July 11, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 45

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Friday July 11, 2008--No. 45

The DNC "Greening Director" is mocked by no less than the Washington Post--"Greening Director? Is that like, Dancing Instructor? Or Tanning Protector? Or Programming Selector?"--more like moonbat wrangler

•Anarchists meeting this weekend to plot strategies and practice tactics in advance of the DNC send mixed messages about violence (Drunkablog covered it, oh, only a month ago):
Numerous anti-war groups have announced their intention to demonstrate in Denver during the Aug. 25-28 convention, but most have promised peaceful actions. The language of the anarchist groups is more confrontational. Unconventional Denver is part of a national group of anarchists planning to descend on Denver.

The group says it will engage in nonviolent direct action and has called for protesters "to engage in a broad variety of tactics to disrupt fundraising events and prevent Democratic delegates from putting on the spectacle they claim as democracy," according to the group's website.

Unconventional Denver wants to shut down, disrupt or delay the convention; storm events; and "ensure that the DNC is a thing of rowdy beauty."
Even bloggers on the left don't buy the "non-violence" claims, and that is saying something.

Colorado GOP chair Dick Wadhams stays quiet on the opportunities that the DNC presents:
Who knew that Dick Wadhams could be so coy?

The outspoken, doesn't-hold-anything-back chairman of the Colorado Republican Party is staying mum about the GOP's plans when Democrats arrive en masse in Denver in August.

"We've got a lot of things we're talking about and putting into motion, but that's not something I want to telegraph right now," Wadhams said.

A national pundit who tracks U.S. Senate races said when she talks to Wadhams about Denver hosting the Democratic National Convention he sounds downright "giddy."

"There is a sense that this is only good for Colorado Republicans," said Jennifer Duffy of the nonpartisan Cook Report in Washington.

That's because Republicans are counting on traffic woes, uber liberals and protesters to turn off unaffiliated voters, the largest voting bloc in the state.
Some things just don't need to be explained, do they?

Drunkablog has an update on the artist hoax punking Recreate '68 with flyers/emails threatening a beatdown; D-blog takes a look at the people looking to the heavens for signs of DNC chaos (and some DNC recycling news); DIA's new carpet in time for the DNC

Odds in favor of pleasant weather for Obama's speech at Invesco Field

•What's in a name--the real reason why Invesco Field was chosen over Coors Field?; A peek inside Invesco Field as Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry go over plans

Invesco Field headache for area residents?

•Denver's Auditorium Theater--and site of the 1908 Democratic National Convention--turned 100

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