May 18, 2008

DNC Meme In Action--Law Enforcement, Not Protestors, To Blame

Drunkablog and SP have been detailing the extent to which the anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-American moonbat protestors led by Glenn Spagnuolo, Recreate '68, and others at this summer's Democratic National Convention have denied any violent intent--they claim to be pursuing the First Amendment freedoms they are guaranteed (and rightfully so).

If there is any violence, it will not be the protestors, but law enforcement cited as the instigators of the resultant mayhem, mass arrests, and possibly worse.

So today, at the Colorado Democrat party state convention in Colorado Springs, two such protestors engaged in a "dry run" to test police reactions--claiming that they were completely unaware of any such plan, and were instead the helpless victims of a twitchy law enforcement "dry run" instead:
Reporters kept asking me if the local Colorado Democratic State Convention was going to be a “dry run” for groups planning something big at the national convention in August. Perhaps their curiosity was peaked* by our mention on Michael Moore’s list of DNC dry run opportunities. I told them I was aware of no such plans, but it became clear to me today that my callers had been on to something. There was a dry run in the works, and it was being carried out by law enforcement.

I was arrested today, through no planning of my own. There was confusion over where the First Amendment applied and where it did not. The police seized upon the chance to arrest, process and hold us, until our opportunity to be heard had passed. We were mighty confused at the time, but in retrospect the police maneuver was carried out like clockwork.
Yep, those dastardly law enforcement officers went out of their way to personally target the two moonbats who were merely confused about what was going on, and where they could and could not protest.

It is a certainty that similar arguments will be leveled at the security detail surrounding the various venues of the Democratic National Convention. Claims of ignorance (on the part of protestors), lack of consultation with the protest groups, ill-defined "secure" areas, etc., are sure to be the order of the day. "Provocative" acts will be redefined as tests of freedom, and outright refusal to obey lawful police orders recast as the usual illegal oppression, silencing alternative viewpoints, yada yada yada.

Spagnuolo himself has stated, "if there's going to be violence, it will be instigated by the police." Even the law suit filed by the ACLU on behalf of the protesting groups positions the muddled moonbats as preemptive victims of a conspiracy by law enforcement and the Secret Service to keep them intentionally ignorant of the exact security parameters as a way of justifying the protestors' subsequent arrests.


*By the way, it's "piqued" not "peaked."

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