May 16, 2008

100 Days To Denver's Democratic National Convention

It's the final countdown!

Drunkablog has the lowdown on final preparations for August's DNC.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post dishes on the Democrats' potential meltdown should the nominee not be in place before the convention--and on the awkward situation facing the rival Clinton/Obama camps, including shared housing quarters:
Soon, so soon, they will be here. Thousands of delegates, hundreds of campaign staffers, bunches of bloggers, and all of them potentially divided.

After more than a year and a half on the campaign trail, fueled by an unprecedented total half-billion dollars, worn by 16-hour- plus days on buses and planes to stadiums and churches and greasy spoons in every corner of the United States, teams Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama finally will come to town.

In but 101 days.

And if Democrats don't use that time to figure out how to heal the wounds and bring the teams together for the teary-eyed, hearts- aflutter historic coronation that is supposed to be the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the audience will notice.

With more than 15,000 members of the media watching, with technology that makes amateur posting of images and videos to a worldwide audience instantaneous, the audience will notice.

"What has to happen is that all of us who are family members remain family members," said Leah Daughtry, the chief executive for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

"That means respecting everyone and making sure everyone's contributions are respected and honored and recognized and acknowledged," Daughtry said. "And those are simple things to do. It doesn't require a lot of the convention. It means you get a room. It means you get a credential. It means you get to participate."
The MSM acknowledges the bloggers, and then dismissed them as "amateurs."

The way things are headed, with shrinking staffs at mainstream media outlets both local and national, there may not be an MSM in 2012.

One can only hope. We'll see just how many "amateurs" cover the DNC, providing alternate content--the stuff they won't show you on TV.

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