police deny rumors they will be using any high-tech sonic wave weapons that cause people to lose control of their bowels, or that use “slime” or “goo” to immobilize protesters.
Even the local lefties are skeptical of Recreate '68 and the intent of the protestors.

Unconventional Action's latest updates

DNC still placing hope on their carbon offset scheme for "Green Delegate Challenge"

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