May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day; **Update--Code Pink And Mother's Acting Up Invade Boulder On . . . Stilts, Moonbat "Slam Poetry"

'Nuff said.  Thanks for everything, love you Mom!

**Update--But if that statement isn't radical enough for you, or your Mom is a moonbat, you can spend Mother's Day with the nasty witches radical crones of CodePink and Mothers Acting Up in Boulder, Colorado (via Drunkablog):
The environment is ailing, there's a war raging in Iraq, and there are children living in poverty around the globe. What's a concerned mother to do? Why, strap on a pair of stilts, of course.

At least that's the thinking for Mothers Acting Up (MAU), a Boulder-based global network of "mothers and others, on stilts or off, who exercise protective care over someone smaller." The group, which lists "Be Exuberant" as one of its guiding principles, seeks to mobilize that most primal of instincts--a mother's love--and turn it into a political force to be reckoned with. The stilts are just a unique way to bring attention to MAU's message of positive activism.

Stilts are "really the perfect metaphor for what we do," says Joellen Raderstorf, executive director and one of MAU's four founders. "Because getting up on stilts you're very visible, and this is what this is about, getting comfortable with being visible in our communities and speaking up on behalf of the world's children."

She adds, "Also, when you're on stilts, you need to keep moving forward, you really can't stop. And you have far-reaching vision, which I think is something that we really need in our leadership in the world these days, to have that far-reaching vision to see how our actions today impact our children, their children, and future generations.". . .

MAU's biggest event is the annual Mother's Day Parade, which takes place this Sunday, May 11. The festivities kick off with stroller and wagon decorating at 11:30 a.m. at the Boulder Public Library. The parade begins at 1 p.m. and winds its way from the library to the Pearl Street Mall, where there will be cake and activities for the children. The Raging Grannies and Ancestral Voices will provide music, all in keeping with the celebratory nature of the event.
Nothing like a little Maoist MAUist activism on an otherwise enjoyable day.

And if that is still too "positive" for you, how about some "slam poetry" courtesy of another Boulder moonbat:
Jeff Lucey came back from Iraq

and hung himself in his parents' basement with a garden hose.

The night before he died he spent 45 minutes on his father's lap

rocking like a baby,

rocking like "daddy, save me,"

and don't think for a minute he too isn't collateral damage

in the mansions of Washington.

. . .

They are watching them burn and hoarding the water.

No senators' sons are being sent out to slaughter.

No president's daughters are licking ashes from their lips

or dreaming up ropes to wrap around their necks

in case they ever make it home alive.

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