May 13, 2008

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Worries DNC Funding Will Come Up Short

Hosting a convention is expensive, and in spite of promises to Coloradans that the DNC would be fully funded, "Teflon" John Hickenlooper, Denver's Democrat Mayor, is having a hard time scrounging up the necessary convention cash:
Mayor John Hickenlooper revealed today that Denver and the host committee are struggling to raise the money they need by June 16 for the DNC.

The contract with the DNC Committee calls for them to have $40.6 million in the bank by next month.

Hickenlooper has been going around the country raising money for the DNC for the last year and a half - in fact, last week he was fund-raising in Minneapolis, the site of the Republican National Convention.

He said Denver has about $25 million in the bank. However, he added that the city has about $5.5 million in firm commitments.

"My greatest fear is if we aren't able to raise the money," he said this morning during the weekly mayor and City Council meeting.
He'll need $50 million for the convention, and another $50 million for cleanup, should the Recreate '68 moonbats end up trashing the city.

Not to mention the mess inside the Pepsi Center should Hillary Clinton hold out to the convention.

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