May 17, 2008

Colorado Democrat Party State Convention

“We are going to mop the floor with John McCain”--Rep. Diane DeGette, D-Denver

If you're interested in what our friends across the aisle are doing at the Colorado Democrat Party state convention, the folks at Colorado Confidential are team-blogging the event:

Day 1

Day 2

They also have some photos, a roundup of the invited state party bigwigs (Gov. Ritter, Congresswoman DeGette, Rep. Salazar and Sen. Salazar, Senate candidate Rep. Mark Udall, Rep. Perlmutter, and Clinton groupie and campaign manager Terry McAuliffe-stirs a bit of controversy with Clinton vs. Obama speech), and an update on two anti-war protestors arrested for leaving the "Free Speech Zone".

Not My Tribe, the blogging home of one of the arrested protestors, features a local Colorado Springs news bit on the anti-war protestors' plans on using this weekend's festivities as a "dry run" for Denver's Democratic National Convention in August.

There was also a moment of silence in Sen. Ted Kennedy's (D-MA) honor.

Other highlighted quotes (via The Rocky Mountain News):
Even before the event opened at 10 a.m. today, the crowd was on its feet as various slogans ran across huge TV screens at the World Arena:

“Right now, Marilyn Musgrave is shopping for moving vans.”

“Right now, Bob Schaffer is still trying to figure out what a Colorado mountain looks like.”

But the loudest whoops and hollers were reserved for this one:

“Right now, Tom Tancredo is serving up his last term in Congress.”

In the Denver County area, three Clinton supporters held up signs that read “Yes” “She” “Will.”
The euphoric atmosphere of the state convention no doubt elicited one of the more interesting comments of the day:
“We are going to mop the floor with John McCain,” promised Rep. Diane DeGette, D-Denver.

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