May 09, 2008

"Safety Through Peace" Moonbat Returns: Denver Needs "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission"

E.T. phone home--beginning with area code (303) . . .

Not only will moonbats be descending upon Denver for this August's Democratic National Convention, but sci-fi fan and all-around nutcase Jeff Peckman wants Denver to establish an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission" to deal with visitors from outer space:
Jeff Peckman says that as long as Mayor John Hickenlooper is touting ways to make Denver a world-class city, someone ought to shoot even higher.

"Why not make it a model for the galaxy or even the universe?" Peckman asked Thursday.

Peckman, who in 2003 bedeviled city officials with his offbeat "Safety Through Peace" ballot initiative — which would have required the city to implement stress-reduction techniques — now wants to ask voters to create the world's first Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission for dealing with visitors from outer space.

Peckman met with city officials Thursday for a required "review and comment" session on his proposed ballot initiative. If he succeeds in gathering nearly 4,000 signatures, the matter would go before voters.

Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell and Lauri Dannemiller, executive staff director for the City Council, sat down to go over Peckman's proposed language in a public meeting.

They remained straight-faced throughout.
Apparently Recreate '68 has no monopoly on nuttiness, though the shared tinfoil-wearing aspect surely means a great deal of moonbat crossover appeal.

Exit question--won't this commission just exacerbate the illegal alien problem? (sorry, couldn't help that one)

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