July 31, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 26-25

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Wednesday July 30 and Thursday July 31, 2008--No. 26-25


Former Gov. Bill Owens and former Senator Gary Hart believe there will be little DNC disruption--not "that much anger at the Democratic Party from the left" and "much ado about nothing" (Owens), only "glitches" (Hart); full 26 minute webcast from PoliticsWest on a variety of political topics:

USA Today is "clueless" about city's treatment of DNC protestors

DNC protestors lawsuit trial concludes, no clear timeline for decision; protestors plan "freedom cage" breakout; Secret Service subpoenas Glenn Spagnuolo of Recreate '68 but fails to get to him on the record as their allotted time ran out

Good news! Protestors will be able to use bullhorns and city-provided loudspeakers to "address" delegates, will also be allowed to have a table for leaflets and other info for delegates "along the main thoroughfare" for delegates

Yet another rosy interview of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper

Colorado's DNC delegation will be "carbon neutral" thanks to Denver City Auditor, only 26 of Colorado's 79 had paid $7.50 each for the "carbon offsets"

Evangelicals' DNC plans:
The convention stew of politicians, delegates, protesters and general hoopla that will be served to the city next month just got another ingredient - a group of 60 evangelical churches planning a "quiet demonstration" throughout the four-day event.

One Church Metro Denver will set up operations, including a tent, at Creekfront Park at Larimer Street and Speer Boulevard in the heart of the Democratic National Convention buzz.

From Monday, Aug. 25, through the convention's closing night Thursday, volunteers will distribute water, pray with people and offer live worship music, said spokesman Steve Chavis. Volunteers also will go through downtown to help with trash pickup.

By "quiet demonstration" the churches want to show there's another way to make a point than "vocal public actions," he said.

"If there's no yelling and no protest signs, are we still saying anything? Yes we are, but it's not loud and it's not angry," Chavis said. "That's how One Church Metro Denver wants to interact."
Westword's finest have posted a video "introduction" to Denver for the DNC that is chock-full of stereotypes, playing up Denver's hick, cowtown image, and is bound to tick off the local AIM/Columbus Day protestors (although the bit about Boulder is priceless):

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Jon Caldara talks Tent State and camping in City Park; Mike Rosen discusses the DNC and RNC plans of the anarchist protest group Unconventional Action (15 min to 25 min mark)

FYI--Secret Service stats and powers

Yet another DNC blogger puff piece; DNC plans targeted Latino marketing

The latest Denver DNC community forum; Thousands of DNC volunteers will be from out-of-state; The burning balloon drop question for the DNC; Preliminary DNC schedule taking shape; Hillary Clinton as keynote speaker?; DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry answers convention questions

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