April 23, 2008

Recreate '68: Undercover Audio Reveals Information On "Confrontations" And "Violence" At DNC

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Audio files captured by someone from "We Are Change" at the Recreate '68 community meeting held April 13th, 2008, with Recreate '68 speaking candidly at times, guarded at others, about plans for Denver's Democratic National Convention.

On confrontations--
Partial transcript:
Q: "Are you guys planning any confrontations?"
Glenn Spagnuolo: "Something I wouldn't talk about with someone I don't know."

So, Glenn, is that a yes or no answer? Seems as if a truly "non-violent" philosophy would necessitate a default "no" response--therefore leaving you're group "clean" should anything go awry. By leaving the door open with such a vague, if not revelatory answer, a whole lot of questions arise, including your stated commitment to non-violence.

On violence at the DNC--
Partial transcript:
Spagnuolo: "We've always said if there's going to be violence, it will be instigated by the police. There's nothing that we're going to do on that day that's going to cause us to be violently in an offensive way."

These audio bites appear somewhat at odds with a television interview with Spagnuolo and Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown on Jon Caldara's "Independent Thinking" show done at pretty much the same time--about ten days ago--

Highlights version:

Full interview:
Recreate '68

There is a further discussion of the "themes" that will characterize each day of the protests, as well as another clip describing various aspects of the demonstrations, and finally a the complete audio of the meeting (well over 90 minutes).

And if Recreate '68 isn't crazy enough for you, here is the new meme circulating around groups like Recreate '68--they are really a "black ops, CIA" front or a "neocon setup."

Yep, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder and . . .

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