July 22, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 34

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Tuesday July 22, 2008--No. 34


Change indeed--DNC gets state and federal gasoline tax breaks from Denver, by using the city's gas pumps to fill up

Squirt guns filled with urine? It's a possibility, and local jurisdictions are being urged to pass ordinances that "bar protestors from carrying items such as metal wiring, wooden clubs, slingshots, gas masks, and squirt guns within demonstration areas"--including Denver and Arapahoe County

•Think the DNC wasn't attracting a fun-loving crowd of moonbats? The "clowns" are coming--the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army to be exact:
When King George was looking down the jester stole his thorny crown with PR magic it soon will pass a crown now sits upon an ass. Now is the time to laugh and poke at all of those bewitched by “hope”. Come one come all with juggling balls and stilts to rise above their walls. Their crooked joke will not besiege for the lords will soon be on their knees…laughing

Send in the Clowns! CIRCA, the clandestine insurgent rebel clown army is gathering for the largest comedy act of the year– the DNC in Denver, Colorado, USA. Our first meet and greet will be held on August 19th, 5:30pm at the Mercury Cafe(2199 California, 22nd & California). For more information, questions, and or comments please type to: circadnc08@gmail.com.

The clowns were unavailable for comment (actually, they ate the journalist)

“Your right to free speech goes as far as a cop’s billy-club will allow it go”--Denver's self-appointed First Amendment guru and celebrity lawyer David Lane, on defense attorneys' preparations for the DNC

"Street Puppet Coordinator"--an official Recreate '68 position, Barack Obama's DNC pad, and more celebrities headed for Denver

•The Civic Center--the preferred choice for political rallies in Denver, including the DNC--isn't so spectacular at night, and the writing is on the wall

•PSA--DNC community forums begin this weekend for Denver residents with questions about the impact of the convention (actual answers not guaranteed)

Hillary-supporting "PUMAs" plan bus convoy to Denver for DNC

•Denver moonbats, coordinating with others across the country, will hold an anti-Iran war protest August 2--and Gathering of Eagles will be there to "welcome" them

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