August 18, 2008

Democratic National Convention Countdown, No. 8-7: DNC Schedule Takes Shape

The DNC-related promotions begin in earnest

Democratic National Convention Daily Digest and Open Thread
Sunday August 17 and Monday August 18, 2008--No. 8-7

•DNC events are still rolling in, and these lists are by no means comprehensive or final, but you can get a sense of the hundreds of activities that will surround Denver during the DNC--some in association with the Dems, some in marked opposition:


(requires email registration)


Alliance for Real Democracy

Recreate '68

Food Not Bombs

Festival of Democracy

Unconventional Action

Grassroots Progressives


Obama VP selection due this week?; more anecdotal evidence that volunteering was, in fact, really, really helpful in securing Obama tickets (partial list of DNC speakers released); Obama's face plastered Downtown; Convention invocation to focus on "justice" and "peace"

Ralph Nader "super rallies" during DNC and RNC

•First stop--Drunkablog's roundups--protesters protest "Gitmo on the Platte" and argue over the site's "secrecy" (more "Gitmo" details and history of the building); Obama speech credentials/badges are distributed to the lucky few; CU Denver grad student attempts defense of Recreate '68 and "non-violence"; Recreate '68 has a new schedule that will shortly be replaced by an even newer schedule to be announced today

•"Gitmo on the Platte" not torturous enough? Amnesty International to bring bring real Gitmo detention cell to DNC (be sure to remember that orange jumpsuit you've been dying to wear)

DemConWatch has a slew of DNC stuff--1000 free bikes for DNC; Are conventions worth the media coverage?--the plans are quite extensive; Lucky 10 who snagged backstage Obama passes; the Dems' updated party platform; tracking the weather forecast for Obama's Invesco speech; a complete list of DNC speakers--a who's who--for each night of the convention; desperate and last-minute DNC attendees/protesters looking for a few good couches

•Pepsi Center and surrounding environs begin pre-DNC cleanup as most work has been completed, with doors set to open for Friday's open house

DNC makeover for Mount Evans highway; VIP rail cars in town for DNC

Freedom from Religion billboard to remain in place through DNC; messages of peace from faith-based groups at DNC

No DNC camping in Wheat Ridge

•Got Obama tix? Arrive early--and don't bring much with you; No "sweet" suite access for some Invesco Field suiteholders for Obama's speech

•Not what you think--homeless "cut-a-thon"

Extensive livestreaming coverage of DNC from WashPost and Newsweek; CNN "mini-bureau" to open in Denver

More celeb performers to play DNC gigs

All previous Daily Digests can be found here.

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