July 21, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 38-35

**Tons of links from a weekend playing catch-up--scroll for RNC related links

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Friday July 18, Saturday July 19, Sunday July 20 and Monday July 21 2008--No. 38-35


•With 5 weeks left until the convention, serious questions remain about the DNC, despite Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's persistent optimism

•Whew--FBI declares "no credible threat" of terrorism for DNC, isn't sure about hygiene, whining . . . (cool side note--Denver's FBI special agent in charge helped process Saddam Hussein after his capture in Iraq); Denver spending $25 million on law enforcement to ensure that the FBI is right; 500+ rooms to be rented for the Colorado National Guard during the DNC

Recreate '68 "revamps" site to appear less hypocritical about professed "non-violence"--more "hippie," less "militant"--same BS, different style

•Shocker--Mayor Hickenlooper's senior advisor for the DNC ridicules protestors at community impact meeting by questioning their ability to draw they numbers they claim, protestors reliably outraged

•What is most worrisome to Mayor Hickenlooper--riots? Protests? Economic impact? Nope. Just the locals abandoning Denver and turning the city into a "ghost town"; Hickenlooper hopes to avoid a confrontation over overnight camping in Denver's parks by asserting that no one camped out during those protests in the 1960s

•Denver's homeless plan--giving them a little "culture" with free tickets to the Zoo--hasn't been very well-received by national media; Denver denies attempt to "hide" the homeless, hopes to "engage them" in DNC activities and help them "escape from the heat"

Barack Obama's campaign convention planner declares importance of delivering a "convention speech well," Obama speech a "hotter ticket than Springsteen"

•DNC CEO Leah Daughtry--bringing black liberation theology and religion to the Democrats?

Democrats seek input on their party platform for the DNC--what would you recommend?

Unconventional Action has released its most updated plans for the DNC and RNC, with maps produced by a "professional radical cartographer" (I missed that one on career day!)

•Why are the protestors protesting exactly? One moonbat offers an explanation

•Hand-wringing alert--The Denver Post is beginning to feel sorry for the protestors, expressing "concern"

•Not to worry though, legal assistance and training for protestors has already commenced, with classes also scheduled the day before the DNC for the procrastinating anarchists; Denver power attorney David Lane (Columbus Day protestors, Ward Churchill, etc.) says that "ill-trained" law enforcement just might lead to recreating '68

•Will there be a Clintonista revival at the DNC? The "Denver Group" hopes there will be

•The shirt off her back--Rep. Diana DeGette will provide 300 matching shirts for the DNC to her House colleagues

•Wanna be a trendy DNC "fashionista"? Try these shirts on for size

Delegate/media "swag" bags revealed--with "Coke" logo (in the Pepsi Center)

Denver churches claim they have been largely ignored in DNC planning

More info on CNN's planned DNC coverage; the Pepsi Center gets "wired" for the convention

Denver Open Media hopes to be the indie alternative source to the MSM for TV and radio for independent journalists and bloggers, liberal and conservative

Flower power or Daisy dud for DNC?

The latest update on Hollywood's "brain trust" that will attend the DNC


•:RNC hopes 3000 law enforcement officers will be enough for event

RNC still behind in volunteers for convention, timing (Labor Day weekend) and politics (less enthusiasm for Sen. John McCain)

Protestors' manifesto on shutting down the RNC

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