July 17, 2008

DNC Emergency Alert Texting Debuts

Taking it to the text level (sorry, got nothing on this one--hope it's not needed):
Anyone who is in Denver during the Democratic National Convention next month can sign up for the city's new emergency alert system.

The alert system will send out messages via text or e-mail about possible dangers and threats. City leaders also may broadcast alerts about unexpected road closures during the event.

The system is active now and already has more than 1,000 subscribers. It's being managed by a group called the Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership, whose goal is to "enhance disaster preparedness and response in the Denver Metro area."

Ellis Stanley, Director of DNC planning for Denver's Office of Emergency Management, said CEPP's program fills a gap. "At the end of the day we are all in this together whenever we are faced with disasters."

The messaging system is supported by MissionMode, a leading provider of emergency notifications and crisis management software.

All messages are provided and approved by public safety officials.
There is no mention of cost, but only 1K subscribers seems unlikely to be cost-effective.

**Update--Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper discusses DNC security, road closures, encouraging people to stay in Denver.

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