July 16, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 40

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Wednesday July 16--No. 40


•Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and representatives from Tent State met in private to discuss the possibility of thousands of protestors in town for the DNC camping in City Park (nope, illegal), or being bused in daily from campsites elsewhere in the city; Proposed alternative from Hickenlooper? The Denver Stock Show yard--ha ha ha; Tent State's Adam Jung rejects Stock Yard arrangement and, shocker, was unable to convince City Park neighbors to allow overnight camping, with 90% opposed

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Road closures in Denver threaten to snarl traffic from Denver's western suburbs; more details released for residents of Downtown Denver and local businesses--full pdf here; no word yet on traffic plans around Invesco Field, but parking in surrounding lots will be banned--no tailgating, and no idea where 75000 people will park

•Massive anti-illegal immigration counter-rally scheduled for DNC

•Details of regional law enforcement assisting with security for the DNC, threaten to "overmilitarize" the community; Weapons purchased by police for DNC security could stay secret

Denver courts expect long hours, extensive backlogs if mass arrests occur during DNC

More celebrities slated for DNC concerts, fundraisers

•Dems' convention catering suggestions/requirements/guidelines "elitist and out of touch"

Activists/protestors plan their own misinformation media campaign during DNC

Michelle Obama in town for $1000-a-plate fundraiser

Plans to limit homeless meals creates backlash, some charities refuse; city denies attempt to "hide" homeless

DemConWatch has a daily roundup of other DNC news; Crosby, Stills and Nash sing "Denver," an update to their song "Chicago"

•Obama's fundraising raffle, with backstage passes to Invesco Field, is back on--legally

Auraria's 3 schools, wireless system, will shut down during convention


Anarchist "Olympics" planned in Chicago to prepare for anti-RNC protests--"Workshops/Sessions include How to Form An Affinity Group, Armor DIY/Safety and Defense, Street Medic/Guerrilla First Aid, Blockading Tactics/Conditioning, Strategizing Sessions, Presentations from Bash Back!, UA, Anarchist Black Cross, and many more!"

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