July 17, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 39

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Thursday July 17, 2008--No. 39


**Update--questions persist over whether or not I-25 will actually be closed

Recreate '68 lawyer David Lane predicts clashes at the DNC (preemptively, of course) and Glenn Spagnuolo discusses a protestor march on Invesco Field for Barack Obama's speech on the DNC's final night

I-25 will be closed for Barack Obama's Invesco Field speech:
I-25 carries its heaviest traffic in the stretch past Invesco Field. The 3.4 miles between the Interstate 70 interchange to the north and Colfax Avenue to the south saw average daily traffic in 2007 of more than a quarter million vehicles at the Park Avenue overpass.

That's the highest traffic count in Colorado.

Discarded suggestions for securing I-25 included banning all truck traffic but allowing cars, or posting police along the shoulders near the stadium to prevent any vehicles from stopping.
No word on plans for Federal Bouldevard, a possible alternate route for displaced interstate traffic, given its proximity to Invesco Field as well.

LoDo residents seek answers to DNC questions about parking credentials, road closures, and access--some plans not finalized yet

Tent State's City Park plans not overwhelmingly popular, as logistics concerns and the impact to neighborhood residents have yet to be addressed

Community service for DNC delegates?


Judge rules anti-RNC protestors won't be able to encircle and march on the Xcel Energy Center due to safety and security concerns

RNC meets fundraising deadline, $39 million raised

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