July 17, 2008

MSM Rediscovers DNC Protestors For The 1000th Time; Obama At Invesco Ticket Plans Produce More Questions Than Answers

Not much new here--a repetition of plans for "non-violence" and preemptive blame on police, with neither police nor protestors discussing plans in any great detail--except that they will be watching the watchers watch them (or something like that):
Dozens of protest groups are planning a full schedule of classes, concerts, marches and other actions during the Democratic National Convention, hoping to capture the world's attention and recruit a new crop of activists.

They are both energized and organized, and most insist they are not looking for trouble.

"We are completely peaceful," said Rob Weiland, a 37-year-old courier from Denver and member of the group We Are Change Colorado. "We follow the ideals of Ghandi."

The organization will be videotaping other groups and police during the DNC, scheduled for Aug. 25 to 28.

They'll post the videos on YouTube or the group's Web site, so the public may see what's happening without the filter of mainstream media, Weiland said.

If any protest groups are provoking police, he added, "our cameras will be on them."
So will ours.

Barack Obama's speech at Invesco Field has many unanswered questions, with just a little over a month to go--the who, what, and how many are still unclear:
How many people will get in? How will tickets be distributed? Where will the stage be set up? What time will Obama, the Democratic Party's presumed presidential nominee, give his historic speech?

All of it is still on the drawing board.

"When we roll it out, we want to roll it out right," said Jenny Backus, a senior adviser to the Obama campaign.
Then there's security, those pesky protestors, any potential Clinton infiltrators, road blockages to resolve, where everyone will park, etc.

We'll keep you updated.

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