July 12, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 44

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Saturday July 12, 2008--No. 44

Here's yet another way for you to get in on a little DNC action:
We have one simple question for you: why are you a Democrat in 2008?

Actually, we have a few more questions for you…

Would you like to receive paid travel and hotel accommodations to attend the Democratic National Convention, held August 25-28 in Denver?

Would you like to opportunity to present your thoughts at the Convention hall in front of thousands of delegates, guests, and media?

Oh, and one more question – would you like to spend the day in the presidential campaign press pool, documenting a day in the life on the campaign trail?

Interested? Just create a short video explaining why you are a Democrat in your community. Submit the video at www.youtube.com/demconvention, and you could be chosen to trhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifavel to Denver!
And listen to DNC Chairman Howard Dean for details--you know you want to--Yaaaarrrggghh!!

•Be sure to make your support for Obama known at Invesco--create your own Obamessiah propaganda! (and if it's critical, I'm sure they won't mind)

CNN's extensive DNC and RNC coverage detailed in press release--for not being "wall-to-wall" it is quite impressive (in scope, not necessarily quality)

•Pre-trial conference for ACLU and the merry band of protestors suing the city and the Secret Service will take place Monday

At least $10.2 million for DNC security; Yoga festival kicks off in Denver's City Park on eve of DNC; 3 CBS affiliates will skip Obama's Invesco speech; MSM angst over speech move continues; Local caterers will have a tough time serving the DNC guests, even without the much-ridiculed "guidelines" (55K mini-chile rellenos!)

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