August 05, 2008

"Call For Noise"--Protestors To Reclaim "The Streets" At DNC

Prepare the pots! Crank the boom box! It's time to do a little more "urban reclamation" of Denver's city streets from the brutal law enforcement and evil corporations:
Calling all mobile musicians, marching bands, and folks who want to make noise and reclaim the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention–we need you!

On the first day of action during the DNC, we’ll be reclaiming the streets from the police and corporate occupation of Denver. Our celebration in and of the streets will be one of music and noise and so we are inviting mobile musicians, insurrectionary marching bands, radical cheerleaders, and all others who want to make the streets a joyous, vibrant space to come to Denver and add your voice, noise, and music to our collective expression of autonomy and freedom from occupation.

If drums, horns, or strings aren’t your style, come with pots, pans, sticks, and boom boxes to lend your hand in the noise. We’ll demonstrate that real transformation does not come from the parties of the ruling class inside convention centers but from the people and in the streets!

Get a hold of the Urban Reclamation Front of Unconventional Denver ( and let us know if you’ll be arriving with a band, an instrument, a boom box, or pots and pans. We’ll have space to store noise devices and tools of clamor if you arrive early or are able to bring more than you’ll need for yourself to share with comrades. Get your noise ready and we’ll see each other in the streets!

For revolution….for music….for noise!
For pete's sake!

Better bring some earplugs along with that eye bleach to the protests . . .

Lemme guess--"hey hey, ho ho" or "this is what democracy looks like" and several other recycled protest chants.

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