July 13, 2008

World Naked Bike Ride, Denver Edition (NSFW)

Big time NSFW and eye bleach warning:

Protestors and police discuss ordinances.

Easily the most attractive moonbat of the night.

A rather vocal protestor, he later "dropped trou" and managed only a discreet front covering.

Another protestor doesn't quite pull off the "Princess Leia" look, while the vigilant CopWatch observers filmed everything.

More discussions.

"Go Green!"

"Choke on this gas!"

Blue body paint, unshaved pits, underwear--what makes the naked bike rides great!

You'll love your new world odor order!


And they're off!

Bodypainted moonbats receive their police escort.

Drunkablog has more revealing photos, and a link to last year's event, where everyone appears to have been ticketed.

Flashback--Boulder's June 14 World Naked Bike Ride took place during the day, with even more NSFW viewing pleasure (and some of the same people).

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