August 10, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 16-15: Advice From 1968 "Chicago Eight" Moonbat Tom Hayden

Photo by Don Caspere © Chicago Tribune/1968--The Chicago Seven, who were charged with conspiring to incite the riots that erupted during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, are, in foreground from left: Lee Weiner; Rennie Davis; David Dellinger, holding his granddaughter; Abbie Hoffman; Jerry Rubin; Tom Hayden; and John Froines. The group was called the Chicago Eight until Bobby Seale's case was severed.

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10, 2008--Nos. 16-15

•Awww--Tent State says no to daily "Long March" from City Park to the Pepsi Center, moves to the much-closer (but still off-limits to camping) Cuernavaca Park near Coors Field; Tent State nixes $1000/night digs (price for the whole group, not individually) at the Denver Coliseum

Denver building managers prepare for the worst, including building lockdowns

•In part 1 of a project 10 part "Unconventional Wisdom" series, 1968 DNC "Chicago 8" arrestee and New Left moonbat Tom Hayden offers some advice to Denver--oh, and the FBI is evil, by the way:

•No bikes at the Pepsi Center or Invesco Field--security concerns trump "green" convention mandates

Democrats plan a little old-time religion for "people of faith" with an interfaith service on Sunday, August 24 (you can grab some tickets by RSVPing for required tickets, the service is free and open to the public)

Some very serious (and not so serious, though quite humorous) suggestions for visitors concerned with altitude sickness here in Denver

Close, but no cigar--former President Bill Clinton will have to speak at the convention on behalf of presumptive nominee Barack Obama and not his wife Hillary; tentative line-up of potential A-list Democrat politicos speaking at the DNC

What, exactly, is a delegate to a national party convention?; Delegates will see a "bolder" platform than the one put forth in 2004

Other Western states aren't happy about the ticket arrangement for Barack Obama's Invesco Field speech

DIA gets DNC makeover; Let 1000 DNC banners bloom

•Convention security "Fusion Centers?"

•Mason Tvert and SAFER--a different "green" for the DNC

•Good news for protestors--DNC legal observer training continues

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